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Author Marianne Cassell On How Her Book Came To Be

I’m always delighted to meet new authors and then to be able to introduce them to ya’ll as well. Today, thanks to PJ at BreakThrough Promotions, I’d like to welcome author Marianne Cassell.

A Fort Worth native, Marianne now resides in Lubbock, Texas. Her first book, THE PRODIGAL WIFE, was published in 1976.

Marianne stops by today to share with us how her current release, AVAILABLE GRACE: TRUE SHORT STORIES OF THE REWARDS OF INTENTIONAL LIVING, came to be. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book: This is a wonderful collection showcasing moments when the author, her family, and friends experienced the grace of God in their lives. AVAILABLE GRACE begins in 1964, when author Marianne Cassell first encountered Jesus and was converted. 

Now here’s Marianne with her story.

Thanks, Mason, for having me as a guest blogger on your site. I’m excited about the opportunity to talk about how AVAILABLE GRACE came into being. 

978-1-61204-608-2-MCassellCover2I guess I’m continually amazed because this book is the manifestation of a promise God spoke to me one night in the midst of a debilitating and painful illness that lasted two years. That night, nine years ago, the clamoring of the unrelenting pain in my legs and feet suddenly stopped. I gasped in surprise at the calm. Then I heard God’s voice clearly in my mind, “I have a fantastic future for you. I’m holding you in the palm of My hand.” Then, the pain started again, but I was forever changed. I didn’t know what God had in mind for me but I was certain it involved walking again which my doctor and physical therapist said wasn’t possible.

A couple of years before I fell ill I had attended a weekly Bible study with a friend. One night our leader announced that he was going to begin a new study on the grace of God the next week. He asked each of us to come ready to share an experience of grace in our lives to kick off the series.

I knew grace was God’s unmerited favor, but I never really thought of it in terms of my life. However, I had a long drive home and by the time I arrived five different memories had come to mind. Oh, I thought, what I’ve called God’s healings, provisions, comforts or lessons has been His Grace!
I decided on the memory I would share, but I was disappointed the next week when only one other woman in our group spoke up. Each of the others said, “I really don’t know of a time of grace in my life.” As I drove home that night I thought, I bet that’s what my grandchildren would say. They were all teenagers who had always lived with the blessings of God in their lives. I knew they took them for granted and I wanted the kids to be alert to the fact Jesus had miraculous answers for every need they would ever have.

I called the stories the children’s spiritual heritage and started e-mailing each of them an experience a week. I kept the stories short so they would read them. I expected to send the five memories that had come to mind. As friends heard what I was doing they asked to receive the e-mails, too. Then, I got sick. Two years later when the pain began to subside I could not walk without aids. However, I could type.

I gathered e-mail addresses again and began anew. To my surprise one memory ran into another. I had forgotten many of the instances until they appeared in detail in my mind again. I relived those moments of grace again as I wrote them down and I remembered how God had made the impossible possible in my life over and over. That strengthened my faith so much that my walking continued to slowly improve. Today I not only walk but I live independently and a collection of short stories has turned into a book!  

AVAILABLE GRACE: TRUE SHORT STORIES OF THE REWARDS OF INTENTIONAL LIVING is the physical proof of the impossible becoming possible. Almost every day I remember to tell the Lord, “You said You had a fantastic future for me and that is surely true!”

Marianne, thanks so much for sharing how your book came about with us. It’s a wonderful and inspiring story.

For more on Marianne and her writing, be sure to visit her website at

Here’s a few comments from others about Marianne’s book:
"Oh brother! Did this ever hit home with me." - Carolyn D., Brownwood, Texas
"I just read this aloud to my husband and he is wiping his eyes, it touched me deeply as well." - Marcia K., Garland, Texas
"Your honesty is always so refreshing!" - Anita S., Lubbock, Texas
"Amen! I've laughed all the way through this one." - Jo S., Dallas 

Here’s a book trailer of AVAILABLE GRACE for your enjoyment.

Have you ever thought about sharing important memories with your family and friends in emails? Thanks so much for stopping by today. Remember, Mother’s Day is just around the corner and AVAILABLE GRACE would make a nice gift for the reader in your life.


  1. Marianne, thanks again for sharing your story with us. It's very inspiring. Wishing you much success.

  2. Mason - Thanks for hosting Marianne.

    Marianne - I think sharing memories is an important way to pass things to the next generations. They're priceless.


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