Monday, September 1, 2014

Can You Have Too Many Books?

Do you have too many books? I don’t think you can ever have too many books, maybe just not enough room to house and display them all. But, I do think you can sometimes become overwhelmed by so many wonderful books coming out at the same time that you can’t possible read them all and keep up.

At least that’s where I find myself at times, like now.

Add to that all the amazing authors (from both traditional and non-traditional publishing) that I’d like to introduce you to or the authors we know and love that have another fascinating release out I’d like to tell you about. Here I feel even more like I’m losing ground. And that doesn’t include the book tours, launch day/cover blitz or blogfest, not to mention the popup special feature/giveaways, book news in general and so much more.

I’m not complaining, mind you, and I know fully well that I can’t participate or host everything that’s going on in the book world (even in a single genre of it). It’s a joy to know there’s so many great books out there and so many, many more being added each day. I just wish there was a way to share more of these terrific titles with you. Sometimes I have to group several things together (like reviews) to be able to tell you about them, but I don’t like bombarding you with too much at one time and I like to give author’s own space when possible.

Okay, I know I could have used today’s post to tell you about a couple of amazing audio books I just finished. Those will come a little later in the month. But, let’s face it – it’s a holiday here in the U.S. and I wasn’t sure if Thoughts would have that much traffic. Besides, I don’t get to do much rambling anymore and this seemed like a good day for it.

I am so very thankful to all the authors and publishers who provide me with such remarkable stories to read and listened to. I never want y’all to think otherwise. I’m also equally thankful to y’all for supporting Thoughts and I’m always delighted to hear your thoughts on how I can better provide book-related (or any) information to you.

While I may feel overwhelmed at times, I’ll keep trying to tell you about as many of the new books by favorite authors and new authors and their books as I can. Please always feel free to share any new books and/or authors you know about in the comments. I wish this blog template had the section for allowing the recent blog post link of those commenting like other templates I’ve seen. Maybe I need to change templates. Any suggestions?

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you’re having a wonderful day whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not.

Now tell us what your TBR stack looks like – a couple of books, a stack higher than your head or so many books you don’t even want to begin to count? Do you collect books or do you give them away after reading them? If you have a large selection of books, how do you manage to store them all?

Happy reading all and be safe! HAPPY LABOR DAY!


  1. Hi Mason - it's good to know what's going on and I'm sure the authors are delighted to be featured. I keep saying I must read, read, read and not stop ... I got rid of a lot and when my mother died we got rid of more - I was sad .. but sometimes we just can't keep them all ..

    My stack is growing .. cheers Hilary

  2. There's no such thing as too many books, only too little time to read them all! I tend to read at least half of my books on my Kindle, so that has helped cut down on the size of the TBR stack - at least the "real" one. For the virtual TBR stack, the sky's the limit. Happy Labor Day!

  3. I totally understand! I am so behind on my TBR list. I like your layout though.

  4. Mason, I know exactly how you feel. I have too many books that I won't be able to read. You do a wonderful job in bringing books that I didn't know about.


  5. You're doing a great job, Mason! I do know what you mean about feeling behind or overwhelmed, though. I have a pretty big TBR, myself! Happy Labor Day!

  6. You post about one or more books every day. I'd say you were doing a fabulous job. My pile is enormous and I keep buying new ones.

    Happy Labor Day. I didn't post anything since it was a holiday and I'm already posting on Wed. for the IWSG.

  7. I have lack of shelving space too, you have to have in mind that as a translator I get up to five copies of all the books I translate....

  8. One of the many reasons I love my kindle so much is that the visible piles don't grow as much - leaving hubby happier!! Love those big TBR piles :)

  9. A couple of years ago I realized how many books I had that I wouldn't read again so I downsized. I took many to Half Price books and gave many more away. Now when I've finished books, I take them with me to my book club and hand them out there.

  10. Mason...LOVE your blog...and you can NEVER have too many books! :)
    Happy Labor Day!

    patucker54 at aol dot com

  11. I love what you do here. I don't understand how you have time to read so much and write about it so beautifully and do your wonderful author interviews, but I am so grateful you do.

  12. Mason - I know just what you mean about being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of terrific books out there. There is no way at all that I could keep updated with even a quarter of what I want to read. Thanks for all that you do to share that wealth with the rest of us!

  13. I have a hard time getting rid of books. However, some I do take to our town's used bookstore because the proceeds go to support out library. They only get the ones I'm not wild about, so my shelves are crammed.

    Thanks for joining and supporting @WeWrite4U_Lit. I think literacy is a great cause.

  14. CAN'T have too many books, but you CAN be plagued by a discouraging lack of shelving. I REALLY want a room that is built in book selves ALL THE WAY around (except for a fireplace on one side and french doors to a patio on the other)... Nice comfy chair in a corner to read and a big old fashioned writing desk on another. I only KEEP books that really touch me (or have some other history for me--like I have a bunch of family books), but I pick up 'to read' books all the time, so probably have hundreds I intend to get to.

  15. The worst part about having a lot of books is when you move ! I am on a diet so can't eat comfort book. I have found that books can be comfort reads! I give ways and sell the books after I have read them. I have been trhough the books that I keep after I have read them about 10 time so not doing that anymore. Would love to have a room like Hart Johnson talks about! We live in a small apartment so just have three small bookcases.

  16. Happy Labor Day.

    I have thousands of print and ebooks that I have yet to read. My Kindle holds over 3,000 books, although I know I've read many. I give away many books and also put them in my classroom library. Still, there's always more.

  17. One can never have too many books. In fact I cannot imagine a home without books stacked in teetering piles. They are a delight :)

  18. Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and all your wonderful comments.

    Lee, I'm delighted to help promote @WeWrite4U_Lit anyway I can.

    Hart, I want a copy of that room when it get it - sounds like it would be a great place to relax and read.


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