Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gotcha! And The Ultimate Life Giveaway

As we begin a new month, I’m sharing my review of the latest installment in a fun series I’ve enjoyed for quick some time. In addition, I want to tell you about a new movie (based on a book) opening in theatres this week and an awesome giveaway I have to offer you thanks to the kind folks at PartnersHub Family.

GOTCHA! by Fern Michaels

9781455812561_p0_v1_s600Keeping a child from their grandmother can be a very bad thing, especially in the eyes of the Sisterhood.

Narrator Laurel Merlington does a superb job bringing the wonderful characters of author Fern Michaels’s Sisterhood Series to life in GOTCHA! Merlington’s cadence holds you spellbound throughout the story. Her vocalizations have you believing there’s more than one narrator. Her utterance gives great depth to the emotions of the story.

This time around Julie Wyatt has contacted the Sisterhood for help in getting her granddaughter, Olivia, away from Darlene, her former daughter-in-law and Olivia’s adopted mother. Julie also believes Darlene had something to do with her son Larry’s mysterious death.

Myra Rutledge, the original founder of the Sisterhood, and her best friend (and fellow Sister) Annie DeSilva are determined to extract justice for Julie. The ladies take off for Alabama and put their plan into action.

As the story unfolds, Julie is also dealing with a temporary tenant in her guest house that has problems of his own. Little does Julie realize how her world will be impacted by her kindness toward the man.

Michaels’s characters are well-developed and likable, while she always has a few you can’t stand. They story flows smoothly and at a steady pace. She combines heart-wrenching moments with bouts of laughter for a well-blended tale.

GOTCHA! is the 21st installment in the Sisterhood Series, but can be enjoyed as a stand alone. However, to get the full enjoyment of this book, the series should be read or listened to in order. The characters have grown and evolved with each new installment, as has their interaction with one another.

Michaels once again proves it doesn’t pay to mess with motherhood (or the Sisterhood).

Author Fern Michaels’ website is
Gotcha! by Fern Michaels, Sisterhood Series Book #21, Performed by Laurel Merlington, Brilliance Audio, @2013, ISBN: 978-1455812608, Unabridged, 8 Discs, Listening Time: 8.7 Hours

FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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  1. Hi Mason,
    I am halfway thru Gotcha and enjoying every minute. I've read most of the Sisterhood books, but not all. It is my perfect "escape" reading. The movie you mention above sounds just wonderful. Will have to check it out.

  2. I haven't read any of the Sisterhood books - I'll put those on my never ending list.
    Got "You know how to live to the fullest" on the quiz. Glad I'm going in the right direction. I agree some things are worth more than money. I try to remind myself each day that it's about people and not things (especially when I know I need to clean the house and a friend wants to go out to lunch).

  3. Mason - You know, I think it's always valuable to take some time and reflect on the way we live our lives. Thanks for the reminder to do that.


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