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Author Lisa Dale On Falling In Love Starry-Eyed Or Jaded

It’s my pleasure to welcome the charming and ‘new-to-me’ author, Lisa Dale, as the special guest blogger today at Thoughts in Progress as she makes a stop on her virtual book tour.

Lisa’s latest romantic release is SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER. Doesn’t the cover make you think of summer fun? Here’s a brief synopsis of the book: Fifteen years ago, Garret Sorensen's family, trust, and heart were destroyed when Thea Celik betrayed him and married his brother. Now they are divorcing. Garret's ready to finally mend his relationship with his brother. But being back in Newport, Rhode Island, triggers a lot of memories-all leading back to Thea.

Thea's not ready to let go of the Sorensens-even if it means being around Garret. As they cautiously circle around each other-finding themselves drawn together-they realize following their hearts could cast them adrift.

Lisa was kind enough to answer some questions about her book and her writing for me.

Mason - The age old question, how did the idea for SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER come about?
Lisa - It’s “age-old” because it’s a good one! SLOW DANCING was born when I was working as a barista in a little local coffee shop. Not only was the atmosphere wonderful—quirky baristas, friendly customers who know me by name, fascinating conversations—but “coffee” in and of itself has many stories to tell. That cup of joe that so many of us take for granted holds amazing secrets.
I’m a total nerd when it comes to research—and researching the history of coffee blew my mind. That’s why each chapter of SLOW DANCING starts with a bit of coffee lore.
As for the story of Thea and Garret—I really wanted to explore the differences between what it means to fall in love when you’re young for the very first time, and what it means to fall in love as an adult. With Thea and Garret, it’s like two love stories in one: their first love story when they were starry-eyed teens, and their second—when they are much more guarded, even jaded adults.
The parallels and contradictions are so intricate—a writer’s dream.
Mason - What was the most fun about writing this book and what was the worst thing?

Lisa - Ooh! Interesting question. The most fun was the
research—as I’m sure you’ve guessed. The worst thing? Hmm. Writing the proposal for this book when it was just a glimmer of an idea in my mind. I invited some friends over and we sat around and hashed out this one particular plot point for hours—which ultimately ended up being what I’d thought it would be in the first place. It’s good to have friends—at least, the kind who can be bribed with pizza and beer!
Mason - Do you have a favorite place to write or a favorite time?

Lisa - I write best at mid-morning. And, to tell the truth, I do most of my writing in bed. J I have a perfectly good desk to work at—but it feels congested by tasks I have to do that are not writing. You know—work. When I write in bed, I can kick back and let my imagination lead me with no pesky thoughts of the actual work that needs to be done.
Mason - What message would you like readers to take away from your book or is it just for pure enjoyment?
Lisa - Well—on some level, all my books are about pure enjoyment. But I always hope there’s a takeaway too. Aside from the fact that readers’ will have a slew of new coffee trivia to show off at cocktail parties, there is an emotional component. The best letters I get from readers say, “This book taught me something about myself.” But I would never sit down and write a book in order to teach someone a lesson: instead, the “lessons” are born in readers’ hearts because of something they read in my words.
Mason - What can readers expect next from you?

Lisa - I have another book coming out in January called THE PROMISE OF SAFEKEEPING. It’s about three people: a lawyer, the (innocent) ex-con she accidentally sent to prison, and the ex-con’s best friend. It’s set in Richmond, Virginia—in part because the city is fascinating, and in part because I have a girlfriend who lives there and so visiting her is a tax write-off!

Readers can friend me on Facebook page at ( to stay posted on my schedule! I also host contests and giveaways there!
Lisa, thanks so much for guest blogging today. First off, any book with coffee trivia gets my attention and then add in a great storyline and I’m sold on it.

Here’s a bit about Lisa. She writes romantic stories for the head and heart. Her third novel SLOW DANCING ON PRICE’S PIER was released on April 5. Stop by Lisa's blog at Leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win in one of her giveaways! Or hang out with her on Facebook:

Do you read books for pure enjoyment or do you look for a hidden message or meaning?


  1. I love the cover! Reminds me of slipping off jandals, running on scorching sand and the relief of cold seawater.

  2. Without knowing anything about the story the title and the cover would grab me.
    With this interview it's on the short list.

  3. Hi Mason and Lisa .. sounds a good read .. and I especially like the coffee lore snippets at the beginning of each chapter .. and Mason as you say the cover certainly draws me back to the good old days of youth ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Lisa, thanks again for guest blogging. I enjoyed learning about the background for this book. Being a barista is hard work, but sounds fun. Wishing you much success with your writing.

    Niki, the book cover does make you want to take a plunge doesn't it?

    Mary, the story does sound intriguing. Hope you enjoy it.

    Hilary, I agree about the coffee lore snippets.

  5. Mason - Thanks for hosting Lisa!

    Lisa - Homecomings always make for such interesting contexts for novels. So much of the past comes up and it affects what we do. This sounds like an interesting premise, and I wish you much success.

  6. I like message and meaning. Lisa seems adorable :) Wink, Wink :))

  7. There's a lot I like about this book ... the cover, the coffee lore, and the storyline premise too. It seems like a book with lots of layers to it, which I enjoy. This one's going on my to-read list ...

  8. Both. I read for fun but there needs to be something there underneath the layer of words. Simply telling a story isn;t enough. I prefer e message of ome type interwoven in the fabric of the plot and character development.

  9. Not being a coffee drinker there was no hook there for me but I have to admit the cover caught me and the story pulled me the rest of the way in. Another for my TBR list.

  10. Bribing friends and test readers with beer and pizza works for me! Great interview.

  11. Thanks so much for this interview, Mason! I had a great time!!

  12. I read for pure enjoyment but there must be something catching my interest. This cover is fantastic, evocative and the story line interesting. I'll put it on my list.


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