Friday, July 23, 2010

To Conquer A Highlander by Mary Wine

To travel to a different time and place all one has to do is pick up a copy of Mary Wine’s TO CONQUER A HIGHLANDER.

Laird Randal McBoyd raids McLeren land in an attempt to show the Earl of Atholl that he is on his side in his bid to be King of Scotland. McBoyd assumes Atholl will send more men to help fight off the Highlanders when they retaliated. McBoyd promises his daughter to Atholl’s nephew to seal the bargain.

Shannon McBoyd is awaken and told she is being sent to Atholl’s nephew to wed. Though she knows her place, Shannon questions her father’s actions and feels his rage with a slap to her face.

Meanwhile, Laird Torin McLeren is enroute to confront McBoyd for his actions. When McLeren discovers Shannon enroute to wed, he decides to kidnap her.

That’s when the fun begins despite the warring between the clans.

Shannon is a strong minded, independent woman in an era when women were less than second class citizens. She worked hard, but always felt women should be equal to men.

Torin is a handsome, brave Highlander who protects his people and rules with compassion. He believes in love in a marriage, not just an arrangement to further clans and land holdings.

The back and forth bantering between Torin and Shannon makes for most enjoyable reading. Author Mary Wine’s beautiful descriptions of the countryside and wonderful dialect transport the reader to Scotland.

TO CONQUER THE HIGHLANDER is a historical romance that will take your breath away. Some scene are quite intense and will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.  This is the first in a trilogy of sexy Scottish Highland romances.

Mary Wine’s website is

To Conquer A Highlander by Mary Wine, Sourcebooks Casablanca, @2010, ISBN: 978-1-4022-3737-9, Paperback, 352 pages

FTC Full Disclosure - I requested this book and it was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.


  1. Thanks Mason for sharing your thoughts on this. I don't know that I'm going to check this one out, but it does look like an interesting cover.

  2. I married a Scotsman, so I guess already conquered a highlander. He never looked like that guy on the cover though.

  3. Mason - Thanks, as always for this review : ). I like historical novels that really place the reader in a setting, and it sounds as though this one does.

  4. Don't you love when a book is so intense you can't turn the pages fast enough to know more? Thanks for the review.

  5. You write great reviews, as interesting as a good book.

  6. Cassandra, the interesting cover is one thing that caught my attention about this book. :)

    KarenG, sounds like you have conquered your own highlander. I'd like to know if someone inspired the cover or not.

    Margot, the reader is transported to Scotland though Mary Wine's descriptions in this book. I'd love to hear it read with the Scottish accent.

    Joanne, those are the best kind of books. You want to know more before you put it down and before you know it, you're at the end.

    Teresa, thanks for the kind words.

  7. although the tittle of the book seems kinda cheesy, I must admit that book cover is pretty much breathtaking :))

  8. I like Shannon. I'm drawn to independent and strong women characters.

  9. What a cover... and I'm with Helen and Shannon I do love an independent strong woman, nothing better!

  10. I stop by just to ogle the half naked men on the covers you post! Thank you for this tremendous public service!


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