Saturday, December 12, 2009

Misdirected or just confused?

Do you ever feel like you've been misdirected or just confused about what your doing?

Well, welcome to my world. With crazy work schedules made even crazier with the holidays and trying to do about five things at once, I don’t know if I’m coming or going most of the day. And when I do know which way I’m going, I realize it’s the wrong way.

I’ve said this many times and will probably repeat it many more, I am not organized. I try and try, but don’t seem to be able to accomplish it. For a day or two things will work on schedule and I’ll think I’ve got it under control. Wrong, that was just a chance to catch my breath before the next storm hits.

The reason for my rambling today, I had a blog in mind that I wanted to share with you about coffee (which I love). However, some of the information I wanted to share about coffee, I didn’t bring home with me last night.

My regular job got in the way and I was running later than usual last night. This caused my mind to run in more circles than normal and I forgot some paperwork I needed for the blog.

Since I’ve been misdirected by my tardiness or I’m just confused and can’t remember anything, I decided to be different an share a puzzle with you.

I first ran across puzzles on Lynnette LaBelle’s blog  She puts a puzzle on her blog every Friday and calls it “Fun Friday Puzzle.” It’s always a challenge to see if I can improve on my time. Thanks Lynnette for sharing a bit of fun each week.

On this puzzle my time was 6:01. But I did have some help - my cat decided to sit on my keyboard and try to work the keys with her backside.

Click to Mix and Solve

What was your time? Did you have help? Are you just misdirected or confused today too?


  1. Mason - I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I get misdirected and "thrown off course," too. When that happens, it's not easy to get back "on track." Thanks for sharing that fun puzzle : ).

  2. I'm so terrible at puzzles! I love the idea of doing them, but then I have to turn each piece several different ways to try to make it fit. :)

    I feel misdirected on days when I have so much going on that I don't know where to start. Sometimes I make things worse by starting all of them at once! Stopping myself and making a list of priorities usually ends up helping me out.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. When I get derailed it seems to take forever to get back on the "right" track, Margot. Glad you like the puzzle, they are fun.

    Making things worse seems it be top of my list today Elizabeth. I stopped a few minutes ago and realized I had five things I had started at once and none (needless to say) were done. I had to stop and start over one at a time. With puzzles I usually have to have the box lid to compare the pieces to.

  4. You sound like me. I think my problem is I try to do too much every day, especially at busy times like the holidays. And when real life steps into my schedule, all bets are off.

  5. Carol, real life can mess with one's schedule that's for sure. We just keep adding more to do, knowing we can't do it all. Go figure.

  6. But Mason, don't you wish we could direct our lives more than we get to? I would write more.


  7. Oh sure true JW, so true. I can think of so many things I'd like to do if I had time.

  8. well, i managed to do it in over your time...giggle. but it was fun. thank you.

  9. It does take time. Glad you had fun Hodgepodgespv.


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