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Reaching for Roots

Cartoonist Emmy Rivera loves everything about the quirky town of Bloo Moose, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to put down roots. That’s never worked out for her in the past. Undercover agent Ryan Ward is always on the move, taking down criminal masterminds like the one who caused his dad’s death.

Ryan doesn’t expect the only connection to his latest target to be a sweet and sexy cartoonist who makes him want to rethink everything. Putting down roots might not be so bad. If the lies don’t destroy them first.

***Reaching For Roots is the seventh book in the Bloo Moose Romance series by author Jemi Fraser. Each book can be read as a standalone. The book contains some strong language and sexy times.

My thoughts:

There is a place I want to physically visit, there are people I’d love to interact with, and shops I want to peruse looking to buy those unique, one-of-a-kind items. But I can only do these things in my mind. Why? Because this place, these people, and those things only exist in the beautiful fictional world created by an author with a sharp eye for detail and a keen sense of human relationships.

In the latest installment in the series, REACHING FOR ROOTS, readers get a look at the world of cartoonist Emmy Rivera, her insecurities, and her shy reach for happiness. Inserting himself into Emmy’s life is Ryan “Mitchell” Ward. Ryan is on a mission to do whatever it takes to take down a very bad guy. Ryan doesn’t realize he’s going to lose his heart in the process.

Through vivid descriptions and realistic dialog, the author quickly pulls you in to make you feel like a part of the story. The chemistry between the two main characters, enhanced by the quirky influence of the secondary characters, makes the story flow smoothly and quickly with many moments of amusement.

The author paints a strikingly intense story with her words connecting the reader with the whirlwind of the characters’ emotions. You’ll be laughing and sighing, and doing a little fanning for the smoldering sparks, but be sure to have the tissue nearby for the heart wrenching moments sprinkled about.

This is a story of overcoming challenges and fears, honoring loved ones, believing in better times, community support, friends, and taking chances. REACHING FOR ROOTS is a heart-warming romance filled with drama, suspense, and fun.

This is the seventh installment in the Bloo Moose Romance series but can be read on its own. This is a series where you find yourself wanting to know the story of ever person in Bloo Moose. The author has created characters you’ll come to love and a series you’ll hope never ends.

If you’re looking for romance, adventure, suspense, loads of fun, memorable characters, and stunning settings, then REACHING FOR ROOTS is the perfect solution for all your reading desires.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope I’ve enticed you to check out the Bloo Moose Romance series (if you haven’t already). Don’t you just love books that make you want to visit the town in the story?

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the author. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

His Name is Cwiz: Lessons From a Lifelong Friendship

There’s just something about the word friendship that makes me smile so when I learned of author Jeremy Rhyne’s latest release, His Name is Cwiz: Lessons From a Lifelong Friendship, I was delighted to tell you about it.

His Name is Cwiz is a rollicking tale of living life to the fullest.

Format: Paperback 
Publisher: Circuit Breaker Books!
Pub date: April 13, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-953639-02-8
eISBN: 978-1-953639-03-5
Genre: Memoir/Humor
Page count: 328

When a rattlesnake almost kills his best friend, Caesar “Cwiz” (pronounced Quiz) Ruiz, author Jeremy Rhyne can’t help but recall all of the wild times they shared growing up in Southern California — and the profound impression Cwiz has made on his life. Starting with a covert one-man band in a high school health class that had the entire room laughing, Cwiz always kept Jeremy on his toes. Through near-death experiences, Bible study pranks, a kidnapping, hijinx across Europe and Asia, crashing the OJ trial, game show dating to falling in love and finally growing up, Cwiz and Jeremy came of age together in surprising and hilarious ways.

Now Jeremy has collected all of their unbelievable stories into one book that ultimately charts Cwiz’s journey from class clown to respected and well-loved community member. His Name is Cwiz is the remarkable story of a lifelong friendship with a remarkable man — part jester, part sage — and the valuable life lessons learned along the way. 

Now here’s an excerpt for your reading pleasure.


