Monday, November 16, 2009

Carry All

I have noticed from my own experience and from watching others that women are "carry alls."

We tend to "carry all" we can. An example is when we take groceries in. We try to limit the number of trips between the car and the house by "carrying all" we can each time. When possible, we'll only make one trip.

Meanwhile, men will take one or two items in at a time. Thus, we usually wind up helping them. Guess they've got that figured out.

I think it's in our nature somehow. I've tried to take fewer items in at a time, but I always end up with both hands carrying as much as possible. I don't want to waste time going back and forth.

I also see this in a lot of the characters I read about. They try to carry all the responsibility of solving the murder, while balancing their everyday life.

Are you a "carry all" person or can you limit how much you carry at a time? Does it bother you to make numerous trips back and forth between two points?


  1. I will drop groceries from the trunk of the car all the way through to the kitchen! I'm determined to bring it all in at the same time. I've no idea really doesn't make any sense!

    Interesting post!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. I've tried to remember to carry those canvas bags to the grocery store. That way it's a little easier to carry everything. I usually try carry four or five of those bags at once though. You're right, it really doesn't make any sense why we do it.

  3. Some psychiatrist will tell us it stems from the womb, literally carrying the seed of life! But there is also the amount of responsibility thrust on us, and that which we take on knowingly. Recently my husband took total ownership of everything - kids, house, you-name-it - because of some health problems of mine, and I felt LOST. I didn't know what to do with empty arms!

    Glad to have found a fellow journalist with so much to say.


  4. Sometime that's my problem...I say too much. I've been told I go around the house twice and come in the back door when I'm trying to tell something. Who knows. I like your theory of why we "carry all." Hope you're feeling better.

  5. OMG yes! I just can't see the point of making several trips when I can literally *struggle* with my hands and arms full of bags in order to get everything at once. When you think about it, which I really never had before, what is up with that??

    Lately I've HAD to let go of that way of doing things. Knee and back problems have taught me that I'm not doing myself any favors. It's been a hard thing to adapt to!

  6. You're so right. Even when we know it's going to hurt carrying so much, we do it anyway. But it just drives me crazy when I have to make so many trips back and forth.

  7. My son and I are both carry alls. The fewer trips back and forth, the less of a chance that one of my naught indoor cats wanders outside and gets eaten by some creature hiding in the woods behind our house. My son does it just to get it over with. LOL!

  8. We do pass traits on to our loved ones, it seems. I know about the cats too. We have two that wait at the door every time it's open and give you that look like "just give me a chance."


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