Thursday, December 17, 2009

Upcoming Activities and New Giveaways

As the holiday season gets busier and busier do you find yourself volunteering to help out or participate in events you know you shouldn’t, but can’t help yourself? Does this add to the stress you already feel?

I’m doing that, sort of. I’ve got a number of special posts planned for January. In addition, I’ve got two new giveaways to tell you about.

The books featured in the upcoming events are varied in their genre. I’m branching out somewhat from murder, mystery and mayhem. However, there’s still a little intrigue involved. I hope this new mix appeals to those who visit the blog and gives you something new to check out. Sometimes I just need to read something different. How about you?

First, a little teaser about the activities planned in January. I’ll go into more details closer to the events.

* Wednesday, Jan. 6 - John Tippets, author of “Hearts of Courage,” will stop by during this Virtual Book Tour.
* Thursday, Jan. 7 - Jackie Griffey, author of “The Devil in Merrivale,” will guest post.
* Monday, Jan. 18 - Sherrill Bodine, author of “A Black Tie Affair,” will guest post.
* Wednesday, Jan. 20 - Kim Smith, author of “Buried Alive,” will guest post.

Now for the giveaways. Thanks to Anna and the Hachette Book Club and the first up is “A Black Tie Affair” by Sherrill Bodine. I have 5 copies of the book to giveaway. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book:

Fashion curator Athena Smith will do anything to get her hands on the Clayworth family's couture collection for her exhibit. So she's thrilled when she's called in to authenticate the gowns...until she falls ill while examining them and wakes up face-to-face with notorious Chicago bachelor Drew Clayworth.

Drew doesn't trust Athena one bit. He still believes she betrayed him years ago. So when his family's gowns go missing and Athena offers her help in exchange for the dresses, he reluctantly accepts. But they're both taken off guard by the barely restrained passion that's still between them...and the memories that are both bitter and sweet. As they work together to find the dresses, can they resist the sparks between them?

The second giveaway is for “Seduced by a Rogue” by Amanda Scott. I have 5 copies of this book to giveaway as well. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book:

A fair-haired beauty at 19, Lady Mairi is heiress apparent to her father Lord Dunwythie's rich barony. He has carefully taught her how to manage their estates, but a feud between his clan and the Maxwell clan is brewing as the two families edge toward a clan war - their dispute over money owed. Mairi's father believes he owes nothing, and of course Mairi sides with him.

When the impulsive and blue-eyed Rob Maxwell chances to meet Mairi in a barley field, they feel instant attraction, despite their families' antagonisms. Knowing he must put his clan first, Rob enacts a plan to force Dunwythie to pay his debt: Rob kidnaps Mairi, making the abduction appear the work of a stranger; then he and his sheriff-brother offer to help Dunwythis rescue his daughter IF, and only if, he will pay them the monies due.

Yet after Rob captures Mairi's body, she captures his heart. When Dunwythie summons the aid of the most powerful clan in all Scotland (the Douglases), clan-tensions rise to a fever pitch. Love takes its own feverish course, as Mairi and Rob join forces to prevent a clash between hot-headed clans, and to protect their budding love.

Now that has grabs your attention, here are the rule of the contest. Both contests are only open to residents of the US and Canada and no P.O. Box addresses will be accepted.

To enter, you have to e-mail me at Your subject line should read, “Win, A Black Tie Affair” or “Win, Seduced by a Rogue.” Your message has to include your name and mailing address (remember no post office boxes). You can enter both contest, but I need separate entries.

Both giveaways will run until Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 6 p.m. (EST).  No entries accepted after that time.

The winners will be drawn that night. I will post the winners’ names on the blog and forward the information to the Hachette Book Group, who will mail the books to the winners.

A brief reminder that the deadline for the other giveaways posted on the sidebar is Dec. 20. Check them out.

Do you like to read different genres? If so, why and if no, why?


  1. Mason - You really do have some fun stuff planned for January! That's what I like about reading your blog; there's always something new to read about : ).

  2. You've got quite a line-up! Your blog looks really professional and you've got a plan for it. You've done such a great job!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. I do enjoy reading different genres. Depends on my mood. I guess that's why I'm usually reading more than one book at a time.

  4. Thanks Margot, I try to keep things changing and I hope they're fun and interesting. I've been amazed at all the different authors and books I've come across visiting other blogs. I enjoy sharing that information and always looking for more.

    Elizabeth, I try to keep in mind some of the wonderful tips you've given in your post. Thanks for your kind words. I realized this morning that my plan was not complete for day. I had intended to change some things around on the sidebars, but sleep won out. I'll hopefully get those changes done today.

    I have to be in a certain mood to read certain books too, Crystal. I love murder mysteries, but ever once in awhile I think my brain needs a little time for something other than murder. Then when I go back to the murder mysteries I see it with a more open mind.

  5. I've always read different genres. I read in the romance, mystery, and thriller genres for the most part. But sometimes I venture into mainstream and women's fiction. Every once in a while I'll read what I call SciFiLite. Maybe I have reader's ADD.

  6. Carol, if you have reader's ADD so do I. I like the change, even in the mystery department. Sometimes I like true crime, other times what I call gruesome thrillers (very detail about the murder and investigation), and other times cozy murders are all I read. Isn't variety suppose to be the spicy of life?

  7. I do like reading different genres...however, I keep gravitating back to mysteries/thrillers. However a romance or sci-fi every now and then is fun as well. Can't broaden your horizons unless you're willing to step out of the box at times. Plus it's a way to discover new authors.

  8. I agree Ann, you have to step out of the box every once in awhile. I'd say mysteries are my favorite too, but I like a little change now and then.

  9. I read many different genres. If a book looks interesting or if it is about a subject that intrigues me then I will read it no matter the genre.

  10. Hi Mason! Google alerts showed me to your post. Buried Angel, while mystery, is zany and fun and shows that murder can lead into a wild ride. I look forward to being your guest in January !


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