Monday, November 9, 2009

Brain Freeze

Has anyone ever experience a brain freeze?

That's the moment you go do something, and you can't remember what it was or why you were doing it or where you were going to do it - brain freeze.

Well, that's what I'm experiencing this morning. When I started to post, my brain froze. I can't remember anything I wanted to write about. I know yesterday I had all sorts of ideas that I wanted to share. Those thoughts have left me. My mind seems to be blank (which some would probably think is a good thing).

I think maybe it's my subconscious taking over. Yesterday I talked with my dearest and best friend about this blog. She said she didn't see how I could do a blog. If it were her, she said, she'd not have anything to say or she'd forget to do it. At the time, I had all sorts of thoughts floating through my head. Not anymore.

What do you do if you lose your train of thought? I have been known to retrace my steps from one room to another to regain that thought. Sometimes I think we just try to keep too many thoughts going at once in our mind. Any thoughts on this :) ?


  1. Oh, gosh, you've really hit the nail on the head with me. I have brain freeze all the time. I write *everything* down. Bits of blog ideas, a sentence of dialogue for the WIP, what I'm supposed to be *doing* that day. I just can't remember anything.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. What I hate most is to have a "great" thought and nothing to write it on or no way to write it down right then. You think, "Oh, I can remember that for a few minutes, it's really good and won't leave me." Yeah, right. Two thoughts later and you're trying to remember that "great" thought. You think of others, but you know it's not the one you wanted. An example, I was working in the yard last week and had a great idea for the opening of a column I'm working on. Couldn't turn lose to go right it down, thought I'd remember it. Still hasn't come back to me. Maybe I should keep a mini recorder with me. Knowing me, after I put down all my good thoughts, I'd hit the wrong button and erase everything. Oh well, we keep trying.

  3. Oh yeah. Happens all the time, and like Elizabeth, I have to have a list - but sometimes I misplace the list. And your situation with not being anywhere near paper let along a pen at the time - uh oh.

    And it seems to get worse the older you get. Personally I think it's because we have SO many thoughts and so much information in there, new thoughts get lost. It's place for them to sit and wait for remember...
    ummm...what was I going to say?

  4. I like the idea that we just have too many thoughts and too much information to keep up with.


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