Saturday, April 16, 2011

Care To Finish The Sentence?

Do you enjoy quick and easy challenges that take your mind off what you’re doing for a bit?

I’m starting to enjoy these exercises more and more. They get your imagination working and sometimes that can even help with what you were doing prior to the challenge.

Here’s a brief practice for today. Finish the last sentence in the following paragraph. You can even add more, if you wish. Make it a mystery, a romance, a sci-fi or any genre you’d like.

Stella reached for the wooden box and saw that her right hand was shaking. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she touched the tiny jewels embedded on top. Holding her breath, she slowly raised the lid. It was good that the box still rested on the table otherwise Stella would have surely dropped it when she saw …………….....

Okay, what did Stella see? Was it good/bad, shocking/delightful, scary/funny, or something totally out of this world?

One reason I enjoy these type challenges is that we all see such diverse elements from the same sentences.

Sorry for the short and crazy post today but I put this together quickly last night as we once again had severe thunderstorms headed our way. I wasn’t sure we’d have power or not. Last week we lost power twice during the storms. I just wanted to get something scheduled before hand. Hope you enjoy it and find it fun.

So give a go at the sentence and see what your imagination comes up with. As for my take. It was good that the box still rested on the table otherwise Stella would have surely dropped it when she saw a note had replaced the last piece of German Chocolate Cake. In bold letters, the note warned .. NO CHEATING ON YOUR DIET!!

Do you enjoy exercises like this? Do you like seeing what others come up with that didn’t even cross your mind?


  1. Feeling optimistic, but I'm thinking Stella sees her novel, finished and bound with her name on the front... only, she hasn't finished writing the first draft yet. Instead, she copies this novel and submits it and yes, it is published. Now Stella goes to the box for her next novel each time - but who puts them in? Is it future Stella, or something more sinister?
    Thanks, I needed that quick exercise, to focus on writing rather than blogging :)
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  2. ...the severed finger. mwahahahaha

  3. She sees a pile of small white bones, and a folded, yellowed sheet of paper, which may hold the answer she has been seeking.

  4. Charmaine, cute story. Hope the exercise helped. Good luck with your writing today.

    Niki, now Stella has to find out who the finger belongs to. :)

    KH, neat story too. This leads to what are the bones and what is she seeking.

    I love the variety y'all have come up with. That makes it fun. Thanks for playing along.

  5. ...that the pearl earrings Marc had given her for her birthday were gone. So that was the noise she had heard when she'd pulled into her driveway! Someone had broken into her house. Just then, Stella was alerted again by the sound of a creaking floorboard upstairs...

  6. the diamond ring. How did it get there? She had left it in the safe deposit box only yesterday. Only one person has the key and they wouldn't give it to him, would they? She slumps down on the chair, perplexed. What is happening to me? Am I being forgetful? Shakes her head from side to side.

  7. Hi Mason, truly,I don't enjoy exercises like this because I feel pressure and I don't write well under pressure. Forgive me for skipping the exercise and just saying hi to you. have a great weekend.

  8. ... the bunny rabbit winking at her.

    Ehm, I have written 2,000 words today and these were what I had left over :)

  9. a black hole swirling pulling her closer.

  10. I'm late to the game in stopping by here, so I'll join Karen in sending out my weekend greetings! Hope the storms weren't too severe ...

  11. Margot, nice story. A little romance and suspense together.

    Dru, well done. Another interesting twist to Stella's find.

    Karen, no pressure and no worries. Always glad to have you stop in. Hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

    Dorte, like your left over words. Nice take on the story.

    Holly, intriguing plot. Now where will that black hole take her and will it bring her back?

    Joanne, never too late to stop in. Hope you have a great weekend as well. The storms for us weren't bad. The southeastern side of the county got a good bit of wind damage but thankfully no one was hurt.

  12. She saw, an invitation to the Royal wedding in the United Kingdom. After declaring all royals should be beheaded, she wondered if there was another reason for her invitation.


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