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Absolution: Redux (+ Giveaway)


Absolution: Redux
By Louis Corsair
(Elohim Trilogy, #1)
Publication date: September 15th, 2020
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

At the end of the original Absolution, the Executor traveled back in Time and altered Reality. But by doing so, he set in motion a plan to end his existence and collapse Creation. Because of his actions, there is Absolution: REDUX…

In 1947, a gangster murders private investigator Raymond Adams. In 2011, he’s brought back to life for 24 hours to solve the supernatural murder of a Hollywood Adult film star.

When the son of a Pit Lord is murdered in Hollywood, the celestial beings in charge of the Realms ask Raymond Adams to figure who did it and find the victim’s missing soul. Without memories of his life, he accepts the case to gain eternal peace. But the job is daunting:

24 hours to nab a killer…
24 hours to find a missing soul…
24 hours to unravel the victim’s exotic private life…
24 hours to stop a plot to send the universe into chaos…

With only the help of a possessed cop and a medium, Adams must trek through a Hollywood underground filled with pornography, prostitutes, and sadists, along with supernatural monsters. But can he solve the case when his own haunting memories keep surfacing, telling him exactly what kind of man he was in life?

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Now here's an excerpt for your reading pleasure.

Victor was in tears now. His hand steadied and fired a shot into Lady Chris’ abdomen.

“Baby...” said Lady Chris and held his stomach. Tina screamed and screamed. But Chris still held out his hand, stopping the car with the darkened windows. “You idiot! They’ll kill you if I’m not here!”

“Why, Chris?” said Victor and sobbed a little. “They loved you...” He shot Chris in the shoulder.

Lady Chris collapsed and Tina dove back into their car; he drove off, tires screeching. The silver car accelerated towards us. But the car with Victor’s people slammed into its rear, sending it into a spin. The machine gun barrels came out again. I pulled out my gun and went to Jenn.

“Meet me at 12!” I said to her.

She stared at me, but then got in her car and drove away. The machine guns went off, pummeling Victor’s crew. Someone in the other car must have still been alive because they popped off a volley of bullets into the car with the darkened windows. There were screams and the machine guns went off again.

Victor hovered over Lady Chris with the gun pointed at the fallen man’s head.

“Why?” said Victor. “Why!”

“They left me alone with Painter and Marr...” said Lady Chris and in a rage added, “I’m not strong enough to take on them both, okay? I’m sorry! I had to look out for me. For us!”

“You should have been stronger,” said Victor.

Lady Chris spat out blood and began to sob. “Do you think they’ll forgive me?” he said and Victor shot him in the head.

“We have to go!” I said to Victor.

Victor didn’t listen and stood there, transfixed by the body as the car with the darkened windows sped towards us, the machine gun barrels still out. I grabbed Victor’s collar and dragged him out of the lot. It was hell trying to cross the street with so much traffic. But we did it slowly.

Out in the open, I hoped those crazy birds would just drive away. But when we were in the middle of Santa Monica Boulevard, they did the opposite.

They plowed into Victor, tossing him aside like a doll; I had been tossed along with him, but he got the worst of it. The idiot hadn’t bothered to move, like he wanted the thing to hit him.

I got up and dragged Victor to the sidewalk. The silver car stirred up traffic by driving on the wrong side of the street and then circling around.

It aimed towards me. I got in a shooter’s stance and pointed the pistol at the silver car. Its tires spun in place and drew smoke as it accelerated forward. Other cars crashed into one another trying to dodge it, some successfully, some not.

I squeezed the trigger. The shot went through its windshield, leaving a nice hole there.

The Thunderbolt bullet hadn’t slowed it down.

But I didn’t move.

The night sky opened up and a long finger of lightning shot down, targeting the bullet in the silver car. Natural lightning would just roll off the vehicle because of the metal frame, but this was Divine lightning with one purpose: To destroy. There was a glorious explosion as lightning struck the silver car, shattering its darkened windows, flipping it over.

 Meet the Author: Louis Corsair

Louis Corsair is an eight-year veteran of the United States Army. Currently living in Los Angeles, California, he spends his time reading books, going on walks, writing, and enjoying the occasional visit to the beach–while trying to earn an honest buck.

As a Los Angeles writer, he feels the weight of famous Los Angeles novelists, like Raymond Chandler, John Fante, Nina Revoyr, among others.

Website / Goodreads

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Friday, July 16, 2021

Pieces of Eight (+ Giveaway)


Pieces of Eight
By Tricia Leedom
(Lost Souls’ Treasure, #1)
Published by: Firefly Hill Press
Publication date: July 13th, 2021
Genres: Adult, Adventure, Romance

From the author who whisked you away on a wild escapade in The Key West Escape Series comes a sexy, adventure-packed spin off. Follow Mitch Thompson and his team of misfits as they find danger, intrigue, and romance on the hunt for the legendary Lost Souls’ Treasure…

Former special ops aviator Griffin Dodge spent two years working on a marine salvage crew based out of Key West after his military career abruptly ended.

The only person he let himself get close to on the Salty Dog Crew was a woman called “Bug.” They couldn’t have been more different – the former all-star golden boy from the Midwest and the scrappy French circus performer turned salvage diver – but she became his best friend. Griff was happier than he’d been in a long time, but when his first love called to say she wanted him back, he caught the next flight out of town.

