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No Mark Upon Her by Deborah Crombie

61280ZCgeZL._SS500_When I recently had the opportunity to review the audio version of Deborah Crombie’s NO MARK UPON HER, I was delighted. My interest in the story had been peaked earlier by a review friend and fellow blogger Harvee @ Book Dilettante had posted.

Rebecca Meredith, a high ranking Met detective, is an accomplished rower training for the Olympics. Taking her shell out one evening, Becca doesn’t return. The next day her body is found tangled in debris along the Thames.

A member of the rescue team that finds Becca’s body has a personal connection to her. When an attempt is made on his life, officers begin to wonder what exactly Becca was involved in and how many people are connected.

Scotland Yard Superintendent Duncan Kincaid is faced with solving the crime, catching the killer, and not ruffling political feathers all with a few days. His wife, Detective Inspector Gemma James, is scheduled to return to work and he will become a stay-at-home father for a time.

Author Deborah Crombie gives vivid descriptions of the setting, placing the reader/listener among the sights of England and on the Thames with the rowers. Her details about rowing, as well as the care and training of rescue dogs may seem a little much at first, but adds another layer to the story. It gives the story depth and a deeper look at the drive behind Becca.

As the search for the killer unfolds, Crombie also gives an at-home look at the investigating officers. While the personal issues of juggling a job and raising a family aren’t critical to the crime story, it does show the impact one has on the other (job verses family). When a possible connection ties back to Kincaid’s wife, the plot takes a sinister and disturbing turn.

NO MARK UPON HER is suspenseful with a growing list of murder suspects. Just as you’re convicted you know who the killer is, another suspect is introduced more plausible than the last.

Narrator Gerald Doyle gives a wonderful performance bringing the story to life. His English accent adds to his flawless delivery. His distinct vocalization gives each character their own unique voice. His cadence is pleasant, yet urgent when necessary and comforting when mother and child are speaking.

NO MARK UPON HER is the 14th installment in the Duncan Kincaid-Gemma James Crime Novel series, but is a stand alone book. There are references to prior cases, but readers/listeners aren’t left in the dark.

Suspenseful and intriguing with touches of family life while keeping you guessing, NO MARK UPON HER is that and much more. 

Author Deborah Crombie’s website is www.deborahcrombie.com

No Mark Upon Her by Deborah Crombie, A Duncan Kincaid-Gemma James Crime Novel, Performed by Gerald Doyle, Harper Audio, @2012, ISBN: 978-0062208910, Unabridged. Digital Download, Listening Time: 12 Hours 23 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
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  1. I have read some of Crombie's earlier book and in fact, I have one waiting for me on my Kindle. Thanks for the review. I do like the series because it blends family and work.

  2. Mason - Thanks for this review! I really do like this series, so it's good to hear that this particular instalment is a good one :-). I think the mix of family and work life can make a series more realistic and can draw readers in when it's done well.

  3. A book that can keep you guessing is hard to find.I look forward to this one.

  4. I loved No Mark Upon Her.
    I loved the evolution from couple to family during the series.
    I also learned about this sport that we will see on TV during Olympics. Very good book


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