Thursday, January 19, 2012

Space Organizing and Mona Lisa

Can you name all the publishing companies?

You can probably name the major forces in the publishing world and many up-and-coming new ones. But all, …. that would be amazing.

Almost every day or so I see a book published by a company I hadn’t heard of before. That was the case when I ran across Revell, a division of Baker Publishign Group. They publish a vast array of books and 2 from completely different genres catch my eye.


720285_1_ftcWhen it comes to being organized, I need all the help I can get. SMALL SPACE ORGANIZING is a handy guide to help with all your clutter.

The book contains practical tips and resources no matter the challenging space or budget. The useful decorating tips show no matter the size, every inch can be utilized.

Throughout the book, author Kathryn Bechen shares her own experiences living in small spaces. She contends small spaces don’t have to be viewed as cramped and tiny, but as cozy and welcoming.

The book features 17 chapters and each chapter ends with a place for your own small space notes. A few of my favorite chapters include: Bathroom Bliss: Organizing Your Small Bathroom for a Spa-Like Experience; Home Office Heaven: How to Organize Your Office for Success; and Oh Storage, Where Art Thou?

There are helpful tips on how to rearrange areas and useful small additions to give added storage. You can use items with dual purposes such as an ottoman with a hinged lid for additional storage space. The overall message, however, is to discard unused clutter from your living space.

If you need a little help getting your house organized, SMALL SPACE ORGANIZING will fit the bill.

Available January 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.
Small Space Organizing: A Room-by-Room Guide to Maximizing Your Space by Kathryn Bechen, Revell, @2012, ISBN: 978-0800720285, Paperback, 240 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
CHASING MONA LISA by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey

51t5zWlc49LWorks of priceless art have been the target of thieves throughout the ages. But what if the art was the Mona Lisa? How far would thieves and protectors go for this gem?

In the latest thriller by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey, the famous Mona Lisa is sought by Reichsmarschal Hermann Goring. It’s August 1944 in Paris and Goring wants the painting as a postwar bargaining chip.

However, Swiss OSS agents Gabi Mueller and Eric Hofstadler are two very determined protectors of the masterpiece. They will go to great lengths to keep the painting safe.

CHASING MONA LISA is a fast-pace, adrenaline-driven, keep you on the edge of your seat read. The story flows smoothly with bits of dialect native to the region described on the journey.

The story is rich with details of the era and the locations the pair travel in their quest to protect France’s greatest treasure. The authors blend history with a suspenseful mystery, adding twists for more intrigue.

CHASING MONA LISA is more than a story of a painting or a war-torn France. It’s intrigue, adventure, heroism, dedication, and a touch of romance (it is set in Paris, after all).

The enigmatic smile of the famous lady will bring a smile to your face as you discover the last twist at the story’s end. This is the second installment in the adventures of Gabi and Eric, but is a stand alone read. 

Available January 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Chasing Mona Lisa by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey, Revell, @2012, ISBN: 978-0800720469, Paperback, 336 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure - This book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
Are you looking to organize a favorite room in your house? Do you enjoy books that combine suspense and history? Thanks so much for stopping by today.



  1. Mason - Those sound like very interesting books and you're right - so different from each other. I like that variety! Now if I can just figure out what to do with my kitchen space ;-).

  2. I don't have too much storage space in my house, so whenever I buy a piece of furniture, I try to be sure that it can double in some way as some sort of storage too.

  3. Oh, they both sound so interesting! Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. I bet my wife would like to organize some of our clutter. (I just want to throw it away, but she won't let me.)

  5. The small space book would definitely catch my eye! I have a weakness for home decorating and organization books.

  6. May be would I need a little help to organize my little office.
    I try not to accumulate papers of all kinds but I always keep too many.
    Same for the books. I borrow a lot from the public library but I buy a lot too. My own library is full and all surfaces availables too.
    Think I'll give another batch soon, it may help.

  7. As the co-author of "Chasing Mona Lisa," it's was great to read your high praise for our World War II-era thriller. There are a lot of plot twists, and readers have said they learned a lot about the liberation of Paris and, of course, the Florentine lady herself, the Mona Lisa. Your careful read and positive review are much appreciated. Thanks again, Mike Yorkey

  8. I join Mike in saying THANKS! We appreciate you having us!


  9. Thanks for reviewing my book and I hope it helps your blog readers!

    Author Kathryn Bechen


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