A year later, Bug still resents Griff for ghosting her and the crew after he left. She’s furious when he shows up out of the blue to do a favor for her boss. It doesn’t matter that Griff is single again or that he’s sorry, she hates that she’s stuck flying shotgun to Martinique beside the guy who abandoned their friendship and betrayed her trust.

The trip was supposed to take two days tops. Just enough time to meet with an artifact collector who claims to have the missing pages of a diary that could lead them to The Lost Souls’ Treasure. But when the deal goes south, and Griff and Bug are caught breaking and entering, they’re forced to escape up the side of a volcano where the lava isn’t the only thing about to bubble over. The tension between them erupts into an unexpected night of passion that leaves them both uncertain about what comes next.

While Griff starts to question if settling down in the suburbs still fits the man he’s become, Bug isn’t so sure she’s willing to open her guarded-heart to the only man who’s ever broke it.

When a rival treasure hunter hellbent on beating the Salty Dog Crew to the treasure takes Bug hostage, Griff realizes his future plans won’t matter, if he can’t bring his best friend home alive.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo

Now an excerpt for your reading pleasure.

The husky sound of Bug’s laughter gave Griff goosebumps. He rounded on her, blocking her path. She stopped short and her eyes widened with mild surprise as she gazed up at him in the moonlight.

“I missed you, Bug. I’m beginning to realize I’ve been lying to myself for the past year. I went to Kansas City to be with Hannah because I’ve always thought settling down in the suburbs with her was my destiny. It was the life my mother wanted for me. But my mother’s death changed me. Joining the Army Special Forces changed me. The crash, and losing my career the way I did, that changed me most of all. When Mitch hired me onto the Salty Dog crew, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I was lost. You let me figure things out at my own pace. I learned to laugh again and embrace my inner wild child with you.”

“Your desperado soul,” she said with a small smile.

“Yes. I’m not a boy scout anymore. Far from it. And I think I’m finally starting to make peace with that.”

“Where does that leave you and Hannah?”

He shook his head and glanced away. “Still apart and free to see other people.” He met Bug’s gaze again. “I don’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring, but no matter what happens, I want my best friend back in my life.”

She raised her chin. “I didn’t go anywhere. You did.”

“Figures. I’m pouring my heart out here, and you’re being a smart ass. The least you could do is tell me you missed me too.”

“And what if I didn’t?”

He stepped into her personal space, forcing her to crane her neck back to look up at him. His mouth hovered inches above hers. “I wouldn’t believe you.”

 Meet the Author: Tricia Leedom

TRICIA LEEDOM enjoys traveling to exotic destinations and having torrid love affairs with hot, dangerous men… even if it’s only in her own mind. When she’s not writing romantic adventure novels, she reads voraciously, tweets compulsively, and fangirls over a TV show based on her favorite book series.

Tricia earned her BA in Creative Writing from The University of Tampa and her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Her favorite authors include Diana Gabaldon, J.R. Ward, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Karen Robards, and Johanna Lindsey.

She lives in Southwest Florida with two very spoiled dogs. Follow Tricia on Twitter and Instagram @tricialeedom

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Music is Murder (+ Giveaway)

Today it’s a pleasure to be a part of author B.J. Bowen’s Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour for her recent release, MUSIC IS MURDER, the first installment in her Musical Murder Mystery series.

Music is Murder

By B.J. Bowen
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series: A Musical Murder Mystery
Publisher: Camel Press (June 8, 2021)
Paperback: 242 pages
ISBN-10: 1942078161
ISBN-13: 978-1942078166

When a symphony musician is murdered—bashed with her own bassoon—flute player Emily Wilson becomes the prime suspect. To save herself and secure justice for her murdered friend, she must find the killer.

In the close-knit, unforgiving environment of the symphony orchestra Emily makes her way through the tender egos and warped relationships of her fellow musicians to find tantalizing clues. Blackmail, the victim’s abusive ex-boyfriend, an angry neighbor, and a shifty Symphony Board member all lead her to feel she is on the right track.

With the dogged Lieutenant Gordon on her trail, she must flee from the police so she can continue her search. She unexpectedly finds a loyal female friend and the possibility of a new man in her life. But she must learn to trust again after her failed and abusive marriage. With time running out, will she be able to evade the lieutenant, face her personal demons, and clear her name?

is available at the following links: Amazon - B&N - Bookshop  - Target 

Meet the Author: B.J. Bowen

Barbara Bowen is a freelance writer. She was a finalist and Honorable Mention in the 2018 Focus: Eddy Awards for her article, “Letting Go with Grace,” published in Unity Magazine. Ms. Bowen is also an accomplished professional oboist who played with the Colorado Springs Symphony for nineteen years.

Drawing on her quirky fellow musicians and orchestral experiences, she created the mystery series, "Musical Murders.” The first is "Music is Murder" (Release date, 6-9-21). The second is "Ballistics at the Ballet" (Release date TBA) The third is "Fireworks on the Fourth" (Release date TBA).

She is a member of Sisters in Crime, lives in Colorado with two canine friends, and has a stock of musical puns and a song for any occasion.

For more on Barbara and her writing, you can connect with her on the following links: www.barbarabowenauthor.com or www.bookbub.com/authors/b-j-bowen

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/barbara.bowen.5055

GoodReads - https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/86942163

Be sure to enter the giveaway below. If the Rafflecopter widget doesn’t show up, you can still enter by clicking HERE. You can also follow along with the tour by visiting the blogs below.

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