Friday, December 11, 2009

To Mail Or Not To Mail . . . ?

Have you finished sending your Christmas cards yet?

Christmas cards are one of the few things I really enjoy about the holiday season. I don’t enjoy the rush and craziness that comes with this time of year. But to receive a Christmas card in the mail, makes one slow down and enjoy the moment.

Christmas cards are different from any other type card in the way they are thought of. They make me think of years past. And in some ways I long for a simpler time when everyone send cards.

To me, Christmas cards are a way to connect with family and friends that you normally not talk to or see except during the holidays. You also send warm wishes to family and friends you see every day. Christmas cards makes the season more personal.

There are cards of all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, funny and serious. But they are tangible items that you can hold, not something you read from a screen.

In years past people would catch up on family events through Christmas cards. Some families even have newsletters they send at Christmas with their cards telling of the family’s adventures during the past 12 months.

A current trend is to have the family or family pets put on a Christmas card. I especially like these where families have young children and you can watch them grow through the Christmas cards each year. My only complaint is that some people don’t list names of those in the photos and with extended families you may not know your cousin’s second husband’s name (it’s a Southern thing).

Having just shared my love of Christmas cards with you, I have to confess … I haven’t sent out the first card this year. I am soooooooo far behind. I have got to get them in the mail this weekend.

How do you feel about Christmas cards? Do you enjoy getting them? Do you enjoy sending them? Do you prefer funny or serious cards? What about the photo cards, yes or no? Are you rushing out the day now on your way to the post office?


  1. I love actually getting REAL mail! No one writes letters anymore, which makes me sad.

    I've sent out all of mine but 5 or 6, which I'm hoping to finish up this morning. :)

    I like photo cards the best. And the ones with the Christmas newsletters, as long as they're written well.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Mason - I agree with Elizabeth about how much fun it is to get actual mail. It's also so nice to hear from people one hasn't heard from in a long time. There's something about the art and near-ritual of writing letters and cards that I really like. Whether it's a holiday card, a thank-you letter or just a keep-in-touch card, it's just nice to open mail that isn't a bill ; ).

  3. Elizabeth, you're so right about people not writing real letters anymore. I'm sorry to say I'm guilty of that. The photo cards are great to keep from year to year.

    Funny that you mention getting mail that isn't a bill, Margot. My friend in Texas and I send each other cards from time to time just for that reason. Then occasionally we'll write each other a "pitty-pat" letter just to blow off steam and unwind knowing the other will understand and probably get a laugh out of it.

  4. I love getting Christmas cards. I'm very far behind in sending them this year, but I've blocked most of Sunday off for doing cards and wrapping gifts - hopefully, I'll feel a little more in control of the season after that!

    I love getting cat themed cards (now there's a surprise!) best of all. I do like the photo cards, especially the ones that also include the family pet(s).

  5. Ingrid, I'm so far behind too. I was hoping to do some of them tonight, but work ran way over so maybe tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by and following. Hope your tour is going well.

  6. I didn't get around to many blogs yesterday. Crazy time. I had to send my cards very early this year because we moved during the year and most people didn't have our new address. I enjoy receiving them, too.

  7. Cards can be fun to receive and helpful too, as in your case Carol. Each year I always check the return addresses of out-of-town cards just to make sure I have the correct address.


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