Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Hypnotist by M.J. Rose

If you’ve ever wondered about living a past life or if you enjoy a suspense thriller, then THE HYPNOTIST is for you.

Lucian Glass was an aspiring artist when his girlfriend was brutally murdered in his father’s framing shop. Even though he was attacked and died briefly from his injuries, Lucian feels guilty. Some 20 years later Lucian is a criminal art investigator for the FBI’s Arts Crime Team having given up his desire to be an artist.

The current case involves the 8-foot-tall statue of the Greek god Hypnos, god of sleep, housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Iran wants the statue back saying it was stolen from their country over 100 years ago by a French archaeologist.

The Greek government also wants the statue returned saying it is of Greek origin and is a national treasure. In addition, hypnotist Malachai Samuels wants the statue too. He believes it’s part of the ‘Memory tools’ which will allow users to see clearly all of their past lives proof of reincarnation.

The Met had received the chryselephantine sculpture when an American collector died and left it to the museum, along with the rest of his collection.

Lucian is brought into the case when The Met receives a destroyed Matisse painting and threats of more unless the statue is surrendered. Lucian realizes the painting is one that was stolen from his father’s shop when his girlfriend was killed.

Author M.J. Rose weaves thrills, terrorism, smuggling, suspense, twists and turns into this tale of past and present colliding. It will make one wonder if past lives effect the present. It will also bring into question, who really owns the art treasures of the world.

This is the third installment in the Reincarnationist series, but it is a stand alone book.

M.J. Rose’s website is

The Hypnotist by M.J. Rose, The Reincarnationist Book 3, Mira, @2010, ISBN: 978-0778326755, Hardcover, 416 pages

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.


In another note I want to take a moment to make mention that author Kate Collins’ husband passed away yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 29) from a heart attack. The coming days were to be happy times for her as her latest installment in the Flower Shop Mysteries, DIRTY ROTTEN TENDRILS, is schedule to be released Oct. 5. Please keep Kate and her family in your thoughts and prayers. This is a last minute add. Jennifer at Cozy Chicks has a post about Kate and if readers would like to send cards. Check out Jennifer's post for more information.


  1. The fact I'm smack dab in the middle of researching the FBI's Art Crime Team is just one of the reasons this jumped to the top of my tbr list. Thanks, Mason.

  2. Great review, The Hypnotist sounds intriguing.

    Poor Kate. What a sad thing. I will be praying.


  3. My condolences to Kate.

    Thanks for the tip - I do enjoy a good thriller.

  4. Mason - Thanks very much for this review.

    And my thoughts and condolences go out to Kate and her family. What terrible news! I wish her well.

  5. VR, now that is interesting. Good luck with your research. I image it's quite intriguing.

    Linda, thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the book.

    Teresa, Ladyfi and Margot, the book is intriguing and I hope you enjoy it. My heart goes out to Kate too. I've added a link at Cozy Chick's blog where Jennifer has an address for anyone wanting to send a card to Kate.

  6. The art world makes for such an intriguing subject in thrillers, or any fiction story. People are so passionate about art, and obviously go to great lengths in the name of it.

  7. Art, mystery, murder? I'm so there! Thank you for this review, Mason. I wouldn't have found this book on my own...and it's heading to my TBR list right now!

    As to Kate Collins and her husband, thank you for passing on the news. I will head over there to extend my sympathies. I cannot imagine getting through life without the person who supports me most--who for me is my husband. I hope the latest release gives her some buoyancy.

    In other news, I have an award for you at my blog! It's a special one that pays tribute to the good, important work you do here. Come by!


  8. Great review, Mason! This book sounds really intriguing...I'm going to put it on my TBR list. I've been in the mood for some suspense.

    I feel so terrible for Kate--what an awful shock she had. Thanks for connecting all your readers to a way to send our sympathy.

  9. Hi all, thanks for stopping by today. Sorry, I've had to be away most of the day.

    Michele, you're so sweet. I'm popping over now to see what you've done. :)

  10. Mason,

    I read this book for my Blog Talk Radio show this year. I thought it was great the way she blended multiple past lives together into the characters making one character essentially play three roles in the story.

    Great review.



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