Thursday, March 31, 2011

Share Your Thoughts With Me
Do you like things to stay the same or do you enjoy change every once in awhile or do you embrace constant changes as progress?

I've never been one to like a lot of change. I guess I go with the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

It seems to me that when I get use to the way something works, it gets improved and then I have to learn all over again. Two examples come to mind.

I use Firefox as my browser. I've always liked the way it works and I could find things easily on the tool bar. I downloaded the new and improved version this week and the tool bar is completely different. There's nothing wrong with the new version and in fact, once I get use to it, I'll probably like it better than the older version. But I'm having to learn where everything is again.

The other thing, I downloaded the newest version of Adobe and it's completely different. Guess I shouldn't have upgraded two programs at one time. 

I mention all of this to ask your opinion on something. I've been thinking about changing my blog layout and design. I want it to be easy to access and read. I don't want it to be too cluttered, but there's a lot of things I want to share with you. One of the biggest drawbacks I've found is I can't add tabs to this layout. I've added pages and the links to those are on the left sidebar.

I'm not an author or have a WIP so I don't have anything of my own to promote. I would, however, like for the blog to represent what I do here - share my book reviews, host authors so they can tell about their writing, and just ramble about everyday happenings from time to time.

What do you think? Does this layout and design work for you? Is the type large enough to read? What recommendations would you make? I'd love to hear your comments. I might not always get a chance to comment back, but I do read each and every comment and appreciate them all more than you know. So what are your thoughts?


  1. I love the colours of your blog. It has a peaceful feel about it.

  2. First, I think you are one of the BEST at going to other people's blogs and commenting. I hear from you quite often, I THANK YOU and I am hugely flattered!

    I happen to love the look/feel of your blog as well. Your typesize is perfect for me (I wear reading glasses lol)...some blogs have type that is so tiny that I can't take it!

    You have space between your paragraphs, your blog isn't cluttered at all. happens to be my favorite color!

  3. I follow you not your blog layout, however if you change your blog, I will follow. If it stays the same I will follow. It's very homey and peaceful.

    I know this doesn't help much...sounds wishy washy. :)


  4. The layout is easy to read--except for the comments. Though once I leave a comment, I can read them more easily in the comment window.

    I like change--unless it has to do with technology. LOL. It takes up all my brain cells to store all the changes technology has foisted on me. :)

  5. Layout works for me and I like the big text. And you are very good about commenting back.

  6. Mason - I know what you mean about change. I also know what you mean about changing your blog layout. I love what you write, in whatever format, so whatever changes you make, I'll be here. For what it's worth, your blog is easy to read - the font, etc., isn't difficult at all. I know...I didn't say anything specific. As long as you keep blogging, I'll keep visiting :-).

  7. I think the layout looks fine! But the bar on the right seem odd the way everyting overlaps the border, but that's just my opinion! :o)

  8. I love coming to your blog. Sometimes I play the music, sometimes not. I like the header, the layout, the type, and the total look and feel. Jessica mentioned the overlapping in the right sidebar. That's the only glitchy thing I see. Everything said, I totally understand the desire to rearrange the furniture :)

    This also gives me a place to say how much I appreciate your following my blog and all the comments you leave. Thank you!

  9. I like the colors of your blog too, they're very comforting. I'd say the tan is like a coffee with cream color :)

    That being said, change is good, too. I like change once in a while, not too often though. It keeps us on our toes, inspires us, draws our attention. So whatever you choose, it'll have a way of being the right thing.

  10. I don't read blogs based on their layout--I read your blog because I like the posts. I only skip blogs that are difficult to maneuver.

    I love changing my blog, it's like spring cleaning or buying a new living room set.

  11. I'm resistant to changes in PROGRAMS because like you, I hate having to relearn something that 10 minutes earlier I had mastered. But for your BLOG--we read, we comment... sometimes we look for stuff... it sounds like the two things we do MOST won't change and you are making the thing we only do now and then easier, so it's a win.

  12. Mason, I love your blog, but I will confess that I read most posts of any blog in my reader. I only click over when I comment. So...that being said, it works well for me. The only thing is that your comment type is very small, but as the person said above, if you click on "post a comment" they can be read far more easily.

    I think about changing my blog over and over and then I just leave it as it is. It's simple, but it works well for me. Do as it feels good to you. :-)

  13. I'm very comfortable with the current look of your blog. Of course, that may be because it's similar in layout and background color to my own. But I'm more an if "it ain't broke" kind of person myself so I wouldn't rush to change anything.

  14. Mason, I love your blog. I really love that I don't have to blow it up to read and the type is a normal color.
    If you want to freshen it up or whatever that's up to you. If you're happy, leave it alone.
    Thanks for always commenting. I know how hard that can be.


  15. Your current layout is easy to read. I like the colors too. I like change too. I not a lot of help am I?

  16. Thoughts in Progress is easy to read, friendly and familiar. I don't have any recommendations for change, except a wish that you not make too many revisions!

  17. No, I don´t like change particularly. I like your colours and it is very easy to read the types. To be honest I don´t use that many of your gadgets, but that is probably just me.

  18. Hi Mason. I love your blog. It's restful yet funky. The text is a good size. There are many blogs who seem to use Size 4 font! Eeek. The only improvement that I could suggest (and you can ignore me, you probabl will) is to put your comments at the bottom. Most blogs have it at the bottom and I find it frustrating to go hunting where to leave a comment and find it hiding at the top hidden behind a flower (not yours!) We know that commenting means getting in and out quickly so we can visit more blogs (and I like to visit as many as poss.) so comments at the end seems logical if it's possible.


  19. I think you do a terrific job with your blog, Mason. You have good taste and a good eye - so whatever you decide will work in my opinion.

    I'm one of those crazy folks who likes change - not constantly, but I do get bored a little too easily! It's one of the biggest reasons I became a teacher - no 2 days are every the same! :)

  20. I'm not averse to change. I like your swanky lady and gray kitty, but if you want to try something new, go for it! :o) <3

  21. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all the kind words about the blog and the recommendations.

    I agree the right side bar is a bit of a problem. I try to use the smallest widgets possible, but I think it's the sidebar width that is the problem. If I place the wider items on the left sidebar, they actually cover the post. I'm not sure how to increase the width of the sidebars, but that might solve the problem.

    I would like to increase the size of the comments, as well as the daily post header. However, I haven't been able to find where to change the font size.

    As for the comments - I completely agree Denise that they need to be at the bottom. The funny thing is when I first started, they were at the bottom. Then blogger updated or something and they moved to the top and I don't know how to move them back. I've check on the setting page and not found anything.

    I'll keep trying to find ways to changes the things mentioned here (they are things that were bothering me too). Thanks again for all the kind words. Anytime something needs to be changed to make it easier to visit and read, please let me know. Y'all are the best!!


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