Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nothing Today

Has life thrown you any curve balls lately?

Everyday I try to remind myself that I shouldn’t wait until the last minute to do things, especially things that really need to be done. When I read a book for a review I sometimes make notes as I read or jot down thoughts I want to include in the review. But I usually wait a day or two after I finish the book before I write the review. This gives me time to think about what I got out of the book and what impressed me the most. I don't like writing reviews in a rush. I always leave out something when I do.

For that reason, I don’t have a review today as I had planned. I was going to write my review yesterday but life had a different plan for me.

Let me give you a little background first before telling you about

yesterday. A couple of weeks ago we found a small knot on the jaw of our 8-year-old English Shepherd, Brisco. It was about the size of the end of your thumb and we didn’t think much about it. Over the next week the knot very slowly began to grow. Our next thought was he had been stung. The spot didn’t seem to be giving him an problem and he was still eating fine. We had just been to the vet a few weeks earlier for annual shots.

Sunday, Nov. 7, the spot had swollen quite a bit overnight. We called our vet, he told us to give him Benadryl and bring him to his office first thing Monday. On Monday, Nov. 8, they put Brisco to sleep and checked the spot. The vet said it appeared that Brisco had an infection and put him on antibiotics with us to return in a week. On Friday, Nov. 12, DH thought the spot was spreading so we went back to the vet for another check. The vet said the spot was getting softer and that the swelling appeared to be going down and it would move through his body.

Yesterday, Nov. 15, we were scheduled for Brisco’s weekly checkup on his spot at 4 p.m. Shortly after lunch the spot busted and fluids started leaking out. It wasn’t like a big hole opened up, but more like a where a cut or a sore had opened up. Back to the vet (earlier than expected). Brisco was put to sleep again and they removed the infection and drained the wound. We don’t like leaving our pets at the vet (even though we trust our vet) it just the way we are. You have remember, our pets are our kids. So we had to wait for Brisco to wake up and then for the vet’s assistant to show us how to wash out his wound twice a day. Guess what, we go back to the vet Thursday, Nov. 18, to have the tube removed from the wound and make sure he's beginning to heal.

Here’s a photo of his jaw with the tube in it. I will say this may be gross to look at for some.

Anyway, that’s way I don’t have review today. It probably wouldn't be so bad, but you don't know how many times we've been to the vet lately between annual shots and tests, and a hurt back leg not to mention last year when he ate bad mushrooms and oh, yeah got kicked by a horse.

What kind of unexpected events have you dealt with lately?


  1. wow- I hope your puppy gets better soon, poor thing.

    Unexpected events- thankfully nothing the past week. normally they happen all the time one right after the other, but last week was pretty good.

    Best of luck!

  2. oooh! Hugs to you and your puppy, just cringing at that picture. So understand the unexpected stuff (my up in all) I hope he's better soon!!


  3. Poor little Brisco!

    It's dreadful when your fury family are hurt. I have three dogs and like you, they are my children too.

    Hope his recovery is speedy.

  4. PS. I think I meant to say 'furry - not fury!'

    Sorry :)

  5. Ouch! The poor boy! And poor you for having to spend so much time at the vet! Hope things settle down soon.

    I think we all get daily curveballs--but not ones that take up our whole day, like yours did!

  6. I hope Brisco has a fast and speedy recovery.

  7. Awww, poor puppy. Hey, I thought this post was a fine diversion from the usual ... cool to get some Pamela life story background, hmm?

  8. Mason - I am so sorry to hear about Brisco! I hope he is feeling better soon and heals up quickly. That's enough to throw anyone off. Family first, that's what I say, and Brisco is definitely a family member. Thinking of you...

  9. Poor little guy. He looks like a sweetie for sure. He is so blessed to have you and DH as his human parents.


  10. Aw, Brisco looks so sad in the photo with the tube :(

    No curve balls have come this way for awhile, and I hope things quiet down nicely for you in the next few days. Quiet and calm is good :)

  11. We've had some tough canine-kids days too lately. I can't remember if you were following my blog when Brandi had her eye surgery, but that was certainly one of them. And, of course, when we lost Chance last month. As you said, these are our children so that puts them at the center of our worlds.

