Friday, May 18, 2012

The Inexperienced Need Not Apply

Did you work hard to get the job you have or were you just lucky being at the right place at the right time?

filling-out-applicationLooking at online job descriptions this week I was struck by the Catch-22 when applying for a job. You can’t get a job without experience and you can’t get experience without a job. Some companies will make allowances for the lack of experience, while others are very strict.

That got me to thinking about authors - those established and those just beginning.

As readers we can sometimes be a bit strict about what we expect from new authors. We can expect too much of them and fail to give them a second chance if they don’t meet our high expectations the first time around. While there are certain things we should expect, all new authors won’t be flawless their first time out. It takes time for some to find their rhythm and that little niche that transforms them into award-winning bestsellers.

I’ve even read new series by well-established bestselling authors that were a bit slow or the story didn’t flow as smoothly as possible. But 9 out of 10 times, with the second installment they had the kinks worked out and things fell into place.

With the ever-increasing new ways writers have available to publish their work, more and more inexperienced authors are in the marketplace. From a reader’s viewpoint this is a plus as it means more books to read. We just have to remember that all the works may not be perfect. Keep in mind you have to write to become experienced.

There was a time when most people wouldn’t even pick up a book that wasn’t printed by a major publishing company. Those writing for the ‘other’ companies weren’t even considered authors. Times have changed and that is no longer the case. Many well-established authors are now deciding to publish themselves.

This week I read a post - Let freedom ring: Indie publishing is becoming a more and more attractive alternative - by Terri Giuliano Long that gives great insight into this. The self publishing taboo is fading fast.

When searching for a new book to read, the author’s experience or lack of shouldn’t be a major factor. The plot and how the characters are developed, that should be an issue. If the story grabs you and draws you, that should be a factor. But remember to also look for potential if there’s a few flaws along the way.

As readers we are well blessed by the vast array of material that is offered from established authors, as well as just beginning authors. Are you willing to try a book by an inexperienced author? What has been you experience with both types of writers? Do you ever consider you might be reading works by the next great Hemingway when you try a new author that little is known about?

Thanks for reading my thoughts today. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend. Please stop in tomorrow for a book feature by a ‘new-to-me’ author.


  1. I do enjoy reading debut novels, although usually the second books are better! I think this is an exciting time for writers...with lots of possibilities. Have a great weekend, Mason!

  2. Mason - You make very good arguments here for trying a "not yet established" author. There's often a lot of freshness and creativity there. It may take a novel or two to work the kinks out, as you say, but we often find a lot to like among less experienced authors.

  3. I may be in the minority here but I rarely check to see if a book is by a first time author or not. If the book catches my eye, I read it. If I like it, I'll look to see what else the author has written.

    But if I happen to read a book that's part of a series and really enjoy it, I'll probably hunt for the first one so I can read the series in order and often that first one is weaker.

  4. I am very inexperienced as a writer and probably make other writers (and readers)cringe when they read my work. But I keep trying. I'm always reading how to blogs and books.

    Interesting thoughts.

    Hope your weekend will be great. I'm going to a fiber fair tomorrow. Should be interesting. The weather here in MO is awesome with a capital A.


  5. I'm like LD Masterson: when I choose a book and I don't know the author,I don't care as long as I enjoy the book. But if I like an author, I tend to read all of her books (especially with the series).

  6. I really do like reading Indie books. They are often well written and very interesting.


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