Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cutting Corners Today

Do you ever cut corners and cheat just a bit on anything?

Well, I'm cheating today. I don't have a post to share with you so I'm offering the puzzle below for your entertainment. 

With winter still holding part of the country in its grip I thought a touch of spring would be a welcome sight. Enjoy and check back tomorrow, I'll have my review of LOVE YOU MORE by Lisa Gardner to share.

Click to Mix and Solve
Do you take time to relax a few minutes during the day, give your mind a chance to regroup?


  1. Relaxing the mind and body is essential! I take a lot of breaks during the day if I can...

  2. Hi Mason .. the Pyrenean Bellflowers are very pretty .. and would be fun to do .. I don't take much time out - even standing in a shop queue for a few minutes is bliss with a blank head! I do quite fancy doing the jigsaw though ... one day ..

    Fun to see .. thanks -Hilary

  3. Mason, thank you for the puzzle, which I'll try in a sec. I play Mahjongg, usually after checking emails and my blog in the morning. I find online games with beautiful tinkly music playing, birds tweeting, cymbals clashing, rockets going off, a burst of flowers and birds flying when I win! I try to beat my previous best time but it doesn't really matter...then I start my day.

    Oh yes, I do have a ten minute power nap after lunch! It really works!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the puzzle! I do need to take a few minutes to relax today. :) And I'm loving spring so far (although we had quite a thunderstorm in the middle of the night last night...not sure what that was about. Did y'all have one?)

  5. Mason - Oooh, puzzles! Fun! Thanks. It's not cutting corners when you provide something fun and interesting for readers to do!

  6. ladyfi, I think we all need to relax a bit during the day to avoid so much stress.

    Hilary, the bellflowers are beautiful. Wish I could grow them like that.

    Alaine, I play Mahjong Titans on my computer from time to time and that is quite relaxing. Spider Soltaire is the way I relax.

    Elizabeth, the spring like weather had me out yesterday getting a flower bed ready to plant. We did have a little rain last night, but no thunderstorms. Today we drop back into the mid 60s after being 80 yesterday. Crazy weather.

    Margot, thanks I hadn't thought of it that way. Hope you enjoy the puzzle. It was fun to do but my time is off.

  7. This post doesn't seem like it's cutting corners to me, Mason. Short and sweet is fine. And yes, I do take time to relax and regroup. If I don't, I'm in deep you know what.

  8. I've been in the cheating mood lately. Thanks for the puzzle! I love the happy flowers.

  9. Sometimes taking a short break is the best thing you can do. Things seem to sort themselves out when you're relaxing and not putting so much pressure on yourself.

  10. ah, with my hectic schedule, the only time I relax during my day is about 15 minutes after breakfast when I tune into VH1 or MTV with a cup of Lipton Yellow Label with some honey and lemon, and I start my day with music :)

  11. I have a link to a website for doing nothing for two minutes. It has a picture of the ocean, plays the sound of waves, and has a two minute counter. The idea is to call it up and sit still, listening to the waves for two minutes. Then back to work.

    I also love computer games but once I get started on them, I have trouble stopping so they're very counter-productive for me.

  12. that is a very cool puzzle! I don't take moments as often as I should. I used to have a boss who observed "tea time," in which she'd do just that.

    It's a great practice~ :o) <3

  13. Absoluety. Although, I had to learn to do that. ;)

  14. What a pretty puzzle. I'll have to give it a try when I have more time.

  15. Thank you for the puzzle! It's such a pretty picture. :)

    I took a break this morning--just sat and relaxed for a few minutes.

  16. Karen, taking time to relax and regroup is something we all need to do.

    Clarissa, now that you mention it - the flowers do look happy. Thanks for noticing.

    Helen, you're right. If we don't take breaks that stress sure does build.

    Dez, sounds like a perfect way to start the day.

    Linda, the two minute website sounds great. I'll have to find out more about that. Like the sound of waves.

    Leigh, tea time would be enjoyable. I guess I take 'coffee time' but even that is drank in a hurry some mornings.

    Holly, it's something I'm trying to work on myself.

    Susanne, hope you enjoy it when you get a chance.

    Golden Eagle, I've seen others sit and taken a few minutes of quite time for themselves. I don't know that I could sit still for two minutes much less clear my muddy mind. But I need to try. Thanks, I'll see if I can do it.

  17. I find I take more breaks than I used to, but it's always a break that takes me away from whatever I'm doing.

    If I'm outside breaking a sweat, I read blogs on the computer. If I'm on the computer, I take a walk.


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