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Sunday Salon: KING OF PAINE by Larry Kahn

A week until Christmas and we have one more opportunity to enN5CMD00Zjoy Sunday Salon where we share books we’ve enjoyed. 

I’d like to share a book I read as part of the author’s blog tour. Author Larry Kahn stopped by Thoughts in Progress on Dec. 5th

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on his latest release. Refill your cup, find your comfortable chair, and relax and as we take a glance at the shady side of the cyber world and those dedicated to protecting us from ourselves.

KING OF PAINE by Larry Kahn

DCF 1.0Frank Paine is far from your typical FBI Special Agent. An ex-Hollywood stud, he’s on a mission to clean up his act and make up for his wrong doings. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to take the actor out of the agent.

The newest member of the FBI’s Atlanta Field Office, Paine’s world takes a hard hit when an e-mail comes in. The Innocent Images Unit, a small team of cyber agents, is working to catch a suspected pedophile, but the e-mail is directed at Paine. It uses phrases from his dark past that only one person knows and it’s the one person Paine has wronged the most.

The agents, acting on information in the e-mail, are drawn into a world of BDSM - bondage, dominance, submission and masochism. It’s a world where Paine’s alter-ego ruled and if he’s not careful, all of his kinky secrets are going to be revealed or get him killed.

KING OF PAINE is filled with suspense, intrigue and murder. It’s a fast-pace adventure that will hold readers spellbound. The writing is smooth and flows easily from one scene to the next.

Author Larry Kahn has created interesting characters with flaws that make them realistic. Kahn takes readers into the cyber world showing bits of the darker side. He also looks at how far some people would go to hold on to their youth.

Paine takes on his sorted past and finds a new beginning.

Author Larry Kahn’s website is

King of Paine, A Suspense Novel by Larry Kahn, North Atlanta Press, @2011, ISBN: 9780983760122, Paperback, 364 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the author as part of a blog tour in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

**SPECIAL NOTE** Author Larry Kahn is hosting a special Kindle giveaway contest in connection with his blog tour. The grand prize is a Kindle Touch 3G, and three Amazon gift cards will also be awarded. The contest is open to all. The drawing for the grand prize will be limited to residents of the US and Canada, but there are no restrictions on eligibility for other prizes. All entries must be submitted on the official entry form by 11:59 p.m. (EST) on December 21.

Each day from December 1-21, KING OF PAINE will be featured on book blogs with reviews, book giveaways, interviews and guest posts penned by the author. Prizes will be awarded in the Kindle Giveaway Contest on December 22, including a new Kindle Touch 3G. No purchase is necessary to enter, but readers can increase their chances of winning by helping the author promote KING OF PAINE. Contest details can be found on his website.

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* BUY a copy of KING OF PAINE -- 25 chances for each copy.
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Thanks so much for stopping by today. Sorry I’m away from blogdom, but I hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful Sunday.


  1. Wow, cool book and cool contest. I hope he has a lot of success with it.

  2. Thanks for the great review, Mason, and for being such an enthusiastic supporter of my blog tour.

    Clarissa, thank you for your kind wishes.

    Happy holidays, everybody!

  3. An actor agent sounds like a novelty - I can imagine some of the perspectives.

  4. Great review. I really enjoyed the book.

  5. Mason -- This is my first visit to your book blog (thanks to author Larry Kahn) and I love your layout as well as the big list of books, reviews and so many things to do! Looking forward to digesting it all soon!

    I was privileged to read a free copy of KING OF PAINE when it was offered for a brief time on for those interested. Out of all the authors out there wanting readers to read their material it can often be a tough choice on what to choose and not what to choose (even freebies). I must admit that I almost did not choose KING OF PAINE for a free download at the time (back in September). But, having read it and loving it so much, it was almost like it was meant to be!

    I had some premature reservations about the odd name of the novel and a very brief synopsis (that I could only find at the time) but regardless -- I dove into the novel not expecting too much but then found myself in a gold mine of a story!

    I love the way Mr. Kahn overlapped two different stories. The story line was unique and superb making a real page turner for me! I was extremely fond of learning about each and every character in this novel because they are not like any characters I have ever read before. Mr. Kahn did a masterful job with unparalleled characterization and dialogue. In fact, the novel stands alone in its category and is worthy of being considered being in a class by itself -- extraordinarily so.

    Mr. Kahn has excellent prose (text) and his style of writing was pleasing to the eye -- therefore making me WANT to read more with such ease. As well as being so caught up in the suspense and the mystery in the novel.

    Don't make the mistake of judging a book by its cover (or name) like I almost did with this novel. I was surprised at every turn with the story line and greatly impressed with the thought-provoking issues brought up in this novel. Lastly, the "mystery" to this novel touched me personally and it probably will for you too! Believe me, KING OF PAINE has all the elements of a great storyline and a mystery that you will be dying to find out exactly what that mystery is. You will be surprised that both the mystery and the ending. Both of which almost any reader will be surprised at -- pleasantly surprised!

    Lori in Arizona


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