Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Salon: Dead Pan by Gayle Trent

The holiday season brings vision of all types of delicious desserts to mind so it’s only fitting to read an intriguing murder mystery featuring a amateur sleuth who runs her own catering business.

Decorating cakes and solving murders seemed to be Daphne Martin’s specialty.

Moving back to her hometown and opening her catering business, the last thing Daphne needs is people getting sick after eating her cake.

All but one person at the Brea Ridge Pharmaceutical Christmas party recovers. Fred Duncan goes into a coma and dies.

Trying to make sure her business reputation isn’t tainted, Daphne is drawn into solving the mysterious death.

Daphne is busy tracking down leads in the murder while preparing to cater a New Years’ party involving prize Guinea pigs. Along the way, readers are introduced to Daphne’s family and a number of unique friends who aid in her investigation.

Author Gayle Trent blends just the right amount of humor, mystery, mayhem, and intrigue for a perfect cozy murder mystery.

“Dead Pan” is an enjoyable read. Daphne will venture into situations that will have you saying, “No, no don’t do that.”

An added treat is recipes included at the conclusion of the story.

After reading “Dead Pan,” you’ll want more. Daphne returns for another adventure in 2010 in “Killer Sweet Tooth.” What sticky mess will she find herself in this time?

Dead Pan, A Daphne Martin Cake Decorating Mysteries by Gayle Trent * Bell Bridge Books * @2009 * ISBN: 978-0-9841258-4-5 * Paperback * 235 pages


  1. Mason - Thanka for this review. I've not yet read Gayle Trent, but this sounds like a good cozy with an interesting protagonist. It sounds a bit like Isis Crawford's Bernie and Libby Simmons series; have you read that series?

  2. Margot, it is an enjoyable book. I haven't read the first in the series yet (Murder Takes the Cake), but I plan to. As for Isis Crawford's Bernie and Libby Simmons series, I'm sorry to say I haven't read that either. I'll have to do some checking on that. Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. Sounds warm and yummy! Thanks for the recommendation!


  4. Sounds like a fun book! Thanks for the recommendation, Pamela.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. This sounds like a great read. I love food-themed mysteries (okay, I love food....) I had not heard of this author - will definitely add this to my TBR list.

  6. Michele, it is a yummy book. I think I gained weight just reading it, or maybe that was from the Hershey's Kisses I was eating while reading. Hope you enjoy.

    Elizabeth, I had never considered a spatula spreading sleuth but Daphne takes the job. Hope you enjoy.

    Ingrid, I'm with you on loving food (oh, I mean food-themed mysteries). My e-copy didn't have the recipes with it, but I understand they are quite good. Hope you try them out.

    Thanks all for stopping by.

  7. I think the food mysteries are so much fun. Since I've been on this thriller kick, I've neglected the cozies way too long.

  8. Patricia, I tend to read a lot of same type books too. I'll get into the cozy murder mysteries for awhile and wont read anything else. Then I'll want to read is what I call serious murder mysteries - mostly true crime-type. I'm hoping by doing this blog, I will read more of a variety. I know through the various blogs I visit (including yours) I've come across some very interesting authors and books I normally won't have known about.

  9. this looks like my kind of book! thanks for steering me in that direction!

  10. It's a delightful and fun murder mystery. Hope you enjoy it.


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