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The Lost Island and Harbor Island

The Lost Island coverFall may be slowly making its way into our area, but I’m thinking the tropics today as I take trips to a couple of magical islands with my reviews. While it may not be all fun and sun on the islands, there’s enough adventure to hold you captive. 

THE LOST ISLAND by Preston & Child

While listening to THE LOST ISLAND by Preston & Child I realized a bit of imagination was needed on my part to follow and believe in these characters and their actions.

With that said and done, getting lost in this story also inspired me to learn more about the classic tales they discuss, the lands they visit, and the myths of old. That in itself makes a book enjoyable to me, as it did with this one. It takes me on a journey and makes me wonder/think long after I’ve put the story away. THE LOST ISLAND is a story that inspires me to venture further on my own.

Narrator David W. Collins does an excellent job giving voices to each of the characters. His varied inflections and volume matched the tension and action of the characters. His cadence is perfect to keep listeners on the edge of their seat as the adrenaline-driven scenes and suspense unfolds. His pace enhances the story.

Master thief and brilliant scientist Gideon Crew has little to lose as he is living on borrowed time with an incurable disease. When Eli Glinn, his mysterious employer, asks him to steal a page from the priceless Book of Kells on display in New York City, Gideon has no problem accepting the challenge.

After liberating the single piece of parchment, Gideon learns there is more hidden beneath the beautiful images. Eli reveals a long forgotten treasure map dating back to the ancient Greeks. The treasure, Gideon quickly learns, isn’t gold or silver, but a discovery that could help mankind and possible save his own life in the process.

Partner with a mysterious lady named Amy, the couple set off to find the treasure. They follow a set of cryptic clues to a remote corner of the Caribbean Sea. There they encounter deadly treasurer hunters, harsh seas and unexpected dangers. Once on the island, they encounter a find that could turn the modern world upside down and cause history to be re-written. The only problem, they have to stay alive long enough to get off the island to share what they’ve discovered.

Authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have crafted a fascinating tale of mystery and suspense fueled by ‘what if’ imagination and myths of old. They take readers/listeners on a whirlwind journey to the Caribbean and entice them to believe in possibilities mankind isn’t equipped to handle. The story deals with greed, generosity, desperation, hope, loyalty and trust.

Blended with an eye for detail and vibrant descriptions, THE LOST ISLAND is a magical, mysterious adventure you won’t be able to leave.

The Lost Island by Preston & Child, Gideon Crew Novel Book #3, Performed by David W. Collins, Hachette Audio, @2014, ISBN: 978-1619694590, Unabridged, 9 Discs, Listening Time: 11 Hours 

FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

HARBOR ISLAND by Carla Neggers

Harbor Island coverCombining suspense, murder, mystery and romance with breathtaking locations, author Carla Neggers takes readers/listeners on a fascinating journey to catch a killer in HARBOR ISLAND.

Narrator Carla Mercer-Meyer does a great job bringing the various characters to life. Her various accents enhances the story. Her mannerisms and cadence matches the pace and flow of the story.

Neggers’ acclaimed Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan return in this heart-pounding adventure that takes readers/listeners from Boston to Ireland to Maine. Emma, granddaughter of world-renowned art detective Wendell Sharpe, is an FBI agent assigned to a small Boston-based FBI team. Colin is a deep-cover agent for the FBI.

Emma and her grandfather have been searching for a mysterious serial art thief for a decade. As if taunting them, each time there is a new theft the Sharpes receive a replica of the cross taken in the thief’s first heist. Emma receives a call from a woman claiming to have knowledge of the thief. When Emma arrives on a small island in Boston Harbor she finds the woman dead holding a small cross.

Colin is unhappy Emma went to meet the woman without backup. As they begin to investigate the murder, they discover there is more involved than they first believe. As the danger intensifies, relationship issues must also be examined and fortified. 

It’s hard to say a lot about this story without giving spoilers and I don’t want to dampen the twists and turns for readers/listeners. This is an enthralling journey with realistic characters that are well-developed and likable. The story, while traveling to numerous locations, still flows smoothly and at a steady pace. Neggers’ vivid descriptions and rich dialogue combines for an entertaining tale.

HARBOR ISLAND is the fourth installment in Neggers’ Sharpe and Donovan series, but can stand on its own. With this story, fans also get a bonus novella, ROCK POINT, for their reading/listening pleasure. With this latest release, Neggers has skillfully combined suspense and romance into a mesmerizing tale. 

Harbor Island by Carla Neggers, Sharpe and Donovan Novel Book #4, Performed by Carla Mercer-Meyer, Brilliance Audio, @2014, ISBN: 978-1480502611, Unabridged, 10 Discs, Listening Time: 12 Hours and 1 Minute 

FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

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  1. Audio books are something I have avoided so far. I am not entirely certain why.
    Thank you for these reviews. Perhaps, someday...

  2. Mason - There is definitely something about the island atmosphere that just makes for an excellent setting for a novel. Lots of possibilities there for adventure, mystery, etc... Thanks for sharing these examples.

  3. Preston and Child are master writers. I have The Lost Island but have not had a chance to read it yet. So far behind...

  4. THE LOST ISLAND has a really nicely done cover! I love 3D covers

  5. i just starting reading Guideon's sword the first in this series. i do like this premis of this new book as well. thanks for the review.

  6. Hi, Mason. Thanks for sharing about these books. I like that first cover!


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