Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today I’m rambling still trying to get organized, but at least moving in the right direction (or was that the left direction, oh well).
The artwork (I borrowed from Romance Author, Terry Spear's blog) depicts how I feel at times trying to get organized, so I’ve decided that being scatterbrained and befuddled isn’t all that bad. It seems to be a permanent state of being for me anyway. And, it does tend to make life interesting.

I have a couple of items I want to take care of and then I have a question/favor to ask of you. First I want to thank Maryann at It's Not All Gravy for presenting me with the You Are

My Sunshine Supportive Commenter Award. Maryann has a beautiful blog and if you haven’t visited, please be sure to do so. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks so much Maryann.

I’d like to pass this along to all who visit and comment here. Without you I’d just be writing to myself. Thanks for taking time to stop by.

Next I have some winners to announce. Drum roll, please. Congratulations goes to: Yvonne B. of Alabama, Armenia F. of Texas, Ann of Cozy in Texas, Christine H. of Missouri and Sigrun S. of Canada for winning a copy of Cara Elliott’s latest release, TO SURRENDER TO A ROGUE (ISBN:9780446541312).

Now for my question/favor. Has anyone heard of or is anyone using Calibre to keep track of your books? I find a post about Calibre on the Dear Author blog and it talked about how you can not only keep up with your e-books (which it is designed for), but also your print books.

I don’t have a Kindle or Nook, but I have several e-books in PDF form on my computer that I’m reading for reviews. I don’t have so many that it is hard to keep up with. However, when it comes to print books - now that is a completely different story.

I downloaded the Calibre program from the Dear Author link, but I haven’t installed it yet. I was hoping to find someone that has used it to see if it really works. Years ago I found a program to help keep track of print books, but it only accepted so many entries and once you got to that you had to purchase a full version. When I reached that point I tried to purchase the full version but the link and e-mail noted in the program no longer worked.

I realize to input all the information about each book into a program will take time. But, in the long run I think it will help (if the program works right) to know exactly what books I have so that I don’t purchase a duplicate copy (like I have done several times).

With this blog I am reading more books each month than I use to. I don’t have a listing of the books that I’ve read or what date I finished them. I wish I had. I’ll have to go back and do some checking to see if I can get close to the date I finished the books.

I really started thinking about it this week having received several packages of books to review in the coming weeks. It would also help me keep the books in order of what needs to be read when. I have a number of great books from authors that I’m also working in between the reviews I’ve promised.

There are just so many great books to read and so little time. I feel like a kid at Christmas when the books come in and I open the packages. I want to read that book right then and I feel that way about everyone I receive.

Thinking about all the books I had a difficult decision to make this week.

I was thrilled and delighted to find out that I had won an Amazon gift card giveaway from Dorte at DJS KRIMIBLOG. I started browsing Amazon to pick a book and realized I couldn’t. There are way too many wonderful books from great authors I’ve meet in blogdom to select from. So I decided on my second choice - classic movies.

I found a DVD of an old classic that I always enjoy watching every chance I get. It’s not played that often anymore and compared to the new sci-fi thrilled it probably pales in comparison but in its day…. I’m eagerly waiting the arrival of THEM. Anyone know this movie?

Thanks Dorte. I’ll enjoy watching this classic and know it came from a new friend far, far away  in Denmark. If you haven’t visited Dorte’s blog, be sure to do so. She’s expanding into cozy mysteries from American authors.

Well, I’ve rambled on for enough today. Thanks for stopping by and visiting for awhile. Tomorrow author Jackie Lee Miles will drop by to talk about her latest release ROSEFLOWER CREEK. Remember if you smile, you’ll make people wonder what you’re up to. :) :)


  1. I can imagine that with the number of books you're reading, it's important to keep them all straight! I was wondering how book bloggers do it--the programs you mentioned sound interesting.

    I think I've seen bits of "Them" on the SF channel! I remember hearing it's a cult classic...sounds like fun!

  2. You might try GoodReads or LibraryThing to organize your books. GoodReads is free, but LT charges after you enter a certain number of books.

    Congratulations on your award!

