Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Bloggers, Lisa & Claire Hultin

Today I’d like to welcome the mother and daughter writing team of Lisa and Claire Hultin as special guest bloggers at Thoughts in Progress.

This pair is also online dating experts who recently released LOVE, SEX & DECEPTION: THE CHRONICLES OF ONLINE DATING. This book offers a bird’s-eye view of what daters most likely will encounter when they take the plunge into online dating. The book exposes “the real” cyber scene using the authors’ own unique and hilarious stories from their experiences dating online. Reality is the best education as seen in the many anecdotal stories from singles across the country.

LOVE, SEX & DECEPTION reveals the positive strategies daters can use to find true love and avoid deception and outrageous incidents. Claire and Lisa share the do’s and don’ts of online dating as well as tips, tricks and witty advice for those dipping their toes in the online dating pool. Get ready for unforgettable dates, like the man who dressed as Elvis when it wasn’t Halloween or the man who divulged he was divorced but failed to mention that he had since remarried. Learn how to become a savvy shopper of the online menu while making your most important investment---your affection, trust and time!

I asked the duo who used the online dating service first and did they recommend it to the other.

Lisa: I have been divorced for seven years dating online off and on. My daughter decided to join the online dating as a way to meet a new set of people outside of the college graduates and her circle of

friends. She recently moved to Los Angeles where she did not know anyone and online dating and networking has been a great source to meet a lot of people.
We decided to embark on a fun project of writing a trendy and educational book of "how to" and high comedy of anecdotal stories from men and women across the country.

It has been a wonderful bonding experience combining each of our talents and creativity to deliver a book for singles to know they are not alone. Almost everyone can relate to one of these stories in the book. We have compared our notes on "internet frogs" and actually survived! Reality is the best education as seen in the humorous stories of singles who expose the "real " cyber scene.

This book teaches how to be a savvy shopper online with strategies to protect your most important investment---your affection, trust and time! We started out with a website as a way to reach out to singles who would like to share their experiences. Now after our book has been published we have a new site moving forward with our blog and a line of products that appeal to the ladies.

Lisa, thanks so much for blogging here today. This is an interesting topic as we move more and more into the technology age I guess online dating is becoming the way to go. BTW, Lisa is a Georgia author, residing in Atlanta.


  1. Mason - Thanks for hosting Lisa and Claire.

    Lisa and Claire - Today's dating world is definitely not what it was, and it's probably very helpful for people to get a real look at the internet world of dating and relationships from people who've "been there."

  2. I imagine online dating can be rather scary.

  3. Very interesting idea of a mother-daughter online dating team. I'd read it just to find out how they screened the guys before meeting in person.

  4. Really interesting - having the mother/daughter combo would invite interesting perspectives :)

  5. Lisa and Claire, thanks for sharing this information with us. I can't image dating online.

    Hi all, hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to work so it will be late before I can pop back in again. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. What an interesting thing to do together, how wonderful! I'm sure there's a need for a book like this too, the online world can be pretty big.

  7. This is intriguing because of the mother/daughter angle, but I hope I never ever have need of this. I'll keep it in mind for any friends that might, though.

  8. Though I haven’t had to dip back into the dating world for many years, this sounds like a fun book to read. I’ll also keep it in mind as a gift to single friends.

  9. Since I write mystery/suspense, my mind races off on strange scenarios when I think of online dating. Good luck, ladies!

  10. Thanks for hosting this great guest post!

  11. The cover of this book is fantastic. Its so bright and definitely catches your attention. I know online dating is pretty big now but I'm glad I never had to try it.

  12. This book sounds like it would be helpful to a lot of people. Thankfully I don't need it.

  13. Thank you for posting an interview with my daughter and I on our new book "Love,Sex and Deception: The Chronicles of Online Dating"

    I hope many of you enjoy the many laugh- out- loud stories. Please visit our new blog post We would love to hear your comments---good bad or even ugly! lol


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