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Movies That Inspire

When it comes to reviewing movies, I’m never really sure what to share. However, today I have two movies on DVD I want to tell you about with the main recommendation being - BE SURE TO WATCH THEM!

Both of these movies are appropriate for the entire family and I’d recommend watching them as a family unit. Much can be discussed about each. Both are good lead-ins to discuss social issues, disease, carrying for fellow humans, and compassion.

The first movie was inspired by true stories and the second is a documentary of a Georgia high school football coach. 

Camp_DVDFair warning, it would be a good idea to have a box of tissue handy when you watch CAMP, released last month on DVD by Word Films.

This is a heart-wrenching story that deals with abused and neglected children. It tells of a camp where these youngsters get to feel loved, needed and respected (for many, the first time) for a week. 

CAMP tells the story of 10-year-old Eli (played by Miles Elliott) who has been neglected and abused by his parents most of his life. It also deals with a pompous financial advisor always working an angle to make money. To snag a wealthy client who helps sponsor the camp, the advisor Ken Matthew (played by Michael Mattera) volunteers to be a camp counselor for the week.

Ken is ill-equipped to be a counselor and could really care less about Eli, the child he’s been partnered with. In time the two do bond and camp becomes a healing place for both.

The move and the actors make a tremendous statement about the problems youngsters like this deal with. For me, knowing these stories the various youth portrayed were based on real events broke my heart. At the same time, learning what the CAMP offers these youngsters gave me hope.

A the close of the movie, real counselors talk about actual children’s stories and what the CAMP has done for them. CAMP is an emotional movie depicting the anger and betrayal these youngsters face daily. It’s also a movie of hope, faith, and determination to help foster youngsters overcome these adversities.

CAMP is an inspiring movie for the entire family and has been awarded the Dove Foundation’s ‘Family-Approved’ Seal.

For more information about CAMP, Royal Family KIDS, Inc. and more, visit  

Camp by Word Films (Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb Company), Written and Directed by Jacob Roebuck, Rated PG-13, Run Time: 111 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure - I received this DVD from the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

*** SIDENOTE: The producers of CAMP are donating $3 from each copy of CAMP sold before September 30 to Royal Family KIDS, a non-profit that serves as the nation’s leading network of camps for abused, neglected and abandoned children *** 
SeasonOfALifetimeDVDFootball is an important element of life for many, especially in numerous small towns across the nation. But when football goes hand and hand with inspiration, faith, and courage, then it takes on a whole new perspective for me. 

SEASON OF A LIFETIME was released last month on DVD by World Films. This joint venture between Endorphin Entertainment and Fisheye Media Productions details the courage and inspiration of Jeremy Williams, the head football coach of the Greenville Patriots in a small Southern Georgia town with a population of approximately 1,000.

Coming off a winning season, Williams knew the next year would be a bit more difficult having lost most of his best players to graduation. What Williams would soon learn was he would also face his own personal struggles when he is diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease). Rather than retire, Williams decided against doctors’ recommendation and his deteriorating health to coach one more season in 2010.

The cameras follow Williams as he molds his rookie players into shape in their quest for the Georgia state championship. In addition, the documentary shows the toll the ALS takes on Williams and his family. It also shows his resilience to forge ahead with faith and his family.

A clip is also included from an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition where the show gave the Williams family a new wheelchair-friendly home. Williams’ son has spinal bifida and is also confined to a wheelchair.

The movie shows the strength and courage of not only Williams and his family, but the entire community which came together for a fund raising event to benefit ALS research in Williams’ honor. In addition, Williams instills faith and courage in his players, many of whom are underprivileged and look to their coach as a father figure.

Finishing the season and showing this team they can overcome obstacles in their path, Williams retired from coaching. SEASON OF A LIFETIME weaves faith, hope, family, friends, determination, courage, and strength into a story of inspiration on and off the football field. 

For more information about Williams, his team and more, visit

Season of a Lifetime by Word Films (Word Entertainment, a Warner/Curb Company), Endorphin Entertainment and Fisheye Media Productions, Run Time: 89 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure - I received this DVD from the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

Thanks for dropping by today and visiting. I hope I’ve done these stories justice and enticed you to at least check them out a bit more. If you do watch either or both of these movies, please let me know what you think. Now turn on the microwave and get the popcorn going. BTW, there are movie trailers for each of these DVDs on their websites to give you an even better idea of what they are about.

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