Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Here in the U.S. the first Monday in September is observed as Labor Day and Americans tend to celebrate with cookouts and parades.

My celebration today will be taking a semi-day away from blogging. I hope to visit all the blogs on my Google reader, but I just don't have anything to blog about here. With that in mind I'd like to share a little artwork to get everyone in the holiday mood followed by a lineup of authors visiting this week.

Donna M. McDine, author of THE GOLDEN PATHWAY, will be guest blogging here tomorrow. She'll be talking about where one begins when creating a media kit.

Helen Brown, author of CLEO, THE CAT WHO MENDED A FAMILY, will be the guest blogger on Wednesday. She will be talking about what inspired her to write CLEO, your writing schedule and what's next for her.

Hannah Reed, author of BUZZ OFF, will be guest blogging here on Thursday. She'll be talking about a mystery with a motive and she has a book trailer of BUZZ OFF to share (it's so neat).

Jeannie Lin, author of THE TAMING OF MEI-LIN, will be the guest blogger on Friday. She will be talking about the family in THE TAMING OF MEI-LIN, as well as her writing.

I plan to have at least one or two book reviews for you on Saturday. So it looks like a full week of interesting authors blogging. Be sure to stop back by and chat with the various authors visiting.

I hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY LABOR DAY and for those not celebrating the holiday, I hope you have a safe and fun day too.


  1. Happy Labor Day! I remember last year (when I was in the US) I didn't do anything special for the occasion (other than observe some of the Labor Day sales), but I think it's nice that people take the time to enjoy cookouts or other celebrations. Last day of summer, isn't it?

  2. Ah, so that's why you guys are having a three day weekend. Enjoy! ☺

  3. Happy Labor Day! Not celebrating here, really. We used to do a picnic, but it seems the parks are overflowing if the weather is half decent, which kinda takes the fun out of it!

  4. Happy Labor Day and I look forward to the authors visiting this week.

  5. Mason - Thanks for the good wishes, and I wish you and your family a Happy Labor Day, too. I look forward to those guest bloggers and reviews, too!

  6. Enjoy your semi-blogging day!! Good luck passing along through google reader!

    Love the picture! Woohoo Happy Labor Day! I'm spending the day catching up on blogs :)

  7. Happy Labour Day, Mason. Have a great time.

  8. Cruella, there is always a lot of shopping going on during Labor Day. Autumn begins Sept. 23, but most consider Labor Day the end of summer because it's the last official holiday until Thanksgiving.

    Glynis, we do tend to love our 3-day weekends in the US. Always trying to find time to rest and never do. LOL

    Vicki, not celebrating here either. You're right most of the parks and such have gotten overcrowded.

    Dru, happy Labor Day to you too.

    Margot, hope you and your family enjoy a relaxing Labor Day.

    Jen, I'm with you just trying to catch up on some blog reading. Now that's relaxing. Have a great day.

    Lou, hope you have a wonderful Labor Day too.

    Rayna, hope you have a wonderful day too.

  9. Happy Labour Day! Hope you're enjoying chilling out and relaxing, Mason!

  10. I vote to have three day weekends every week and...and four day weekends for the holidays. Whoa that would make me happy!

    Have a great day.


  11. Good for you, and enjoy your Labor Day!

  12. Have a great Labor Day!

    What a wonderful line up of guest bloggers. And apparently Helen Brown has figured out how to be two places at once ;) - I'll be interviewing her on my blog on Wednesday!

  13. It's Labour Day - with a u :) - here in Canada too. We've got lots of rain going on today but we're still firing up the bbq! Hope your day is filled with fun!

  14. Happy Labor Day, Mason. We were to have a BBQ, but Hermine is moving ashore from the Gulf and already we have sprinkles. Everyone inside!

  15. Happy Labor Day, Mason. Enjoy your day.

  16. Happy Labor Day! I'll be gone most of today, so I'm trying to visit everyone this morning before I depart.

  17. Look at your picture, all sparkly!

    Great line-up of guests you have coming this week.

    I hope you enjoy your semi-day off.

  18. Liked the picture. Sounds like an interesting week of blogging - I'm looking forward to it.

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Happy labor day!

    I just had an ordinary labour Monday - not fun :(

  20. Happy Labor Day!!!

    I hope you enjoy your semi day off. :-D

    We are having an incredibly lazy day today.

  21. Happy Labor Day. Love the festive picture.

  22. What a fun picture!! So cool. Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day as well!


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