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Author Heather Boyd On Characters Letting Their Guard Down

It’s my pleasure to welcome ‘new-to-me’ author Heather Boyd as the special guest blogger here today as she tours blogdom with her latest release.

Heather’s release is LOVE ME TENDER and she’s giving an ebook away to one lucky visitor commenting on this blog. Please see the giveaway details at the end of the post.

Heather joins us today to talk about characters letting their guard down and showing a glimpse of what’s to come.

There is nothing quite so wonderful as the sight of Mr. Darcy watching Elizabeth Bennett playing the pianoforte. There is also something unbelievably touching about Mr. Brown at the beginning of Nanny McPhee when Evangeline finds him lying on the bottom step of the staircase. (If you can’t tell – I have a rather large crush on Colin Firth) These moments where the character lets down their guard and show us the viewer how they feel keep these stories in my favorite list. Same happens with fiction. I love those moments for the promise of what’s to come later in the story.

However, I’m here to promote my latest ebook release, not a movie, so this is a short excerpt from chapter two of LOVE ME TENDER.

     Tristan spun toward the rear door, untangling his limbs from Winifred's enticingly lush body as the knock repeated. He glanced about the chamber, but couldn't see anywhere to secret himself except directly behind the door.
     He had no wish to embarrass her or cause a scandal that would ruin her reputation. The auburn-haired beauty's kiss tasted sweeter than any claret, finer than any feast, and wholly unwise for a man committed to a bachelor existence. He'd noted her allure before she'd married, when he'd stolen a kiss from the untouchable debutant under the mistletoe at his mother's winter ball, but he'd managed to stop at just that one kiss. As a widow, she no longer presented a risk to his single existence, and he no longer needed to resist this startling attraction.
     And he wouldn't retreat to another part of the building, leaving her unprotected. There had been far too many so-called gentlemen boasting they would pay her a call, given her father's absence. He couldn't leave her alone to face those kinds of advances.
     He slid behind the door with a nod to Winifred.

     "Who's there?" Winifred asked, hurriedly straightening her attire. The adorable flush of color to her cheeks sent his pulse racing.
     "It's Lord Justin, Mrs. Moore. Might I have a word?"
     Tristan shook his head at Winifred, warning her not to open the door to his brother. He could imagine the beetle-browed clunch, hat in hand, hopeful gleam in his eye. The fool wouldn't usurp Tristan's place in Winifred's presence.

     "I'm sorry, Lord Justin. The book you were looking for hasn't been found yet, but we'll send word to the Hall the moment we make any discovery," Winifred replied without opening the door. She pressed her hand to the wood, and Tristan couldn't help but cover her fingers with his.

Can you remember your favorite movie or book moment where you got your first glimpse of the romance to come? To celebrate the LOVE ME TENDER’S release I’m giving away a digital copy to one lucky visitor who comments on this post between now and 8 p.m. Friday, April 29. Be sure to include your e-mail address with your comment, if it’s not included in your profile.

Heather, thanks for guest blogging today. Getting a glimpse of what’s to come keeps the reader turning just one more page before putting the book down.

Now for a bit of background on Heather. She is an author of erotic historical romance set in regency England. Brimming with new ideas, she frequently wishes she could type as fast as she conjures new storylines. A collector of very old things, Heather lives with her testosterone-fuelled family north of Sydney, Australia. Her published work include: ONE WICKED NIGHT, IN THE WIDOW’S BED, and her April release, LOVE ME TENDER. For more on Heather and her writing, stop by her website at She also enjoys hearing from readers. You can send an email to and find her on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

Noble Romance released LOVE ME TENDER on April 11, 2011 in multiple digital formats. To view an excerpt or purchase the book, check out Heather’s website or Noble Romance [].

Be sure to share your favorite movie or book moment or just stop in to say hello and be entered in the e-book giveaway for LOVE ME TENDER.


  1. Heather, thanks again for guest blogging. Characters who let their guard down do seem more realistic. Wishing you much success with your writing.

  2. Heather, what a lovely cover for your book.

    Enjoyed the excerpt. Made me wonder about the rest of the story.

    Wishing you success with this one!

  3. Thanks for having me on your blog Marissa.

    Sia - Thank you. I'm very lucky my publisher allowed me to do my own cover this time.

  4. ooh, an erotic romance, sounds spicy :) and Heather seems super charming ;)

  5. Mason - Thanks for hosting Heather. But I have to admit the title LOVE ME TENDER will always bring up memories of my favorite Elvis song.

  6. Hello Dezmond - and how to make an authors early morning brighter. Thanks.

    Linda - actually I should confess that when I was working out content for my little blog tour I used Elvis songs for inspiration to keep the posts varied.

    Hello Carol - I hope your Friday was as good as mine.

  7. Great post! I also love moments where we can get a glimpse into how the characters actually feel, especially in romance since it shows the emotional connection :)


  8. The excerpt sounds enticing! I'd love to read the whole book!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com


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