Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Change In Routine

I have a routine I go through every morning. I'm sure most people do. It seems we do the same thing, everyday until it becomes almost automatic.

I say almost automatic, because a routine can change. Oh and when it does - trouble is usually close behind.

If I vary the slightest from the way I normally do things, it seems everything falls apart. I'm not talking about some major change. Just something simple like giving the cats dry feed before they're can food. Crazy huh? Normally I change out the cats' feed in the morning giving them fresh can food and then some dry.

This morning I picked up their dry food bowl, put fresh out and then turned around to go get dressed. As I started down the hall, it dawned on me I hadn't changed out their can food. Something simple, but my routine was off. Not to mention that both cats were looking at me like I had lost my mind.

I think sometimes we do this in our day-to-day routine. We get in a pattern and we don't want to change because it disrupts our lives. I keep saying I need to go see this friend or that and have lunch to catch up. But I don't do it because it would change my pattern for that day.

We are so accustomed to pattern how do we change it without throwing our lives into disarray?


  1. This is a very hard one for me! If there is any kind of a change, I actually have to sit and make a list of the impact it has on the rest of the day. That's how forgetful I am! So if I get a call that I need to pick up my daughter's drama carpool, I have to realize how it affects middle school carpool, my grocery shopping trip (and, subsequently, supper), etc. Sad, but that's the only way I can manage it.

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  2. I don't really have a big problem with a change in routine...my problem is with the routine itself!

    I'm so used to doing certain things, that many times I do them without consciously realizing it. I go back in the basement to clean my furry's litter box, only to discover I'd already done it! Of course part of that, I think, is that I do some of these things before I'm fully awake!

  3. We are creatures of habit, it seems.


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