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Author Trisha Wilson…The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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I always enjoy meeting ‘new-to-me’ authors and then introducing them to you - the wonderful visitors friends who stop by. So it’s my pleasure to welcome author Trisha Wilson here today.

Trisha’s latest release is AN UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS, a contemporary (clean) romance. She is also the author of DARING TO TRUST, a contemporary (clean) romantic/suspense that is the first book in the ‘Indigo Girls’ series of four she is currently working on. BTW, don’t you just love the photo of her Chihuahua, Snickers?

With Christmas less than a week away, Trisha joins us today to talk about ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’ 

It’s Christmas-time again…it seems to get here faster each passing year. So, are you the one who goes around singing Christmas songs or are you the type who says “Bah-humbug” to every person you meet?

For me, I’m a little of both. I love Christmas – everything about it. However, when radio stations begin playing Christmas music around Halloween, and stores go all-out decorating before December ever gets here, it becomes a bit tedious. I don’t become infused with the Christmas spirit till at least the first weekend in December. 

AN UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS FRONT COVER PART 1It takes me about a week (sometimes more) to even recover from Thanksgiving; I kid you not! Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the busiest and most stressful time, as well! With all of the shopping, decorating, shopping, baking, shopping, gift-wrapping, shopping, cleaning, shopping, parties, and even more shopping, it’s a wonder anyone ever has a chance to sit down and just breathe.

Every year, I make a point of recording Christmas movies, so we are “forced” to sit down once in a while to relax and enjoy something Christmas related, without actual work involved. From the ones we’ve seen over and over again, such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” & “Miracle on 34th Street”, to the new releases each year on the Hallmark channel; watching these old favorites and new ones have become sort of a tradition in my household. But, I’m a sucker for anything romance, and when Christmas is thrown into the mix—well I’m hooked. Smile

This love of anything and everything involving romance and Christmas may be the reason my first book is what it is. Christmas of 2004 found me going through some rather difficult situations and I was spending the day alone. Long story short, I escaped into my imagination to …well mostly to avoid reality, but this is where I came up with Chelsea and Nick. 

When the story first begins, Chelsea is just walking through life,DARING TO TRUST FRONT COVER PART 1 more on autopilot instead of actually “living” it. She had lost her family the year before and Christmas reminded her of everything she no longer had. Nick has had his share of loss, too, but he doesn’t let it get him down. He has a newborn to care for, after all. 

AN UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS is about Chelsea learning to love and opening herself up to the possibilities surrounding her. Anything is possible at Christmas, right? Smile

I hope y’all have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!
May God bless!

Trisha, thanks so much for guest blogging today. I enjoy Christmas but also hate it when the stores put up Christmas decorations along side ones for Halloween. It does seem anything is possible at Christmas sometimes.

AN UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS can be found on Amazon.

Now let me share a bit about Trisha. She can be found at a variety of places online. Check out her website for more on her and her writing, find her on Facebook, she’s on Twitter, find her on Goodreads, and you can reach her by e-mail at TrishaWilson79@gmail.com. She’s always interested in hearing from readers, so drop her a line. Smile

Trisha was born in Livingston, Tennessee, and raised in Overton County, Tennessee, with 2 older sisters. She graduated in 1997 at Livingston Academy, and went straight to work following graduation. A few years later, she decided to continue her education and went to TTCL and obtained her Accounting Assistant diploma in December of 2009.

Trisha's writing consisted of poems until 2005 when she decided to try writing a book. The book, AN UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS, came out of that endeavor. She put it aside unaware of how to go about getting it published or bothering with finding an agent. In August of 2011, a friend shared the link about publishing to Kindle, so she decided to try it. Since publishing that one, she's written DARING TO TRUST, which is the first book of a series, "Indigo Girls," based in Tennessee.

Always wanting to write, Trisha kept putting that dream on the back-burner for "another day". That day finally arrived when she decided it was time to go for it. The genre she writes is mostly romance, with a little suspense thrown in at times.

Trisha said, "I love to read, and my favorite author is Karen Kingsbury. She inspires me every time I pick up one of her books. I have so many ideas about future novels, and I hope people will give my books a chance, since I'm an 'unknown'."

When she's not writing, Trisha enjoys going to church, cooking/baking, cross-stitching, spending time with family and friends, and playing computer games. She currently resides in Hilham, Tennessee, with her mother. Pauline, and her Chihuahua, Snickers. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Does the Christmas season inspire you? Do you believe the impossible can happen this time of year?


  1. Thank you so much for having me as your guest today! :)

    I hope you and all of your readers have a wonderful Christmas!!! ♥

    May God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  2. Great site and wonderful post. Thanks for introducing this new author to us! BTW - Snicker is adorable.

  3. Mason - Thanks for hosting Trisha.

    Trisha - It does seem that the stores start hyping Christmas earlier and earlier each year doesn't it? But there can also be those really magic moments, too. I wish you much success with your writing.

  4. Trisha, thanks again for guest blogging today and sharing thoughts on Christmas. It's hard to believe it's almost here. Wishing you much success with your writing.

    BTW, the link for Trisha's website wasn't working earlier but I've fixed the problem. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

  5. Thank you, Sandy! Snickers is spoiled-rotten--he knows how adorable he is, so he has had me twisted around his "paw" from day one! :)

    Thank you, Margot! Yes, it does! This year they went straight from Halloween to Christmas--I couldn't find any Thanksgiving decorations at all! Ugh!

    Once again, I thank you, Mason, for having me on here! It was an honor!! Also, thank you for fixing the website link :)

    Merry Christmas & may God bless,
    Trisha Wilson

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Bella! He's a mess! Lol :)

  7. I do believe the impossible can happen this time of year. After all, I'm baking cookies all day. Doesn't get any more impossible than that :)

    Merry Christmas to both of you. And to Snickers.

  8. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! And Hallmark has everyone beat - they put out their Christmas ornaments in August.

  9. Carol - we must be on the same wavelength today! I've been baking cookies today, as well! I hope yours are turning out better than mine! My oven cooks too fast, so the first few batches were inedible till I figured just the right temperature & time! Grr! ha! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, as well! (Snickers doesn't understand Christmas yet - although he has been eyeing his stocking quite hungrily! :) )

    Alex - August, really? That's just going extremely overboard! I'd be sick of Christmas before Halloween if that was the case around here! (I guess it's a good thing I live out in the boonies & there's no Hallmark stores around my area! ;) ) Wow!

    Thank you both for stopping by and commenting! :)

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