Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Raffle With Benefits

Days tick by and time seems to pass us by. Before we know it another week has come and gone, or maybe it was a month.

When disaster strikes, all eyes and ears are focused to learn the latest. Unless the disaster strikes us personally, however, as time goes by thoughts of the event begin to fade.

But here in blogdom, it’s a bit different. Caring people keep a check on others, especially when disaster strikes or sickness is involved. A
wonderful example of a blogger helping out is Margot Kinberg @ Confessions of a Mystery Novelist. Margot has put together a charity raffle to help benefit those lives devastated by the Christchurch earthquake.

It’s the DO THE WRITE THING charity raffle. Thirty-nine authors from around the world have donated their works to this worthy cause. Participants have the chance to win signed copies of some really great books from just about ever genre. Each winner will get a package of 3-4 titles. Please be sure to stop by Margot’s blog to learn more about this wonderful event and the details on how to participate.

Here are how the packages are set up (Margot has a list of the books included in each):
Cosy Reading and Amateur Sleuths
Cops, PI’s and Spies
Thriller (3 Winners will be drawn)
Humour (3 Winners will be drawn)
Academic Settings (2 Winners will be drawn)
Historical and History-Themed (2 Winners will be drawn)
Fantasy, Mystery and a Touch of Paranormal
Romantic Suspense
Fair Dinkum Aussie Packages (3 Winners will be drawn)
Literary Mysteries and Other Fiction (2 Winners will be drawn)

This is a portion of Margot’s post: You’ll have until midnight, 19 March, 2011 to enter the raffle and yes, the raffle is open to residents of all countries. Even if you would rather not enter the raffle, please help me spread the word! You can tweet it, Email it, mention it on your blog, or post it on Facebook – oh, and feel free to use my graphic. The more people who know, the bigger difference we can make. Let’s all work together!

Here’s a chance to do something good for those hit by the earthquake and have some fun for yourself at the same time. Please be sure to drop by Margot’s blog for all the details. I'm sure you'll find several books that spark your interest.



  1. Mason - How very kind of you to pass the word along about Do the Write Thing. I appreciate it so much! Thanks for taking your time and using your blog to help! :-).

  2. Thanks so much for promoting this cause, Mason. Such a tragedy in NZ and it's nice to be able to help.

  3. Wow how cool. Thanks for the heads-up. I will check this out.

    Marvin D Wilson

  4. Thanks for letting us know, Margot is to be commended for her efforts ... It's wonderful how blogs have the ability to reach out like that in a time of need.

  5. Thanks for posting these. What a great idea.

  6. Mason, thank you for this post. I had not heard about the raffle 'till I read this. What a great cause to support. This is a pretty great community, huh?

  7. I haven't got to Margot's yet - thanks for the update! :)


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