Friday, November 6, 2009

Where do you read?

I was wondering if most people have a favorite place to read. I don't really have one, I just like to read no matter where I am.
I've often thought that a big bay window with a window seat would be the ideal place to read, but then I'd probably be too busy looking outside to get much reading done.
I know some people like to read in bed. I do at times. But I've found that if I'm really into a book, I keep reading way past my bedtime and I pay dearly for it in the morning so I try to limit the time I read in bed.
The reason for my wondering about favorite places to read is where I found myself reading yesterday.
See the past week or so I haven't been able to read as much as I wanted to, so I'm behind on some of my reading. This week I've finally got a chance to start reading.
I tend to take the book I'm reading with me where ever I go so that way if I'm delayed, I'll have something to do. If I'm not currently reading anything I take my knitting or crocheting instead.  I can't seem to sit and do nothing.
Anyway, this new book I'm reading is really good. The main character in it reminds me of several people I know (one for the physical appearance and another for the actions).
Yesterday I found myself wishing the red lights would hold longer and even hoping there was road work so I could read.
I was able to read a few pages waiting in line at the bank's drive thru (no way I was going inside when I could sit and read). And usually when you leave the stores you have to wait in long, long lines to get out into the highway....not yesterday. Everywhere I went, traffic moved way too fast.
I didn't take any chances by not paying attention to the road or my driving (I don't try to drive and read or text). It was just those moments that I usually have when driving that make me crazy for waiting, didn't yesterday because I had something interesting to do while I waited.
I'm taking the book with me again today.
Oh, the book is "Pretty Is As Pretty Dies" by Elizabeth Spann Craig. I love Myrtle ... I think I hear her calling me now. Gotta go read. Have a favorite place to read, let me know.


  1. You're so nice! I'm glad you're enjoying the book.

    Like you, I read wherever I can grab a few minutes. I take my book wherever I'm heading that day. Sometimes at night I realize I've left it in the car, so I have to get into the garage to pull it out...because I *have* to read before I fall asleep at night.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. With me I usually have to have a cup of hot chocolate or such to fall asleep. Reading is so relaxing though.

  3. LOL. Your post is just so says, "addicted to reading" all over it! And I'm the same! I just love reading, and like Elizabeth, my current read goes with me to appts., basically anywhere I'm going where I may have a couple of minutes to get in a page or two!

    I do have a ritual of bedtime reading. I simply MUST read before turning out the light. There have been times I've found myself holding the book, eyes closed! Then consciousness hits and I realize, "I'm lying here holding this book but my eyes aren't open." Ah drats. Open the eyes and they aren't focusing very well...the lines are blurring. Darn it, time to put the bookmark back in place and turn out the light. And I'm at a really good part too! Figures!! :)

  4. I've done that too and like you said, it's always at a really good part.


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