Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazy Cozy Blogfest

Crazy_Cozy_Blogfest_v1-2_400pxToday is the Crazy Cozy Blogfest, sponsored by Hart Johnson and Elizabeth Spann Craig, to celebrate the release of their new cozy mysteries and have a fun promotion for their fellow bloggers.

The idea was to think of the craziest, zaniest set-up for a cozy mystery you could strictly for entertainment value. Participants were asked to come up with a wacky theme, a zany sleuth, a crazy setting, and write it up in 150 to 250 words.

First, let me tell you about Hart and Elizabeth’s new releases and then I’ll share my try at the blogfest.

The Azalea Assault by Alyse Carlson (aka Hart Johnson)

azalea assault (25)Cam Harris loves her job as public relations manager for the Roanoke Garden Society. It allows her to combine her three loves, spinning the press, showing off her favorite town, and promoting her favorite activity. 

She's just achieved a huge coup by enlisting Garden Delights, the country's premiere gardening magazine, to feature the exquisite garden of RGS founder, Neil Patrick. She's even managed to enlist world-famous photographer Jean-Jacques Georges. 

Unfortunately, Jean-Jacques is a first-rate cad—insulting the RGS members and gardening, goosing every woman in the room, and drinking like a lush. It is hardly a surprise when he turns up dead. But when Cam's brother-in-law is accused and her sister begs her to solve the crime, that is when things really get prickly.

Alyse Carlson is the pen name for Hart Johnson who writes books from her bathtub. By day she is an academic researcher at a large midwestern university. She lives with her husband, two teenage children and two fur balls. The dust bunnies don't count. This is her first published book.

For more on Alyse/Hart, visit her website Confessions of a Watery Tart.

Quilt or Innocence by Elizabeth Craig

Quilt or Innocence_FCBeatrice has a lot of gossip to catch up on—especially with the Patchwork Cottage quilt shop about to close. It seems that Judith, the landlord everyone loves to hate, wants to raise the rent, despite being a quilter herself.

But when Judith is found dead, the harmless gossip becomes an intricate patchwork of mischievous motives. And it’s up to Beatrice’s expert eye to decipher the pattern and catch the killer, before her life gets sewn up for good.

Elizabeth Spann Craig writes the Memphis Barbeque series for Penguin/Berkley (as Riley Adams), the Southern Quilting mysteries (2012) for Penguin/NAL, and the Myrtle Clover series for Midnight Ink. She blogs daily at Mystery Writing is Murder, which was named by Writer's Digest as one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers for 2010 and 2011.

As the mother of two, Elizabeth writes on the run as she juggles duties as Girl Scout leader, referees play dates, drives carpools, and is dragged along as a hostage/chaperone on field trips. 

Now for my entry into this fun blogfest.

Hi was busy picking up worms from the freshly turned soil when her Husky began digging feverishly nearby.

“Slow down Traveler. You’ll make the worms leave and I’ll never find them,” Hi scolded lightly.

Just then Hi noticed fingertips barely visible in the dirt where Traveler was. “Traveler halt!” Hi commanded and the dog instantly stopped as he was trained.

This was not good. Hi could just hear her best friend Jeremiah ‘Jed’ Flagstaff, sheriff of their small Tennessee town. “Sally Higginbottom what have you gotten herself into now? Don’t you have enough to do running your bait store, you got to dig up a dead body with your worms? I don’t think a dead body will catch fish.”

Pulling off her gloves, Hi reached in the back pocket of her jeans for her cellphone. She’d call Jed directly no need for a 911 operator. This body didn’t need emergency help anymore.

Standing up, Hi motioned for Traveler to follow as she walked to her Jeep. Hearing Jed’s gruff, “Yeah, talk,” Hi felt safer.

“Jed, just listen. Traveler found a body while we were digging for worms on the old Johnson place just south of town. Looks like it’s fresh so I’d appreciate it if you’d leave your scolding till later and just get here as soon as you can.”

“Get in your car. Lock the doors. I’m on my way,” was all he said.
Grandpa Jesup didn’t raise a fool, 50-year-old Hi did as she was told.

Did you enter the blogfest? Be sure to stop by all the participants of the blogfest for some amazing and hilarious entries. Thanks so much for stopping by today.


  1. A bait shop owner! Small Southern town? Sheriff as a best friend? Sounds like the makings of a fantastic cozy! And Traveler sounds like a winning sidekick. :) Thanks so much for entering, Mason!

  2. Mason - Oh, that is a terrific beginning! Wow! Just in a few paragraphs I've already gotten a sense of your story. And any story with a buddy like Traveler gets my interest :-). Well done!!

  3. Actually, I think that would made a good mystery, Mason!

  4. A dog, a fifty year old protagonist, a hint of romance, and a bait-shop!!! I'm there.

  5. Mason, this is really interesting. You've got my attention.


  6. OH, how scary! To find a body while digging for worms. Finding a dead body is one thing but worms, that's scary! ;) Well done.

  7. Oh, excellent! Yeah, a bait store owner is perfect! I love the quirks, too, and the dog sidekick! That dog could uncover all sorts of dirt! Thank you so much for participating!

  8. Fantastic! love Traveler and the bait shop :) coolness!

  9. What a fantastic setup to a story! You really have to finish this. Also loved the twist!

  10. Smart dog! Love the idea and would read more. Great names too, Hi and traveler :)

  11. I love the names, and that there's an animal sidekick. It sounds like a good potential book.

  12. Even the dog is interesting. Really like the flavor of this. This would make a great cozy!

  13. How great to have a fifty-year-old lady for a protagonist, and out digging for worms, no less. A very promising start to a good read.

  14. Oooh, a wormy situation! Well done - I do like the older protagonist as well:)


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