    Hope Brisco heals quickly and everything gets back to normal in your world.

  12. I hope your dog will be well soon!

    And now I learned what the curve ball metaphor meant :D

    Well, I am glad I had two posts lined up in advance, because yesterday my computer told me it had been infected by FIVE nasty viruses! I hardly dared touch it until I could make our computer wizard have a look at it. Apparently the warning was a hoax so if I had installed the ´cure´ that went with it, I would have crashed my computer completely.

    I know it is not a live thing, still I need the darn machine for everything I do, both work, writing & several hobbies.

  13. Summer, I know what you mean about things happening one after another. They almost have a snowball effect. Glad you had a good week and hope it continues.

    Nicole, thanks. The photo is kind of gross but it was hard to explain without.

    Wendy, I had to laugh at your second comment. When I read the first I read it as 'furry'. LOL

    Elizabeth, after being at the vet so much lately I understand parents better talking about having to take their young children to the doctor so much. Seems like you get over one thing and something else happens. LOL I guess my day was a curved bowling ball.

    Dru, thank you. I hope so too.

  14. Marvin, only a writer would look at my crazy post as life story background. LOL

    Margot, thank you. Brisco is definitely a family member. I think he's spoiled as bad as any child could be. :)

    Teresa, thank you for the kind words. I wonder sometimes how good of 'human parents' we are when he's always having something happen to him. But we try.

    Joanne, quiet and calm would be wonderful.

    Linda, I do remember about Brandi's surgery and if I remember right you lost Chance around the time you lost your Mother-in-law too. You have had your share of serious curve balls lately.

    Dorte, you just never know what you might learn here. LOL Your curve ball could have been a huge problem. Computers may not be living things, but so many living things depend on them. I always worry when one of those program tells me I have a virus that it might be a hoax too. Glad you got things fixed.

  15. I understand completely. we have three kids, twelve legs between them. I feel so bad for both you and Brisco having to go through that, but I know you'll both be back on top of your game soon. Poor, sweet puppy!

    Unexpected events? Right now two unrelated plumbing emergencies, both related to showers. the kitchen ceiling is wide open and the plumbers are estimated to be here for three days. Worst part: three bathrooms, no showers. And you can just guess how much the cats enjoy being shut up in the laundry room during all this. :)

  16. Pooh on the review, Mason. You poor thing. And poor Briscoe. I sure hope he's okay. When live brings us curves, we must bend with them or we will drive straight off the road. Take care of you and DH and Brisco, okay?

  17. no worries! Breaks are good--here's hoping your pooch Brisco is better very soon~ :o)

  18. Mason, don't worry about the review. Your dog and your family have to be your top priority. Hope Briscoe heals up nicely. You take care.

  19. Oh, I am so sorry about your dog. He's first priority--over a book review! Hope he heals well.

    My daughter has developed a place under her leg that's itching like crazy. It could be caused by anything. We have a doctor appointment in the morning. She has been VERY healthy the past 24 years since the accident. Really amazing. I can't complain. But she IS getting older, as we all are, as our pets are, so...we have to expect the "unexpected" I guess.

    We just have to hang in there, don't we!! Take care!!!

  20. Oh, my gosh. Poor baby! You are so good to have kept checking it.

    It sounds like he had an abscess, which could have gotten far worse without your diligence.

    Hugs to poor Brisco. He is beautiful, by the way. He looks so sweet. Did he fuss with the tube much?

  21. oh, poor doggy, I hope everything will be fine with him.

  22. Oh, give Brisco a nice scratch behind the ears for me, poor pupper. Sounds like you have a great vet and I hope the next visit goes well.
    Work has been crazy, but that's not to be unexpected, of course!

  23. VR, I like the three kids, 12 legs. You are definitely having it tough with your plumbing problems. Hope you didn't have all the heavy rain today we had on top of everything else. Maybe the plumbers will work faster than expected.

