Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Contests and Winners

I held my first book giveaway last evening and have five lucky winners to announce today who will receive a copy of James Patterson’s 7th Heaven. The names were written on strips of paper, folded, placed in a cup and drawn out by someone other than myself.

Before I announce the winners, let me tell a little story and prolong the anticipation of who won. I’ve never been one to be lucky at winning anything. I occasionally enter contest, but never really thinking I’ll win.

Since I began this blog and visiting other blogs, I’ve participated in a number of giveaways. Not that I entered thinking I’d win, mostly I enjoyed participating in the post. Surprisingly, I’ve won in a number of these contests.

This is not a post to brag about winning, but to explain how there’s an extra bonus just to entering. In the three wins I’m about to mention, I had honestly forgotten that I had entered any type of contest. When I received notice of winning each time I was surprised, thrilled and happy remembering the post that the win came from.

The first win was from the Hallopalooza Scavenger Hunt at Halloween hosted by The Stiletto Gang where I won a copy of Charles Benoit’s Out of Order from commenting on the Type M for Murder blog. He also sent me his second book, along with an illustration as an extra bonus. I participated in the hunt because it was fun not really thinking I would win anything.

The second win came from Robin Kaye at Casablanca Authors who gave away a Starbucks gift card back in November when her Starbucks had a Villain Day. She ask what villain would we be and I said Jack the Ripper - so much is known about him and so little at the same time.

Didn’t think any more about it, I just enjoy chatting back and forth the ladies at Casablanca Authors. They have some funny post. Besides, I’m a Starbucks junkie myself.

The last win came this week when I received notice from Clare at Women of Mystery that I had won a copy of The Gift of Murder, an anthology of winter holiday crime stories to benefit Toys for Tots. I had started checking on the blog from another site (and unfortunately I can’t remember where the link came from) and just enjoyed the post.

I’ve rambled on here to say this - winning is great, but I’ve found there are so many extra benefits just to participating. I had laughs participating in all three of these contests.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this first giveaway and hope you come back and participate in the post, as well as any future giveaways. Remember I have another giveaway ending today.

Now drum roll please …. The winners of James Patterson’s 7th Heaven are: Sandy M. from AR, Jonnie H. from Edmonton, Elizabeth C. from NC, Janet H. from Crossfield, and Barbara S. from MN. Your names have been sent to the Hachette Book Group and the book should be in the mail to you before long. Congratulations and thanks for entering.

Let me share this with you. Author Judi Fennell is hosting a giveaway for a romantic getaway. The information can be found at Judi Fennell. It sounds like a wonderful giveaway. Check it out.

How do you feel about contests and giveaways? Do you enter them? Have you won any? Are you hosting any?


  1. Interesting post!

    I do like to enter contests, and I've won 3 or 4 in the past. You're so's such a surprise when we win!

    Mystery Lovers' Kitchen is usually running a contest and everyone seems to have fun with it.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Elizabeth, entering is fun. I have came a cross a couple of contest that were great that I didn't enter.

    The reason, I knew if by some miracle I won, I really couldn't accept the prize. In those cases, I don't think it's fair to enter. Case in point is the contest Judi Fennell is holding. Wonderful contest, but not able to get away even if I won so no reason to enter, but encourage others to do so.

  3. I forgot to come back and enter this one! How do you start hosting contests like this? Looks like fun..Guess I'll email you for this next one!


  4. Thanks for a great win, I can't wait to read this book. It is an honor to win on your very first giveaway.

  5. Michele, I'll e-mail you the information on the giveaways that I know about. It's been fun.

    Janet, congratulations on the win and thanks for entering my first contest. I hope you'll come back often and enter more contest.

  6. I participate, but like you never think I'll win. I have won a couple of books, though. I've never hosted one. Yet. These are great links. I'm going to check them out.

  7. Hosting a giveaway is fun Carol. The only drawback, I wish I could give books to everyone who enters. Hope you enjoy the links.

  8. I love to enter contests. Then you forget about them until you get an email saying that you won. I love when the mail or UPS comes and there's a book there for me. Once I read the books I have won I pass them to my friends. They love when I win too!

  9. I've entered a few contests as well and a book in the mail...well, makes the day better. Those books I've won, I've passed along to friends that have the same reading tastes.

  10. Well, I typed this really long comment and blogger ate it. sigh.

    Thanks for mentioning my contest. I've loved giving away two Romantic Beach Getaways, and can't wait to give the final one away at the end of February.

    I've got some ideas for my genie series promotion; so we'll see what comes of that.

    Best of luck in all the contests you all enter and I hope you find some exciting new authors!

  11. Bethie, that surprise e-mail is the best. I also share my books. My best friend and I swap books back and forth all the time.

    Ann, getting a book in the mail is a nice treat for the day.

    Judi, thanks for stopping by. I'm sure the genie series is going to be as interesting and fun to read as your other series. You have such an imagination.

  12. i do like contests and enter them all the time. i love winning things for myself and my husband. i've won some, lost some but you will always lose if you don't enter and you do have a chance of winning if you enter. but i don't think i want to host one.


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