Monday, September 2, 2013

Color Me Bad by Sharon Sala

When a story has you laughing after just a few pages, you know it’s going to9781402287503_p0_v2_s600 be a good read.

That’s what I found when I read bestselling author Sharon Sala’s novella, COLOR ME BAD. Before I finished the first chapter I was laughing out loud and wondering what other hilarious moments were to come.

Sala takes readers to the quaint town of Blessings, Georgia. There you discover the Curl Up and Dye Hair Salon owned by Ruby Dye. She’s assisted by identical twins, Vera and Vesta Conklin, who do hair, and Mable Jean Doolittle, who does nails. The hair salon is the main hub of the town’s information (gossip) center.

Patty June Clymer was minutes away from being finished with her weekly hair appointment when Bobbette Paulson came in for a nail repair. That’s when Patty June’s world turned upside down and Bobbette got a reverse Mohawk haircut. The hair cut (and bloody nose) were a gift from Patty June for Bobbette fornicating with her husband Conrad, the preacher of the Freewill Baptist Church.

As word spread of Patty June’s deeds, husbands tried to convince their wives she was a feminist and to steer clear of her. But when an off-hand remark by Patty June had Willa Dean Miller wondering about her own husband’s activities, attitudes throughout the town began to change.

Sala has captured the small-town atmosphere in this lighthearted novella. She has created realistic characters that will make you laugh and care at the same time, while reminding you of people you know. Humor and everyday problems are blended into a charming story of friendship and hope.

COLOR ME BAD captures the antics of beauty shop goers and how their lives intertwine. It’s a quick read that’ll have you anxiously awaiting the next round of zany appointments at the Curl and Up Dye. If you’re in need of some laughter highlights, COLOR ME BAD will do the trick.

Author Sharon Sala’s website is
Color Me Bad: A Novella by Sharon Sala, Sourcebooks Landmark, @2013, ISBN: 978-1402287510, eBook, 59 Pages/226 KB
SIDE NOTE: COLOR ME BAD (which releases Sept. 3) is the prequel to Sala’s new novel, THE CURL UP AND DYE, slated for release in February 2014. The novella links to the new story about a young woman’s struggle to overcome one of the most tragic events of her life.

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Thanks so much for visiting today. Do you have a weekly hair appointment that results in learning new gossip information about people and happenings in your area?

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  1. Mason - Beauty shops and salons are such excellent settings for books. They really are hubs of information, gossip and so on, and they can be so much fun too. It sounds as though this book really captures that.


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