Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Salon: Buckley's Story by Ingrid King

Have you ever not wanted to read a book at the same time you wanted to read it?

Sounds a little crazy I know, especially for the beginning of a book review. But let me explain and encourage you to read this book.

"Buckley's Story, Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher" is a book about a cat lover's journey as she watches her beloved cat's health decline. It also deals with the aftermath of losing that cherished pet and how one handles it.

This book touches on how people can and do connect with their pets on a special level. It explains how pets are not just pets, but family members.

I didn't want to read it because I knew that I wasn't going to like what happened to Buckley. I can't handle sad stories, I'm too tender hearted. In addition, I have a tortoiseshell cat (like Buckley) that is 12 years old.

I wanted to read it - needed to read it - for those very same reasons.

Author Ingrid King tells the story of how Buckley came to live with her and her other cat, Amber. She tells of how that one act - sharing her heart and home with Buckley - changed her life forever.

Working as an office manager for a veterinary hospital the author describes how she feel in love with Buckley the first time she saw her. After a number of attempts to bring the cat home, Ms. King tells how Buckley finally made the transition to her forever home.

Ms. King explains the trials and triumphs of caring for a pet as only a true pet lover could. Through her writing the reader understands that sometimes the simpliest acts bring about the most joy if you open your heart to the possibilities.

Ms. King gives voice to the frustations pet lovers face when taking their pets to the vet's office or emergency clinic. Some places work with the pet owners understanding their deep connection to the pets, while others seem to have no feelings in the matter.

The strength and positive attitute of this small, four-legged wonder of nature gave the author the guidance to start trusting your own intuition and inspiration. This lead to Ms. King opening her own business. Buckley taught her to "live in the moment" and not focus so much on the unknown future.

Despite the box of Kleenex I went through, I'd read it again and recommend it for pet lovers as well as non-pet lovers. If you have pets, you'll want to show them more attention after reading this. If you don't have a pet, it's time to adopt one.

For information can be found on Ms.King's website

Buckley's Story, Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher by Ingrid King, iUniverse @2009, ISBN: 978-1-4401-6624-2, paperback, 132 pages


  1. I've got Ingrid's book on my TBR list.I love the way she got even closer to Buckley when her illness became evident. Some pet owners might try to impose a little emotional distance to make the final parting easier on *them*. I think it's wonderful that Ingrid put Buckley and her feelings first.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Mason - Thanks for your review of Buckley's Story. We can learn a great deal from pets, and this story certainly shows that. What a helpful guide for those who are making the same journey that Ingrid made. It's also written from a fascinating perspective, since Ingrid's got a background in veterinary care. I'm glad you shared this one.

  3. Elizabeth, I think some pet owners would have turned their backs (so to speak) on their pet when it became as sick as Buckley did. I guess that's the difference between having a pet and the pet becoming a part of your family. Hope you enjoy the book.

    Margot, in addition to being a interesting journey between Ingrid and Buckley, the story does give a lot of useful information for pet owners. I think her background helped her explain the various procedures in ways everyone can understand.

  4. I'm such a sap - I'll probably sob my way through the ending of this one :) Sounds like a very good retelling of the bond between animals and humans.

  5. Sounds like a fantastic book! I know I love my three kitties!

  6. Jemi, it is good. If you're tender hearted, I recommend at least one box of Kleenex. But it's worth the effort. :) Enjoy.

    If you're a cat lover, Overworked, you'll enjoy and be touched by this book. Plus it touches on several aspects of a cat's health that I hadn't thought about.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful review, Mason!

    I have been told more than once that the book should be sold with a pack of tissues...:-) One of my friends still hasn't been able to read the next to last chapter, and she's in the book and was part of the story! I hope that by sharing what losing Buckley was like for me, I may be helping other pet owners. Sadly, it's something all of us who love pets will have to deal with at some point, since these wonderful creatures we share our lives with don't live nearly long enough.

  8. I'd like to read this, but not now. I wouldn't be able to get through it.

    Straight From Hel

  9. Ingrid, the pack of tissues with the book would be cute. Saying I enjoyed the book sounds wrong in a way. I enjoyed the journey and the connection you developed with Buckley. I didn't enjoy the end (of course), but as you say that is something we have to deal with as pet lovers. People without pets sometimes don't understand that it can be so painful to lose a beloved pet. Thank you for the book.

    Helen, I would recommend reading the book. You will enjoy the first of the book and the last couple of chapters do as I did - a page or two at a time.

  10. Thanks for the enticing review. Any book that can build that kind of tension/conflict within a reader has got to be gripping and a good read.

    Marvin D Wilson


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