Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Review and a Thanks

I have a review today in another genre I don’t normally read. Then I have a thanks to share from a author who guest blogged here recently.

Today I’m reviewing an audio book that could be listed in several genres such as self-help, motivation, empowerment, and even autobiography to an extent.

PUT ON YOUR CROWN by Queen Latifah

Normally when it comes to celebrity books I don’t put much stock in them. For the most part they seem to be written by someone else and the celebrity’s name is added just to sell the book. There are some exceptions to this.

Listening to an excerpt from this book I decided this might be one of those exceptions. And it is. The book is only four hours long on four discs and is read by Queen Latifah herself.

The story is not necessarily geared toward any certain age group, sex or race even though Queen Latifah does point out some statics for young, black females.

The story covers a vast array of areas. These include being happy with your body the way it is, learning to not overwhelm yourself and say no to request from others, and standing for what you believe in even if it’s not what the cool crowd is doing. Queen Latifah’s bits of advise can be used in everyone daily life. She stresses you have to believe in yourself first.

The story is inspiring and moving, while also being funny (especially with Queen Latifah doing the reading). She talks about her triumphs and failures, her happiness, and her sadness at the loss of her brother, Winkie.

I would especially recommend this for teenagers and young adults (both male and female). But by the same token, older adults can be inspired by this as well.

Put On Your Crown: Life-Changing Moments on the Path to Queendom by Queen Latifah, Read by Queen Latifah, Hachette Audio, @2010, ISBN: 978-1-60788-196-4, Unabridged 4 Discs, 4 Hours

FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Now I have a special thanks to pass along from author Alison Strobel Morrow, who guest blogged here on Sunday, June 20, about her book, THE WEIGHT OF SHADOWS.

Hey there! I just wanted to say thanks to my fine blog hostess and to her readers. I have been really excited to see how many people are thinking of picking up the book because of the reviews they read during the blog tour. And thank you to everyone who entered the contest! I'll be drawing a winner on July 18 and posting it on my blog. If you haven't stopped by my blog or website yet, I hope you'll pop over sometime and say hi in the comments or on the guest book. Also, if you're interested in hearing about my next releases and any other exciting news that happens to come up, please sign up to receive my announcements--the sign-up is on my website. I have another novel coming out in September, two more next year, and two children's books that my husband and I wrote (the first of which comes out August 1), so there will be plenty of news coming, and I try to host contests now and then on my blog, too.  

Thanks again! And if you do decide to pick up The Weight of Shadows and give it a read, please come tell me what you thought of it. I mean it. :)

I’d also like to pass along a ‘thank you’ to all who stop by whether you comment or not, I do appreciate you each and every one. I may not always remember to tell you, but it means a lot to me.

Please join me tomorrow when author P.Q. Glisson stops by to talk about her book, HER SANCTUARY, and her writing. Till then, enjoy a book.


  1. I like Queen Latifah. I think she's come such a long way from her rapper days. I can't remember seeing her in a role I didn't like. I don't read celebrity books...but you've intrigued me.

  2. Mason, I've been wanting to read this. Queen Latifah always seemed to have her head screwed on right, despite her popularity. I love her as an actress. It's on my list, lol!

    What a nice note from Alison! I always treasure those notes. :-)

    Keep up the good work sweetie!

  3. Hi Mason .. the Queen Latifah excerpt was really interesting ..so sometime I shall listen to the rest! Certainly intriguing .. and interesting her thoughts on the opportunities out there ..

    Always excellent to have thank yous - an important aspect of life we so often forget ...

    Enjoy the week .. Hilary

  4. I am a huge fan of Queen Latifah so I think I might just have to pick this book up, I didn't know that she did something of the sort. It sounds really interesting and I think I would really enjoy this!

    Thanks for doing a special book review!

  5. Vicki, I don't usually like celebrity books either. This one, however, is good. Queen Latifah has come a long way.

    Sia, in this book you can tell Queen Latifah definitely has her head in the right place now. It was sweet of Alison to send the note.