    Karen, I love your saying. I'll have to remember that one because there are days I feel I've driven straight off the road and into an embankment.

    Leigh, thanks for the positive thoughts. So far so good today. Brisco hasn't tried to scratch the area too much.

    Susanne, thanks for the kind words and positive thoughts.

    Ann, hope everything goes well with your daughter's doctor appointment in the morning. Maybe it will be something minor and easily taken care of. I think you hit it on the head when you mentioned aging, that's where the curve balls come from. :)

    Maria, thanks. We thought about an abscess tooth even, but the vet said it was just the infection. He can be sweet when he wants to and so far he's been fairly good with the tube. We have to flush it out twice a day and he's not so crazy about that. I would image it feels funny to him.

    Dez, I'm hoping he does fine too. I think I've been to the vet enough for at least a year.

    Julia, Brisco will enjoy an extra scratch behind the ears. We are fortunate to have a really good vet that works well with us. Hope things at work slow a bit for you.

  24. I'm so sorry. I read this post until I got to "small knot" and I just had to stop. I mean no disrespect but I am a huge dog lover, and a real wuss, and I just can't stand to see animals in pain.

    That being said, thanks for visiting my blog, I'm now following yours, and it's really nice to meet you. I have an AGSD turning one this week, and I will certainly be praying for your ESD.

    Thanks Mason!

  25. I've been getting a lot of curve balls lately. Sheeeessshhh!!!! Like Matthew, I'm a wimp when it comes to seeing dogs and other animals hurt. I hope your doggy is on the mend and will be back to itself soon.

  26. OH, that's so sad. I'm glad it's getting better. Nothing worries me more than when things are wrong with my children and my pets. Thanks for sharing this. Now, I have to go hug my dog.

  27. There's always curve balls and I feel like I spend a lot of time playing dodge ball. The stuff's been pretty minor so far. I'm hoping not, but I would imagine a major curve ball is heading my way eventually.

    Tossing It Out

  28. Matthew, I understand about not being able to see animals in pain. I can't either. Thanks for stopping by and following. I enjoyed stopping by your site and will be back. Happy birthday to your AGSD.

    Stephen, thanks for the positive thoughts. Hope your curve ball days straighten out soon.

    Clarissa, give your pup an extra hug from me. As crazy as we get when something happens to our pets, I can image how really crazy we'd be if we had children. LOL

    Lee, life is kind of like a dodge ball game isn't it? Hopefully the major curve ball will continue to stay away from you.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I'm so glad to hear Brisco is doing better. Those sorts of infections aren't uncommon, but if left unchecked, sometimes they are dangerous in older dogs because the infection can cause all sorts of problems--even get out of control where they can't be treated.

    It's scary when our fur babies have to be at the vet. I don't leave them at the vet, either, unless I have no choice. I find they respond best at home under my care.

    Keep us posted, Mason.

  31. Hi Mason .. poor old chap - he doesn't look very comfortable! But I sure hope he's healed .. tomorrow is D-day ..

    I can quite understand you're 'muddle' animals do that to us .. and they are so important in our lives .. they're part of us ..

    Will be thinking of you tomorrow .. all will be well .. with thoughts - Hilary

  32. I can identify with your problem and worry about Brisco. About two months ago, after feeding my cat, Blacky, I noticed that one side of his face was fatter than the other. I checked him and found a large, soft swelling under his jaw. I immediately checked his mouth to see if a tooth was bad, despite the fact that he had his teeth cleaned about a year ago. Next morning I called my vet who saw him immediately. It was a large abscess filled with pus. No idea how he got this considering that he has no access to other cats outdoors and my other two cats don't fight with him. He ended up with a drain in his jaw and on antibiotics for seven days. The drain didn't seem to bother him and it took forever for the fur to regrow after the drain was removed.

    pboylecharley AT hotmail DOT com

  33. Brisco is a beautiful dog-I know about saying they are you children-at least you caught it before it became worse.


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