Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

You may have noticed that I've added a breast cancer awareness button on the right hand side of this blog.

In case you've never used this button, let me explain about it (and if you have, please bear with me). Just click on the button and it will take you to another screen where it will explain that you need to click one more time to help raise money to provide free mammograms. The process only takes a few seconds and cost you nothing. You aren't ask for any information or required to fill out anything. The final screen does offer items for purchase, but you're not required to buy or even browse unless you want to.

I signed up for an e-mail that reminds me every morning to visit the site and click.

I had planned to add the button to the site, but just hadn't gotten around to doing it. Yesterday something touched me and I want to do what I can to raise awareness. In a small way, this is a start.

Let me tell you a story. I'll try to keep it short and to the point, but I tend to ramble on.

I'm on Facebook. I don't do a lot on it. I signed up because some friends invited me and I've reconnected with a number of people I graduated with some ___ years ago. I've also added friends that are friends of friends and not someone I really know.

Over the past couple of months I've had numerous invitations from new friends to join them playing one or more of the games on Facebook and I haven't taken them up on it. In a few days time I had 50-something request for an apple, tree, etc., and come join the game.

I felt bad those requests/invitations were being ignored, but I didn't have time to play. So I decided to write each of those making the request a note basically saying, "thanks, but no thanks."

Yesterday I heard back from one of the new friends sending the requests. She said she no longer played either. She had been diagnosed with cancer, had had a mastectomy and was preparing for chemo.

I don't know this person. I've never met her. But my heart aches for what she's going through. I've had a number of friends that have survived breast cancer and I've lost some to this disease. A dear friend of mine's husband also died of breast cancer last year.

The past couple of days mammograms have been in the news. Now there's reports you don't need a mammogram until you're 50, while others think those between 40 and 50 should have mammograms. I don't know the answer. I think it should be up to the individual and their thoughts and feelings.

I know I've rambled on for a lengthy post, but thanks for listening. Sometimes maybe one voice can be heard. Share your thoughts.


  1. Great idea! I clicked through.

    It really has been in the news lately, hasn't it? I think we all know someone who's been touched by breast cancer. I can't imagine what your FB friend is going through.


  2. First Mason I love the idea of your button. At one time I had similar buttons for The Animal Rescue Site and one for The Literacy Council on my sidebar. They are wonderful because, as you pointed out, all you have to do is click.

    I peronally think 50 is rather late to begin with mammograms, although I am very proactive with my health. A lot can happen in only a year's time, and I've known people in their late 30s and 40s who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Why take the chance?

    I also read just recently an article from a health magazine I get every month that self-breast exams aren't all they used to be "cracked up" to be. Usually by the time YOU feel something, it *may* be much more advanced than if you'd had a mammogram.

  3. Elizabeth, thanks for clicking. It seems more than more we are all being touched in someway by breast cancer. I can't imagine what she's going through either. I've asked her to keep in touch.

    Crystal, I've used a similar button to help provide food for animal shelters. In fact, I think at the top of the breast cancer site page there are other tabs you can click on to help fund additional causes.

    You're so right, a lot can happen in a year's time. I'm torn between all the information in the news. If we say self-exams aren't working, then people may not do them at all and there could be that "one in a hundred" that it would have helped. And by doing the self-exams what is it hurting? And or mammograms helping like they should? I don't know. I keep hoping and praying for a cure.


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