    Hilary, this book does encourage people to see all types of opportunities available to them. The excerpt was what hooked me on the book. Have a great week.

    Jen, this book is a little different for Queen Latifah but once you start reading (or listening) you'll see she puts a lot of herself into it.

  6. Queen Latifah's book sounds like it has something inspiring for everyone, some bit of wisdom to live well. And what a nice thank-you note you received. Good manners never go out of style.

  7. Sounds very interesting and I do admire Queen Latifah. I have felt the same way about celebrity authors, but this one seems as though she will continue going against the norm (I view this as a good thing). :)

    Congratulations on the wonderful thank you note, too.

  8. This sounds like a very inspiring book, Mason, despite being written by a celebrity. Thanks for sharing it with us. I admire Queen Latifah for accepting herself just as she is and showing me beauty is not necessarily what the media tries to tell us it is.

  9. Mason - Thanks for this review. Like you, I usually set little store by "celebrity books." Most of the time, they're either ghost-written or don't provide much "food for thought." But this one does sound like it sends a powerful and positive message. And that, to me, is a good thing. It certainly doesn't sound like one of those, "Look how great I am and what I achieved" kinds of memoirs.

  10. Queen Latifah seems like a pretty 'normal' person for a celebrity - and that is a huge compliment :)

  11. I'm a BIG Queen Latifa fan, so this is a nice pointer - thanks!

  12. Mason, thanks for sharing this book. Every now and then it's good to read something warm and wonderfully inspirational. Sounds like she has a good message.


  13. I like Queen Latifah, too. She seems like such a symbol to show young people you *can* make it. Thanks for sharing your review!

  14. I stay away from celebrity books, too. But I like Queen Latifa! Anyone who can change their life dramatically and be sucessful in multiple fields, while breaking the boundaries, is a heroine in my book.

    Thanks for the review!


  15. Joanne, the book is full of bits of wisdom for all ages. You're right, good manners never go out of style.

    Kimberly, she tells how she made some mistakes and learned from those and continues to try and improve.

    Karen, being proud of your size is one thing she really stresses. I think she will have a positive impact on some.

    Margot, she talks about her wealthy some but she focuses on her family, friends and life. The book does have a positive outlook and is inspiring.

    Jemi, the more I listened to the book the more I realized she sees herself as a regular person too. She sees herself as Dana Owens more than Queen Latifa.

    Marvin, good to know another Queen fan. I've enjoyed all her movies.

    Nancy, she does have a good message. What I liked is that it's something everyone can relate to.

    Talli, you're so right. She stresses if she can make it, so can anyone that believes in themselves.

    Michele, I'll have to say I've always liked her but after listening to her book, I admire her now.

  16. Sounds like a great audio book! I am not normally a 'self help' reader, but I like Queen Latifah, and her advice sounds just Tarty enough to be my kind of thing. (My 15 year old daughter might like it too--that age definitely needs that advice)

  17. Interesting! I'm always up for a good audio book (especially when I need to travel) and this one sounds like it's a good one. Thanks!

  18. Mason... glad you made the diversion into another genre. That audio book sounds inspiring. Thanks for the review of it.

    Have a great day.

  19. Hart, your 15-year-old should like this because of Queen Latifah's style of talking. She never talks down to anyone in the audio. She does have good advice for both young and older alike.

    Elizabeth, this is a good book for travel. It's also very motivating.

    Lou, I've found myself diverting into all type of genres lately. I really do have some cozy murder mysteries that I'll be reviewing soon too. LOL

  20. She was great with Steve Martin. The dating picture with the drop dead gorgeous white girl in the forefront and her being handcuffed and arrested in the background was classic.

    Stephen Tremp

  21. I love audio books, as they allow me to "read" while attending chores etc. This one sounds good. Different, I admit, from my normal fare.


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