Traffic School

 Cwiz had his fair share of driving infractions. He was not slavishly devoted to obeying the speed limit—or any other vehicle code provisions, for that matter. As a result, he found himself obligated to attend traffic school from time
to time.

In years past, traffic school typically involved spending an entire Saturday in a classroom auditorium with hundreds of other miserable souls. The school would start early, like 8 a.m., and would usually drag on until 4 p.m., with a fifteen- minute break in the morning, a one-hour lunch period, and then a second fifteen- minute break in the afternoon. It was brutal.

Because every single person in the room already knew how to drive, the entire thing felt like a complete waste of time. This was not education; it was punishment. Telling people the rules of a four-way stop will not prevent them from speeding, but boring them to tears for eight hours on a gorgeous and sunny Saturday just might.

Cwiz was resigned to his punishment on this particular Saturday, but he decided he was going to extract his fun tax. He was going to find a way to redeem his miserable Saturday with an experience that he would never forget. He brainstormed and came up with a plan.

When he arrived, about ten minutes before the start of class, the auditorium was nearly full. Hundreds of people slumped in their chairs, preparing to suffer. Cwiz surveyed the scene from the back of the room and then walked purposefully toward the center stage. He took the podium and saw hundreds of pairs of eyes land on him.

He said, “Good morning, everyone. I’m your instructor today. You can call me Jimmy.”

An uncomfortable silence descended on the room, broken only by the shifting

of a roomful of strangers in squeaky chairs.

Cwiz continued, “I have some good news for you today. Although these classes normally go until 4 p.m., I actually have a wedding to go to this afternoon. So, my plan is to rush through this material as quickly as I can and get us out of here before noon. Sound good?”

The class suddenly perked up in their seats. Some people started clapping.

Various whoops and hollers of delight broke out around the auditorium. A contagious grin spread from stranger to stranger. Cwiz heard someone shout, “Yes!”

Cwiz went on. “I won’t tell if you don’t, okay? Now I have to get something I forgot in my car. I’ll be back in a few, and then we’ll get started.”

Cwiz walked down the center aisle through the room, savoring the open smiles and excited buzz. He walked out of there like he had just given a State of the Union speech. These people were in love with him.

He walked out the back, went to the restroom, and then snuck back into the classroom, grabbing the last seat in the last row. A guy with a hoodie drawn over his head, one row in front of him, noticed him sitting there.

Hoodie said, “What are you doing?” Cwiz said, “I’m here to learn, bro.” “But you’re the instructor.”

Cwiz just shook his head and gave him an evil smirk. Hoodie said, “Are you serious, dude? That’s cold.”

Just then, the real instructor came in. He walked down the center of the aisle and took the podium, just as Cwiz had done a few minutes before. The instructor said, “Good morning, everyone. My name is Mr. So-and-So. Hopefully all of you picked up the class materials outside. Please raise your hand if you did not get the material.”

The class sat mute and confused, until one girl raised her hand.

When the instructor gestured toward her, she said, “Um, I think you must be in the wrong class. Another instructor actually came in here and started the class, but then he had to go get something and he is coming back.”

The instructor looked put out. He said, “I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Who came in?”

The girl said, “Some guy came in and said he was our instructor today and that we were ending early.”

He smiled. “No, I’m afraid not. I am the instructor, and we are going until 4

p.m. today like we always do. Now, do you have your materials, Miss, or not?”

The classroom groaned in agony. One of the students yelled out, “I want the other instructor back.”

Meanwhile, Cwiz sank into his chair and whizzed himself with glee, laughing alone, counting the minutes until he could call his buddies and tell them what he did.


Never underestimate the power of expectation.

 Meet the Author

Jeremy Rhyne is an attorney living and working in Orange County, California. When he is not fighting for truth and justice in the courts, he enjoys standup paddling, reading, running, traveling, and listening to Patrick O’Brian novels on a loop.

He is married with two daughters. His Name Is Cwiz is his debut book.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have you ever pulled anything like Cwiz did in the excerpt? Does the word friendship make you smile?