Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winners, Books, Tours . . . Oh My!

Do you ever feel like your going around in circles?

That’s the way I’ve felt the last couple of days. Between the holidays, crazy work schedules and learning new things with the blog, I’m not sure which way I’m going most of the time.

I have a number of things to share with you today. I have winners to announce for Ian Rankin “Exit Music” giveaway (have to wait until the end), I want to tell a little bit about a Virtual Tour that I’m going to host and let you know about a new author and some children’s books that I learned of through the blog         
Confessions of a Mystery Novelist.  

The new author is Cheryl Howard who was born in Fresno, CA, but now resides in Texas. She is working on a number of writing projects through Strategic Book Group including: Twilight Sun, It’s Turtle Time, and My Little Teddy Buddy. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey, Ms. Howard enjoys reading the adventures of J.K. Rowling and Mary Higgins Clark.

Ms. Howard said, “I do a great deal of charity work and this year I am asking those that can to make a book donation to their hometown grade school, church school, or their children’s grade school. The proceeds from my books will mostly go toward global warming research and wildfire prevention research.”

Her books are Mikhael, the Mighty, “which teaches you to be true to who you are deep in your heart” and Duster Dustbunny, which “is the only book in the world that effectively teaches the days of the week and the months of the year.”

I haven’t read the books, but here is a brief synopsis of each one that was provided by Ms. Howard:

Mikhael the Mighty - The beautifully illustrated new children's classic Mikhael the Mighty records the exploits of a heroic knight. Mikhael dreams of a princess in need of rescuing, so he sets off with his faithful mare to rescue the damsel in distress. Along the way, they come upon a magical pond, where Mikhael offers his mare a drink. But the moment the mare drinks the magical water, she becomes what she truly is deep in her heart, a beautiful baby unicorn with the ability to speak! Mikhael the Mighty and his unicorn, Rosy, continue on their quest. They travel through a forest where danger lurks at every turn. Beware the evil magician, the fearsome dragon and other surprises, all designed to test the brave knight's courage. This wonderful children's adventure will become a favorite in your family. And, you will discover if Mikhael is successful in saving the princess.

Duster Dustbunny's Seven Days of the Week and Twelve Months of the Year - How Do You Spell F-U-N? Learning to spell the days of the week and the months of the year is fun with Duster Dustbunny! This dusty little rabbit likes to fly his kite, play soccer and go fishing for pond lilies, but what he loves to do best is help children learn the days of the week and the months of the year. With its charming illustrations and a fun spelling teaching style, Duster Dustbunny makes learning these hard to spell but commonly used words a snap! Both books are available through the Strategic Book Group

 VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR - I will be hosting Joan Hochstetler on Wednesday, Dec. 16, who is promoting her book, “Wind of the Spirit.”

And now the moment everyone has been waiting for … or at least those who participated. The winners of “Exit Music” by Ian Rankin are: Beth M. from New Jersey, Ann C. from South Dakota, Margot K. from California, Jeannie R. from California, and Betty G. from British Columbia.

Thank everyone who entered and remember there are still several contests open.

Has this holiday season caused you to go in circles? Do you ever volunteer for various functions, only to find out they are all happening at the same time or very close together? Do you function better when life is topsy-turvy?


  1. It is a little crazy this year. Right now I'm still having fun, but that could change at any minute! I don't think I do well when my calendar is really full.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Mason - I am *so* excited to be one of the lucky winners! Thank you so very much : ). Also, thanks for mentioning my blog; it's much appreciated : ). You're very kind.

    I've definitely had times when my life was all topsy-turvey, and it can really be exhausting and make your spin around. I'm not, I confess, one of those people who function best when everything's happening at once, so when things get crazy, I try to step back and do one thing at a time. Doesn't always work well, though...; )

  3. Elizabeth, as long as you can enjoy the craziness that all that counts. Sometimes craziness makes for good memories.

    Margot, congratulations on your win. Hope you enjoy the book. It does help to step back from "all the spinning" sometimes before you go at it again. I enjoy visiting your blog, always find such interesting post.

  4. I function well with doable deadlines, but I'm bad about piling too many on my plate. Then I have to pick the ones to meet because doing them all becomes impossible. I like a little craziness this time of year, but I'm always happy when it's over, too.

  5. It is amazing how quickly we can add too much to our plates without even realizing it, isn't Carol. Sometimes, I hate to say, I wonder if the holidays are worth all the trouble and then something will happen and make me glad for the holidays.

  6. We are trying to slow down a little this holiday season. We even opted to put up the artificial tree instead of heading up to the mountains to cut our own. December is always somewhat crazy, but I do love this time of year--craziness and all.

  7. Some how we can't help but love it, Kerrie. It wouldn't be Christmas without the craziness I guess. The smell of a live tree is wonderful, but sometimes you have to settle for artificial. We're going artificial this year too.

  8. Congrats to the winners!

    I vow every year not to step into the craziness of the holidays but instead enjoy. But, I feel like I'm slipping...stepping....

  9. I know how you feel JW. I think every year I'll visit more during the holidays and I turn around and the holidays are over and I haven't seen half the people I meant to.


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