Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Royal Affair {+ Giveaway}

I’m delighted today to be a part of the Launch Day Blitz for Parker Swift’s ROYAL AFFAIR. What’s better than a sexy, new series launch on Valentine’s Day!?

To celebrate that launch, Parker is sharing an excerpt from the book. In addition, you can enter to win 1 of 15 free eBook downloads of ROYAL AFFAIR! Please see the end of the post for more giveaway details.

◊ by Parker Swift
◊ Royal Scandal series, Book 1
◊ Forever Yours eBook
◊ February 2017, $3.99

One seriously sexy son-of-a-duke . . .

Behind the posh British accent, Dylan Hale possesses a down-and-dirty sexiness. Off-the-charts gorgeous, a ruthless architect . . . and did I mention he's a future duke? Every time we touch, it's wildfire. All need and lust and heat.
But Dylan has rules: just sex, no one can know, and in the bedroom, he gets complete control. All I have to do is follow the rules, because falling in love with Dylan Hale is all it would take to screw everything up . . . royally.

ROYAL AFFAIR is available to purchase at the following sites: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google.

Now here’s an excerpt from ROYAL AFFAIR for your reading pleasure.

We weren’t a foot inside when he closed the door behind him and said, “Turn around, damsel,” indicating I should face away from him. I complied, and he slowly came up behind me, running his hands along my bare upper back and down my arms. He unzipped the dress and pulled it off my shoulders so it pooled at my feet. I was naked except for my insanely high heels. Grabbing my hips, he pulled my naked ass into his front, and I could feel his hardness pushing against the seam of his trousers. “Can you feel how much I want you? How much I want this?” he said firmly, increasing his grip on my hips, pulling me even closer.
I tilted my head back and to the side to try to steal a glimpse of him, and he rested his chin on my shoulder. His hands wrapped around and palmed my breasts. He pushed them in and up, molding them in his palms, and he began to tug at my nipples, rolling them between his thumb and finger, teasing them to the point where pain met pleasure.
“I’m breaking all sorts of rules for you, aren’t I?” He was kissing my neck, sucking my skin, nipping it gently between his teeth, devouring me in motions that mimicked what he was doing to my breasts.
“What rules have you broken for me?” I asked, practically whispering, searching for steadiness in my breath.
He spun me around and lifted me by my ass in one swift move. I locked my ankles behind his back. “For starters I rarely sleep with the same woman twice, at least not in the same week. I don’t spend the night. Ever. And neither do the women I see. And I don’t invite women into my office. Ever. But I couldn’t resist with you. I’d been dreaming about having my mouth on that pretty pussy on that table for weeks. Picturing you just as you were.”
“Did it live up to the dream?” I nuzzled into his cheek, desperate to get to a place where he was naked, where I could feel his skin on my skin.
“The dream didn’t stand a chance.”
“Well, I wouldn’t want you breaking any of your rules, would I? I mean, maybe we better stop now, and you could sleep on my sofa. Or you can get back on your horse—”
“Not on your life, smartass.”

Parker Swift grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and then grew up again in New York, London, and Minneapolis and currently lives in Connecticut. She has spent most of her adult life examining romantic relationships in an academic lab as a professor of social psychology. Now, she's exploring the romantic lives of her fictional characters in the pages of her books.

When she's not writing, she spends her time with her bearded nautical husband and being told not to sing along to pop music in the car by her two sons.

For more on Parker and her writing, connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Thanks for stopping by today during Parker’s Blitz Launch. Do you enjoy stories about Dukes and Duchesses? Are you giving or getting books for your Valentine’s Day gift? Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Found some fun stuff for my wife plus flowers. Not sure what she's getting me.

  2. Now that's a steamy romance for the holiday! There's just something about titles and money that serve as a great background for a romance. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Steamy scene. Makes me wonder where this relationship is going and how hard the fall is going to be. Happy Valentine's day!


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