Monday, January 2, 2012

A Promise Of Spring

flower bud

I should be sharing book reviews with you today, but I had to share this little bud instead. It poked it’s tiny body through the leaves just in time for the coldest days we’ve had. Our temperatures are dipping to the low 20s tonight and highs the next few days are expected only in the upper 30s, maybe 40s.

That’s the way of buttercups though. They peak through during the bleak and cold to give us a hint that spring is in our future. We just have to have patience. 

Here’s wishing you patience in whatever you’re doing today. May there be a bud of hope in your day’s journey to remind you of the promise at the end. Thanks so much, as always for stopping by.


  1. Perfect thoughts and visual today ... I love the idea of the promise of the New Year and all the possibility in that. Wishing you all the best in the coming months!

  2. Mason, I so needed your post today. Impatience is my worst character flaw because I get irritable as a result of the impatience. Thanks for this gentle reminder to have patience.

  3. Thank you, Mason. This was a very good post for me to see this morning.

  4. That's a lovely sentiment. I like that promise.

    I hope 2012 is a year of hope and beautiful blooms.

  5. Patience is a hard thing to have at times--especially with yourself, I find.

    I'm learning to slow down and savor life.

    Happy New Year, Mason!


  6. And boy do I need a reminder that Spring will spring and it won't be long.

    Thanks much,

  7. Today actually feels like spring here. It won't last but it sure is nice!

  8. I love the first buds of spring but they're a long way off.

  9. Thanks for sharing this Mason. I am trying to imagine spring but am failing so need to borrow some patience from you...

  10. don't you think the buttercups are confused because of the unseasonably warm temps a lot of us have been having? We were having spring-like temps up til yesterday. Now we are coooooold!!!

  11. Joanne, the promise of a New Year does sound good and positive. Wishing you great things in the coming months too.

    Karen, we're so alike when it comes to being impatient. Maybe the new year will bring us both a little more patience. :)

    Alex, we would be lost without hope won't we,

  12. LD, glad to help. Your post, especially the groaners, are always a bright spot for me.

    Maria, thanks. I hope 2012 is a good year for you too. I'm hoping 2012 brings good health for Murray.

    Sia, Happy New Year to you too. Savoring life is one thing I hope to do better this year.

  13. Teresa, I'm with you on looking forward to spring. Tonight our temperature is suppose to be in the upper teens/low 20s. So looking forward to 70s and 80s again.

    Karen, you have to enjoy those rare days of warmth when you can.

    Susan, usually after the buttercups pop through the leaves they're covered by snow.

  14. Oh Jan, patience is one thing I'm not good at. Maybe we can remind each other that spring will be here soon.

    Caren, it seems several of our plants are confused by the warm then cold weather we've been having. I had buds on roses in late November.

  15. Hi Mason .. those look like daffodils to me? Buttercups here come up later .. and wouldn't survive the temperatures ..

    We're still warm - I hardly have the heating on - after last year, when I freezed everything off! But I do love it when the daylight starts increasing again .. it'll be very obvious in a couple of weeks.

    Happy New Year .. and I hope your Spring will come comfortably soon .. cheers Hilary


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