Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paper or Audio

I enjoy audio books very much. They can be entertaining, as well as educational.

I listen to audio books in the car going to and from work, as well as trips to town. To me listening to a book in traffic is more relaxing than listening to the radio.

I can take a book on CD, transfer it to my MP3 player and it can go anywhere with me. I send the CDs to my best friend in Houston, Texas, and we both enjoy the book (sometimes at the same time and discuss it). She sends me the CDs she has purchased.

But I don't want to give up my paper books.

I enjoy reading book as much, if not more, than listening to audio books.

There's something magical about holding a book, turning the pages and having a story unfold as you read.

My friend has a Kindle and loves it. I'm not sure I'd like one. I know they can be handy. The best part would be the ability to obtain a book in a matter of minutes compared to having to go to the book store or waiting on a book to be delivered to your home.

However, the joy of going to a book store can't be beat. To browse aisle after aisle searching for that certain book or just looking for something new can be a joy for a book lover.

Another thing ... I can't seem to get rid of any books, even the ones I don't like. I keep thinking one day I might like them. And if I find an author I really like, then I try to find everything that author has written. I may not read it right away, but I have it just in case.

The audio books are the only ones I'm able to swap and then there are certain ones I still collect.

I've seen lamps and bookends make out of old books. The craftsmen suggests buying old books from a library sale to make the items. I can't bring myself to damage any book even to make a lamp or bookends.

How do you feel about paper verses audio books? Do you like both or one better than the other? What about paper verses Kindles and Nooks? Do you think paper books will soon be a thing of the past like eight track and VHS tapes?

Are you a collector or just a reader? Do you keep everything you read or do you do anyway if it as soon as you finish reading? A lot to think about. Let me know.


  1. To me nothing can take the place of a book. When I used to have a long commute to my "just a job," I listened to many audio books. Like you, I find them more soothing and entertaining than music.

    Technology has literally jumped right over me. I've heard of Kindle, but have no interest in owning one. I can vaguely see what may be looming on the horizon, and I can only hope that BOOKS will always be around.

  2. Technology is a scary thing at times. It moves way too fast for me. I'm still trying to convert VHS tapes to DVD. I hate the fact that we have to change, it just can't be both. I don't want to ever lose books that I can hold.

  3. I firmly believe books will always be here. I don't have a Kindle and probably won't get one because I believe I'd only use it when I travel. I love bookstores and libraries, hoard unread books (just in case), and usually pass on the good ones to friends once I've read them. If I kept all the books I buy, both used and new, there would be no room in my house for furniture or groceries. Audiobooks don't work for me for some reason. Maybe my mind wanders too much.

  4. Patricia, I hope you're right about books being around always. I've got a friend who loves books too and for some reason he can't get into audio books either. He says it distracts him from driving. I have gotten so into listening to a book that I've missed a turn a couple of times.

  5. I'm a collector....but. I just moved boxes and boxes from storage back into our house (we'd tried unsuccessfully to sell our house over a year ago before deciding to stay put). I *can't* get rid of most of these books--they're like friends to me. But on the other hand, I'd love to have more space. I think I'll make the leap to ebooks one day and will enjoy revisiting my book friends, but also not getting too cluttered.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  6. Elizabeth I agree, books are like friends. However, I have books boxed up that I don't even know where they are. And to make matters worse, I can't remember all the books I have so I have been known to buy a book a second time. We have a used book store nearby and I can only go by there about once ever two or three months. More space does sound good.

  7. I love technology in general, but when it comes to reading, I've been resisting the Kindle/Nook/iPhone/iPod reading. To me, there's just nothing better than a real book, and going to a real bookstore and browsing is a close second.

    As far as keeping books, I tend to keep only the ones that had a really big impact on me, or the ones I know I'm going to want to read more than once. I pass everything else on to friends with similar reading tastes and encourage them to either keep the books or pass them on as well.

    But some day, I'm going to have a home with a room dedicated to just books, and then I'm going to keep ever book I read. Built in floor to ceiling book cases, cozy sofas and chairs by sunlight flooded windows... a girl can dream, can't she?

  8. I collect books... they are the only thing I love to be surrounded by (except family and friends of course). I too love audio and in my home I have a place in my heart for both. I usually am reading a book... but if I am doing housework or traveling - audio is the perfect companion.


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