Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Winners and Remembering Numbers

Can you recall telephone numbers off the top of your head without looking at anything?

Think about that a minute.

I have more winners to announce. The drawing for A Good Talk by Daniel Menaker was held last evening and five winners were selected to receive a copy of the hardcover book.

The winners are Janet H. of Crossfield, Canada; Sharon W. of Two Rivers, WI; Jamie P. of Delta, CO; Nancye D. of Louisville, KY; and Teresa C. of Buffalo, MO. Congratulations to these winners. A special thanks to everyone who entered the contest.

The giveaway contest for A Black Tie Affair and Seduced by a Rogue were unfortunately posted too early and will be re-posted when the tours begin. Those that have already entered, your entries will be saved and included when the contest is posted so you  won't have to re-enter.

Now, are you able to remember phone numbers? In my youth I could recall quite a few numbers without having to look them up. I keep up with both business and personal phone numbers.

Nowdays, not so easy to remember. And why should we remember when there's speed dial. With the touch of one or two buttons and the person you wanted is called. How easy is that?

I realized yesterday just how much I relay on the numbers programmed into my cellphone. The battery on my cellphone was low so I had turned it off. Had poor reception where I was and I knew it would only take a little while and the battery would be completely dead.

Then I needed a number. No problem, it's in my phone, oh right, can't use that so look it up in the phone book.

That's when the fun began. I first had to find the phone book. It's never where you need it, when you need it. Then I had to remember how the business I wanted was listed. Okay finally remembered that. Now is it in the white  pages or the yellow pages.

I know we are in the time of recycling and reusing so the phone book as been cut down some. But when did they start making the print so tiny? I thought I'd have to get a magnifying to use with my glasses to see the name and numbers.

I finally found the number I needed and made the call. I know I could have turned my phone on and pulled the number up in just a few minutes. But, I wanted to do it "like I use to do it." Won't be doing that anymore unless I just have to.

Do you relay on your cellphone for telephone numbers? Do you have numbers programmed into your landline at home? Do you still keep a Rolodex for your numbers?


  1. Mason - Congratulations to your winners : ). Funny you should ask about numbers. I'm pretty good at remembering telephone numbers, and weirdly, I have a thing about remembering dates (birthdays, appointments and so on). But I'm very much not a "math" person, so I have no idea how that happens...

  2. Margot, you are so lucky. At one time I could remember numbers, not as many now. But ever once in awhile brain wakes up and says okay I'll let you remember a couple. But I've never been a math person. Wish I was.

  3. I generally don't use that application for my cell phone. For me it would take longer to figure out how to plug the numbers in and then remember how to use the feature than it does to just call the number :) (As you can tell, I don't use my cell to call that many people!)

  4. Jemi, I hate to admit it but I use my cellphone way too much. I will say mine is not the most up to date cellphone, it's over two-three years old. Don't know that I could use one with all the new applications they have.

  5. I am one of those rare people who can remember lots of numbers. I know my driver's license, SS#, library card number, a couple dozen loooooong passwords, stuff like that, from memory - along with a boatload of phone numbers. But my phone number memory HAS atrophied over the past decade from relying on speed dial on my cell phone.

    Interesting subject and post, Mason.

    Marvin D Wilson

  6. Thanks Old Silly. I wouldn't even begin to tell you my library card number and I use to remember my driver's license number because it was the same as my social (which I do know), but not now. Speed dial is a wonderful (terrible) thing.

  7. Some numbers I remember, some I don't. Like you, I rely on my phone. I keep a list of the most important numbers but not all.

  8. Carol, what worries me is that I add new numbers to my phone thinking I'll jot those numbers down somewhere else too (just in case). But, you guessed, I forget to do that.

  9. There are certain numbers I have memorized, like my SS#.

    As for PHONE numbers? Grief, I'd be lost without my cell phone. I purposely put numbers in there, because in addition to the phone books having such tiny print, it seems they've made that book a lot more complicated to use than it used to be! It's like trying to look up a word you don't know how to spell! Especially city or county numbers -is it under the name? No. The City Of...? No. County? White pages or yellow - ARGH!

    BTW Mason - I don't see why your cell would be any different than mine in that, while it's charging you can still look up numbers! I don't turn the phone off when I charge it...I might need a number! :)

  10. Crystal, finally someone who looks at the phone book the same way I do. Could they get anymore complicated or small?

    As for my phone, I can use it when it's charging if I have my charger handy. Yesterday I had left both my house charger and car charger at home. My phone is so old the battery does stay charged long and they no longer have batteries for my phone. Got to get a new phone one of these days.

  11. I used to be really good at remembering numbers, but now that there's no need to since they're all in my cell phone, I'm finding that my memory seems to be getting worse (which just goes to show that if you don't use it, you lose it!). I can't remember the last time I used a phone book for anything other than weighing something down - if I need to look something up, I'll go online.

    But I do confess to still having an old-fashioned paper address book that has all the contacts in my cell phone written down in it.

  12. Ingrid, that saying (if you don't use it, you lose it) is so true.

    I made the mistake of putting all my information on my computer and not in a paper book. Thought I'd lost everything with a computer problem. Thankfully I didn't so I quickly started writing it all down in a notebook. Backup is always good.

  13. Hey thanks!

    Well I remember phone numbers really well better than names, if I have used them ( and not depended on my cell)so much so that people use me as their number source. So much so that I reckon, someday...when I am sitting in a nursing home, I will be rocking back and forth... chanting the hundreds of numbers I know -oh and a license plate number or two.

  14. TAylor 6 7863 was our number when we were in san antonio (i was 8). i think i was finally allowed to answer the phone. how many do i know today phone numbers do i remember today....o, gotta go now...

  15. Teresa, I can see it now. You rocking back and forth, a mischievous smile on your face reciting numbers. You'd have them entertained I'm sure. I wish I could still remember numbers.

    Hodgepodgespv, you're doing better than me. I can't remember my first phone number at all. I do remember that it was a party line.


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