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Off The Shelf: Hunting The Hero by Heather Boyd

Hunting the Hero_200Today’s book I’m taking off the bookshelf to talk about is HUNTING THE HERO, the latest and final sizzling regency romance novel in author Heather Boyd’s Wild Randalls Series.

Here’s a brief synopsis of HUNTING THE HERO:

    She can lose her birthright, but not her heart!
    Meredith Clark wants no part of her long-ago identity as Rosemary Randall. She's created a more exciting life as the courtesan, Calista, and her newest lover is both intriguing and rugged enough to capture her fancy.
    But the widowed Earl of Grayling craves more than this woman's dazzling intelligence and fiery passion. He wants her as his mistress, and if she won't agree to that, he'll settle for taking her home as his daughters' governess.

   Determined never to be tied down to one person or place, Meredith prepares to run again. Yet something deep inside her yearns to stay -- until she discovers Constantine’s real identity.
    Now she's faced with the hardest choice of her life. Should she trust the man she's coming to love with the secrets of her past, or flee to save them both from an even greater heartbreak?

HUNTING THE HERO is available in print (ISBN: 978-0987561411) and digital (ASIN: B00EWQ1VDI) formats. Published by LLD Publishing last month, the paperback book consists of 254 pages and 439 KB for digital. 

Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the book, “Well developed characters, rich description of background and situations.”

As I mentioned earlier, HUNTING THE HERO is the final installment in the Wild Randalls Series. The other books in the series include:

A duchess should be regal, aloof and the image of calm elegance. But those words have never applied to Mercy, Duchess of Romsey. A widow and mother of a young duke, Mercy is lonely and floundering to keep the estate afloat. When she discovers the existence of Leopold Randall, her husband’s estranged cousin, Mercy commits to help him locate his missing siblings if he’ll return the estate to order. Although cautioned against trusting a man who would inherit everything should her son die, she impetuously hands over the estate to Leopold’s care in the hope of keeping him near.

Leopold Randall, heir to the young duke, has returned to Hampshire to demand information regarding the fate of his missing siblings. Unfortunately, the Duchess of Romsey is clueless about them, yet her struggle to maintain the estate tugs at Leopold’s sense of duty. At her insistence, he steps in to bring order to chaos while searching for hints to his family’s whereabouts amongst the old duke’s papers. Yet the duchess tempts him in ways best unspoken. He fights to hide his  weakness for her and a shameful past that could see him banished again. But when Leopold discovers a threat against the duchess and young duke’s life, he must join forces with the temptress to protect his last known  relative. 


FtP200She was a faithful widow until… 

Abducted at fourteen and sent away to sea, rough and ready sailor Tobias Randall endured exile and cruelty only to have his plans for revenge crumble. He may have made a terrible first impression upon his return to Romsey Abbey, but he has a plan to reclaim his place—he’ll marry  quickly and marry a woman of wealth. Yet the perils of life at sea are nothing compared to the danger of attempting polite conversation with a proper lady.

… he reawakened her heart
Blythe, Lady Venables, may be revered as a faithful, proper widow, but a cruel misunderstanding has placed her sanity in doubt. Determined to clear her name, she forms an uneasy truce with the wildest Randall of all, Tobias—a man shamelessly willing to seduce her—to uncover the mystery plaguing Romsey Abbey. With doubts and fears against them, Tobias and Blythe each venture into uncharted territory – love and scandal.

  Elizabeth Turner once loved Oliver Randall, but was blind to his desire to travel without the encumbrance of a wife weighing him down. When she learned the truth, Beth settled for the security of a loveless marriage. Now a widow with a son to support, desperation has driven her into service at Romsey Abbey and directly into the path of the man she’d loved and lost.

Oliver has no intention of letting his dream of travel slip away again, even for a pretty face from his past. Since his return to the abbey, he’s planned a grand tour to the continent even while examining the astonishing emotional changes a decade apart from his brothers has wrought. The last thing Oliver wanted was stronger ties to the people living at Romsey. But then fate offers him both an affair and an unexpected friendship. Is it curiosity alone that stirs him, or the beginning of an unexpected adventure?

For more on each book in this tantalizing series, connect with the author on Wattpad. There she share an excerpt from each of the books to tempt your reading taste buds even more.

Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble
she puts them through. 

With that goal in mind, she weaves sizzling English set love stories that push the boundaries of regency era propriety to keep readers enthralled until the
wee hours of the morning. Brimming with new ideas, she frequently wishes she could type as fast as she conjures new storylines. 

While writing full time north of Sydney, Australia, Heather collects dust bunnies in all corners of the house and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family into submission.

For more on Heather and her writing, visit her website, connect with her on Facebook and look for her on Wattpad.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope I’ve entice you a bit to try a regency romance novel or two, if you don’t already enjoy them. Do you have a favorite era to read about?

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  1. Mason - Thanks for introducing us to Heather's work. There's something about certain historical periods, including the Regency period, that makes them especially effective backdrops for romances, and it sounds like these novels are definitely examples of that.


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