Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remember To Say Thanks

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Today is Veteran’s Day in the United States. A day to honor those men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom.

I’m glad we have a special day to remember them. But at the same time, we should remember them each and every day. I’m not sure that there is a family in the US that hasn’t been touched by war. It may not be directly, but through a distant relative or friend war has touched their lives.

For me, I have a brother that served in both Korea and Vietnam (several tours) and thankfully returned home safe from both wars. That’s not to say that the conflicts he saw and was a part of disappeared when he came home. He continues to carry those thoughts, feelings and scars with him and always will, as will all soldiers who are fortunate enough to return home from any of the wars.

I have uncles and cousins who fought in various wars and several who died in service to their country. DH was in the Army during the Vietnam War, but thankfully didn’t have to go overseas. Right now I have a good friend who’s great-grandson is in basic training preparing to go to war.

I have a number of good friends who also served in the military, most during Vietnam. One friend who served in Vietnam and has since passed away was one of the few who would talk about his time there. One thing he told me has always stayed with me. He said when he was out on maneuvers the sweetest sound he could hear was the sound of the Hueys coming (they were going to pick him up) and the saddest was them leaving (he was left in the jungle alone or with just a few other soldiers). Every time I hear a helicopter, I think of that and what it must have felt like for him and all the other soldiers as the Hueys flew away. (Click on Hueys and listen to the sound of the helicopter coming and going.)

As much as I wish (and I’m sure many others too) that war was not a part of our lives, it continues to be. Maybe one day we can all live in harmony not only as a nation, but as a world. One can only hope and pray.

I leave you today with two videos because both have a lot to say with their message of photos and music. I hope you have a chance to watch at least one or both at some point and remember to say ‘THANKS’ to a veteran today and everyday. My special ‘THANKS’ to Jerry, Tommy George, Randy, Billy, Mickey, T.D., Herman, Tim, Jadie, Charlie, Richard Jr., and so many more.

The first video features Bryan Adams singing “(Everything I Do) I Do For You” and the second one features Toby Keith singing “American Soldier.”


  1. My special thanks to

    My father, Frank - WW II
    My brother, Frank - Vietnam
    My husband, Stan - USAF Ret. (20 years of service)

  2. Beautiful post, Mason. Without all these courageous people where would we be.

  3. Finally found my way here. And what a day to read your post. My prayers go to all those in the wars.

    My Darcy Mutates

  4. "Thank you!" said The Old Silly to all the brave and couragious men and women who have fought and given their lives in service to our free country.

    And thanks to you too, Pam, for this fine tribute post. The videos were powerful, too.

  5. That's a very sad story, about the sound of the Hueys leaving. I think we can all just about visualize how dreadful the moment was. Raising my coffee cup in a toast to all the honorable Vets ...

  6. Mason I love this thank you for sharing it. We all need to remember our veterans young and old.
    I am going to share this with my father.
    Thanks dad for your many many years in the Navy.
    also to my grandfather WWII with the Navy.

  7. Terrific post. It's our Remembrance Day in Canada too. We do a service at school and I use the Bryan Adams song too - I've made my own slideshow to go with it. This one is beautiful :)

  8. Mason - What a great post. It is, indeed, so important for a nation to care for its service members. I live near a very large U.S. Marine base, and I see all the time what life is like for service members and their wives and husbands. Service families sacrifice quite a lot, and they do deserve our gratitude.

  9. Linda, thanks to your father, brother and husband too for all they did and are doing even now.

    Niki, you captured it beautifully. Where indeed would we be?

    Enid, so glad you found your way here too and welcome. Remembering them all is important.

    Marvin, thanks for you kind words.

    Joanne, I join you in that toast to the veterans. That sad story will stay with me forever and my heart breaks a little thinking of all that were left forever.

    Babs, thanks to your father and grandfather too. There are so few left from WWII.

    Jemi, saying a special thanks to the soldiers in Canada today as well. The video you have posted inspired my post today. I can image how beautiful you slideshow will be for school.

    Margot, you mention something I should have thought to include as well - the families of those who serve. Without the support of those families, the soldiers couldn't do. Thanks to them also.

  10. Mason, This is a lovely post honoring our Veterans. I am very touched by the story about the Hueys coming to get the soldiers--symbolzing freedom and when they left symbolzing being left behind. Why a frightening time that must have been.


  11. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for this great post.


  12. Thanks to the men and women in uniform we have the freedom to think, write, and say what we want. A day of thanks is always in order.

  13. a wonderful post and reminder, Mason! You are so so right. Happy Veteran's Day! :o) <3


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