Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is It Spring Yet?

Has Spring finally arrived where you live or does ‘Old Man Winter’ still have a hold on the weather with his icy fingers?

According to the calendar, it’s spring here in Northwest Georgia. However, the calendar and the weather don’t seem to be on the same page. We have had a few days of sunshine and even some temperatures in the upper 70s. I believe one day we reach 80 degrees for several hours.

But that didn’t last long. This past week we’ve had rain, thunderstorms, hail, heavy winds, and when it wasn’t raining, it was mostly overcast. The temperatures have been in the 40s and 50s during the day and down to the middle to low 30s at night.

Dogwood Blossom

I guess this is what the old timers call ‘blackberry winter’ though I don’t think I’ve seen any blackberries blooming yet. I’m not sure why it’s called ‘blackberry winter’ except usually about the time wild blackberries bloom, we have another cold snap.

The few days of warm weather that we did have helped a few things to start blooming and budding. The Dogwood trees are just beginning to bud out, with some that have had the right amount of sun already blooming. All should be in full bloom by Easter Sunday, April 24.

The pine trees are also budding and putting on new pine burrs. One

Pine Tree
good thing about the rain is it helped wash away some of the pollen.

Another advantage of the cold, rainy weather - it keeps you indoors. It has been some ideal weather for reading. When the sun is out I can’t help but want to be outside working with my roses or herbs. That cuts down on my book reading, unless I have a good audio book to listen to while I work.

What about you, when do you enjoy reading the most? Does the weather effect your reading? Do you enjoy reading indoors or out more? Be sure to check back tomorrow for Sunday Salon and a review of MOURNING GLORIA, the newest cozy mystery from Susan Wittig Albert.


  1. It's real autumn weather here. Lovely sunny days but ooh chilly nights. I think there may have even been a frost this morning. brrrr

  2. It's still very cold here with lots of snow on the ground! Brrr... Lovely spring shots!

  3. Mason - Thanks for those beautiful pictures. That's the thing about very early spring, isn't it? The weather can't make up its mind what it wants to do. I have to admit, I really like the change of seasons, even when the weather gets a little unpredictable. I love the variety.

  4. we are eagerly anticipating weather like YOURS here in Michigan. Still in the 30s....NOTHING is beginning to pop through the soil......there IS some amazing, glowing orb in the sky right now....wonder what it is? lol

  5. yep, the spring is here in Central Europe. My daffodils are blooming, the grass is green, my cat is pregnant :) and I just bought first strawberries at the market :)

  6. Mother Nature is playing Spring Tease with us. Little flashes of warm - just enough to get the daffodils and forsuthia blooming - then she covers them with snow.

  7. Spring is definitely here in New Mexico - it will be 80 degrees today.

  8. Today is the first day when I didn't have to put on hat, gloves and a scarf. It's warmer, in the 50s.

  9. Lovely photos!

    Today has been a wonderful, mild day (I´ll post pictures to prove it on Thursday). I don´t think the weather effects my reading much, but spring and summer make me happy, and I find it easier to pull myself together and write.

  10. Hi Mason .. it is warming up here .. but think damp mist drifts down .. I've started reading more up at my Mama's .. lots of looking at books down here for posts etc .. cheers and hope it warms up soon for you ..Hilary

  11. Here, today, in Quebec,it was in the 40's with cold wind requiring hat, scarf and gloves when walking.
    It was snowing yesterday but I had a break from winter as I am coming back from 2 weeks's vacations.
    No work, no PC, no internet, no schedule but hot weather, sun, beach and books.

    I had kept my Romantic Holiday Package's giveaway for this occasion. My preference went to "A Highlander never surrenders" by Paula Quinn. I found "Bound to please" by Lilli Feisty a little surprising but very well written.

    Anyway, as soon as I have time, I read, in or out depending of the weather.

    Thanks Mason for sharing the pictures. Soon now, it will be our turn.

  12. I can read 24/7/365 but I really like to read in really nasty weather. Lightning. Thunder. Wind gusts. Sheets of pouring rain. Poer outage. Yeah, that's excellent reading and writing weather!

  13. Spring has been a bit slow in coming to Virgia, too, but things are starting to pop: daffodils are out, cherry blossoms are starting to come out, too.

    I can't wait for it to get warm enough so I can sit outside and read!

  14. I'd never heard of the term blackberry winter. I like it!

    We had some chilly weather early in the week, but it's been hot the last couple of days. Too nice not to get some outdoor work done.


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