Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friendship and a Blog Award

Have you been blogging long?

I haven’t. I’ve only been blogging for a short while. In fact, this will be only my 46th time to post.

I was surprised and delighted this past Sunday to find that I had been given an award by Elizabeth Spann Craig of
Mystery Writing is Murder. The award entitled “Blogging Writer Award” was created and designed by Elizabeth because she said “I didn’t see any awards that mention ‘writing’ or ‘writers’ on them.”

I’m greatly touched by this award for a number of reasons. First, I’m not an author. I’m not even working on a book. I’m a journalist. I’ve been in the newspaper business for 30 years and yes, I was in diapers when I started. :) Since I love to read, I started reviewing books several years ago for the paper. Reviewing books lead to this blog (that's another story to post at a later time).

So for an author like Elizabeth to include me with other authors in giving this award means a lot to me. Thanks Elizabeth.

I also must say a special thanks to Elizabeth just for being herself and all the help she has given. She has inspired me to develop and nurture this blog. From other blogs that I’ve visited, I’d say she has assisted quite a few on their journey to blog.

I don't mean to embarrass Elizabeth here, I just want to express my appreciation. The community of blogging is a friendly and helpful group of people. Everyone I’ve encounter so far is more than willing to help others. With the hectic world we live in, this is a pleasant change of pace.

This brings me to a thought I had last night as I worked on this blog and watched “The Bishop’s Wife" (the original 1947 version). I think the kindness of others is in its own way angels helping out.

What would you do if an angel appeared to you? Would you believe without question? Would you want proof like David Niven did when Cary Grant told him he was an angel?

In keeping with the spirit of the season, does kindness have its own rewards?


  1. You're so sweet! I really appreciate your kind words here. I just love writing...and the support and encouragement I get from other writers AND the book lovers who tirelessly promote reading.

    Journalists are definitely writers! That's what I told myself during my short journalism career...knowing I hoped to write novels later.

    You're kind too--what are you getting out of your support for reading, books, and writers? And for your reminders to us to click over and help animals (who don't have a voice of their own)?

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Mason - Your award was richly deserved. Your blog is interesting, and gives me lots of important things to think about. Elizabeth's right, too - you are a writer. I look forward every day to your blog posts, and I look forward to more from you : ).

  3. Congratulations, you deserve it.

    I try to be good to everyone, just in case I am entertaining angels and because I love to be nice to people. Yes, kindness does have its rewards...the internal kind.

  4. Elizabeth, I'd have to say I've gotten a lot out of my support for reading, books and writers. I've enjoyed numerous places, people and things through books that I would not have had I not read. So the books and reading has enriched my life. Sometimes the books just made me laugh when I needed it. As for the writers, I've developed a lot of new and interesting friendships that I've come to cherish, such as yours.

    Margot, thank you for your kind words. I try to make the blog interesting. I want it to be different each day, but the same in some ways. Hope that makes sense. I enjoy your blog. It's always interesting to see how others feel about books they read. I'm not sure about the 'more,' but I hope to keep blogging each day for a long while.

    Teresa, thank you for your kind words too. I agree with you completely, kindness does have its rewards and they are the internal kind. I enjoy your blog each day. You cause me to reflect and I need that sometimes. Thanks.

  5. I'd be happy just to have Cary Grant in my living room! But an angel would be good, too...

    I love that movie (the original only, of course).

    I would love to say I wouldn't want proof, but I am afraid I would probably ask questions. Just a couple, and then I would take it. That's the truth.

    You are deserving! Yay for Elizabeth!


  6. Thanks Michele, you deserve it too.

    I guess I'm with you. I ask too many questions as it is so I probably couldn't help myself I'd have to ask a few. Bishop's Wife (1947) is a good movie, but then I enjoy any movie Cary Grant is in.

  7. Mason,
    Congrats on your well-deserved award from Elizabeth. You're doing a wonderful job with your blog! The blogging community has some talented and kind folks!
    You have a huge heart...thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Thank you Kathleen for the kind words. I'm enjoying the blog and traveling around to all the other blogs (including yours). There are a lot of talented people out there and they have been extremely kind.

  9. Congratulations on your award - your blog has become one of my favorite stops in the short time I've been visiting!

    I've had angels appear in my life in various shapes or forms. Some of them have four feet and fur, others come in human disguise. I've learned not to question and just accept these wonderful encounters for what they are - a brush with Spirit, Source, God, the universe, whatever name we may have for it.

    As for kindness being its own reward - absolutely! When I think of random acts of kindness, I always think of that movie, Pay It Forward. I always thought it was such a lovely concept, and I try to remember to practice it every day.

  10. Ingrid, I agree if you do something nice for someone maybe they will do something nice for someone else in turn. I try to remember to do that myself but sometimes, I'm sorry to say, I forget.

  11. You're very much a writer, Mason, just not one of fiction, perhaps. And so deserving of Elizabeth's award. You're an angel.

  12. Thank you Carol for your kind words. An angel, so many would disagree with you on that. :)


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