  3. Mason - Congratulations on your well-deserved award! That's terrific!

    I'm sorry that I haven't tried Calibre, so I'm not sure how it works or whether it's easy and efficient. I'm sure, though, that with as many books as you read, and review, you do need something to help you organize them.

    Enjoy your DVD : ). Maybe you'll even review it for us : ).

  4. Congrats on your awards.

    I've seen THEM and I love all those sci-fi movies done in the past. You will enjoy them.

    I keep a list of the books I read on an Excel spreadsheet that I created. Since using it, I no longer buy the same book twice.

  5. I like this-- "Without you I’d just be writing to myself. Thanks for taking time to stop by."

    I haven't heard about that computer program. And it sounds like it would be beyond my skills. That's why I like Goodreads, it's so easy put in my latest read.

  6. Elizabeth, I guess "Them" does fall under a cult classic. It's a little out there, but still good.

    Kathy, I always try to remember to add my reviews to Goodreads and Library Thing. They are helpful.

    Margot, thanks for the kind words. Never thought about reviewing a DVD, interesting.....

    Dru, I am totally amazed at the number of books you read. I can see where you would have to have something to help keep track of what you read.

    KarenG, I like Goodreads and it is helpful. I guess I'm also looking for something that would be just on my computer not really out in blogdom.

  7. Don't know anything about Calibre, but I do know how you're feeling about getting organized. I'm trying to get everything back on my computer after a hard drive crash. This morning I finally just gave up on getting Tweetdeck back on.

  8. I keep a written journal of the books I've read, noting passages I like, a synopsis of the story, and a rating, that sort of thing. It's amazing how often I refer to it. But I don't have any experience with Calibre. With the amount of reading you do, I can understand how you might need an effective software program to keep track of it all!

  9. You want to create a database of your books? I'd call that organized!

  10. So get this: I just got a program called Collectorz which is designed to database all your books. My caveat is, I JUST got it and must still install and try out. But when I read this, I had to share! Apparently, you take the little scanner (which you can wear around your neck) and scan the sku of every book -- and it will do the work for you! Indexing for author, book type, year, etc.

    I will set it up by this weekend and I'll let you know if it works. If I forget, feel free to tweak me...


  11. I don't keep track of books I've read. It would drive me batty if I forgot and probably just add more stress :) I haven't joined any of the reading sites yet either - I don't have ANY extra time at the moment. One of these days... :)

  12. Sorry I haven't used that program. I need a way to keep track of what I read since I have the worst memory in the world.

    Congrats on the award. You have a great and beautiful blog - one of my very favorites, my friend.

  13. Congrats on your blog award... How very special and well deserved!!

    I don't keep track of my books or have a website that organizes them. I don't have enough to do anything with. I'd like that to change but it's a one at a time sort of deal!

    I hope you get more organized and enjoy the day!!! Can't wait until tomorrow!

  14. I haven’t heard of Calibre either.
    THEM is a classic sci-fi flick.

  15. Haven't heard of Calibre either, but agree that getting organized is always a good think. Enjoy the fruits!

  16. Please keep us posted on how Calibre works out for you. Cheers~

  17. Mason:

    Love the picture at the top. Don't I feel like that in the mornings?

    Anyway, congrats on your award. You are sunshine to the Internet, so that award is very appropriate.

    Haven't heard of Calibre. I've just started using Goodreads,but haven't done enough with it to say that I'd recommend it. When I get going with it, I'll get back to you on that.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!!

  18. Thanks everyone for dropping by. Running late tonight checking back in.

    Barbara, looking forward to hearing how your new program works. Sounds like it might be a lot quicker than the one I found.

    Jen, in time you'll have more books than you know what to do with and if you're like me, still want more. LOL

    I'm hoping to try the Calibre program this weekend. I'll report back on how it does. Thanks again for stopping by.

  19. I've never heard of the Calibre program - sorry.

  20. I definitely remember THEM -- my dad used to take us to a drive-in movie once in a while and the second show was often scary science-fiction. I hated movies like The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Thing. I'm not sure I could watch any of them again.

    Haven't heard of Calibre, but then I've never been back to add more books to Library Thing either. Whatever happened to that thing we called free time?


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