Monday, March 7, 2011

Seeking Your Advice/Direction

Where do you go and who do you trust when seeking advice or direction?

I know family is probably one of the first things that comes to mind with this question and friends would be a close second. Depending on what type of advice you’re seeking, you may have to look a little further - to your extended friends and family.

While this is a writing-related post, it is basically me asking for help - seeking advice and direction.

For most things nowadays you can find an answer just by using Google. Sometimes hundreds of answers are at your fingertips within minutes.

But for me, when I find answers through Google I’m still not always sure. While I know there are untold numbers of people in blogdom that are wonderful, helpful and caring - there are also those you can’t and shouldn’t trust.

That, my friends, is why I’m turning to you for advice or at least direction. I’m seeking to find out about doing freelance writing. It’s something that has piqued my interest and I’d like to know more. I found a number of sites where you can sign up, select from a category and submit your article. But again, I’m not sure how trustworthy these sites are.

Is there anyone out there that does freelance work that can point me in the right direction to a legitimate site? Is there freelance work available through the web?

If anyone has any answers, you’re welcome to leave the information in the comments or contact me directly by email ( If you do e-mail, please put “Answering Your Question” in the subject line so I’ll know what it is in case gmail sends it to the spam folder.

Thanks for stopping by today and taking time to read my ramblings. Do you trust information you find online to would you rather have a friend’s recommendation?

Join me tomorrow when my friend and fellow blogger F.M. Meredith, author of ANGEL LOST, guest blogs. She’s going to talk about adding flavor to her ROCKY BLUFF P.D. CRIME series.


  1. Both, as many of my friends are now online friends. I trust people from my Yahoo! Groups to give me good advice. And much of it is free! Whoo hoo!

  2. It's funny, but I guess I adjust my trust depending on the amount of advertising on their site. I do trust my blogger friends and hope you find one with the right connections. I understand writing for print material for magazines and papers, you submit your proposal for an article idea with samples of your writing, but I don't know about online sites.

    Best of luck with it and let us all know how you go :)

  3. I do have some freelance sites in my Google Reader and tweet them sometimes. For general info on freelancing, I like the Urban Muse, Freelance Switch, Men with Pens, and Write to Done. Freelance Switch does have job sites listed (and rated by freelancers) as a link, resources, in its sidebar (

    One thing I hear you should never do, even to get clips, is to work for the content mills (those general info sites that come up in Google searches...they have a bad rep in the industry as sweatshops. I won't list them here, but if you type in 'content mills,' you'll get an idea.) I'd look for other ways to get online clips.

    There are also, of course, magazine markets. Nice article on those here: . And this might be useful, too:

    This is an article with thoughts on job auction sites:

    This covers finding clients and generating leads:

    5 ways freelance writers get scammed:

    Top 5 mistakes of new freelance writers:

    Ready to freelance? A quiz:

    And the WKB search engine has some good freelance articles, if you plug "freelance" in:

    Sorry this is long! It hurts me to think of friends getting scammed, so I like to link to info that has a good rep. :) I can probably email you more info, since I've written a blog post here already..sorry!

  4. Mason - I've done lots of freelance writing, actually. I enjoy it thoroughly and if one is used to writing on a deadline, the pressure to get it done isn't a problem. I see that Elizabeth has shared an amazing wealth of sites with you, so I won't list sites. I will say that there are several companies I know of that hire not just freelance writers but freelance editors as well. It's a way to add to one's income and one can accept or decline a contract depending on how busy one's life is.

  5. WOW Women on Writing is a wonderful web site supporting women writers. I host their author tours, and their web site often covers freelance writing. Here's the link to their Freelance Job Board:

    I'd think that if it's on their job board, it's legit. Here's the link to their web ezine, too, for more writing info:

    Good luck!

  6. I've never done freelance since I can't write anything under 300 pages, but my former instructor (nine fine novels and she writes for numerous publications including People and the Boston Globe) insists that is the ultimate source for freelancers. Particularly the premium service called AvantGuild:

    Avantguild not only lists jobs and news, but has excellent articles - continually updated - on how to pitch everything from publications with no listed submission requirements to agents. It also has excellent - read that as up to date - contact information. Even as a non-freelancer, I found the site valuable.

  7. Stephen, I tend to trust friends' advice more too.

    Charmaine, I hadn't thought about judging by the advertising but you're right. I guess I do that a bit too without realize it.

    Elizabeth, thanks for all the wonderful links. These are great and your comments are never too long. Thanks again.

    Margot, you mentioned writing articles under pressure reminds me of my first newspaper editor. He always said I need better under pressure than I did when I had plenty of time to think about an article. LOL

    Joanne, thanks for the link to WOW Women on Writing. I've hosted a couple of their authors before but I'm sorry to say, haven't given their website much attention. I'll check into. Thanks.

    VR, thanks for the site. This sounds interesting from several standpoints. While you can't write anything under 300 pages, I can't image writing 300 pages on something. LOL Thanks.

  8. Just want to wish you the best of luck with this, Mason. Sounds as if you've gotten tremendous help already. I've never done it, so I have nothing to add.

  9. I'd love to be a good online friend and offer you some great advice or information, but since I'm woefully ignorant in this area (one of many), I will simply wish you luck.

  10. Sorry, I've never done any freelance writing!

  11. Karen, having support means a lot. Thanks for your well wishes. We'll see how it goes.

    Linda, you are a good online friend and I appreciate the encouragement.

    Alex, thanks.

  12. Hi Mason .. what wonderful friends - so many links and info .. great blogging support ..

    Good luck with your submissions .. cheers Hilary


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