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Guest Bloggers: Theresa Talbert & Leigh T. Moore

Author Leigh T. Moore
Author Theresa Talbert
It’s my pleasure to welcome two special guest bloggers here at Thoughts in Progress today - the mother/daughter duo of Theresa Talbert and Leigh T. Moore.

Theresa’s latest release is THE KISSES OF HIS MOUTH, A REVELATION OF THE SONG OF SOLOMON. Leigh is currently at work on her next young adult romance novel, SHADOW CREEK, and blogs at That’s Write.

Since both mother and daughter enjoy writing, I thought it would be interesting to have them answer a few questions about their work.

Mason: Theresa, what inspired you to write your book?

Theresa: I was invited to speak at an Aglow Women’s Conference in Gulfport, Miss. I was asked to speak on “Intimacy with the Lord." I prayed and the Lord led me to the Song Of Solomon. He began to speak to me about the crucified life in Galatians 2:20 as I studied the scriptures in the SOS. The teaching was the most requested after the conference had ended. I knew by the Spirit that the Lord had more plans with this revelation and from that the book was birthed.

Mason: Which one (mother or daughter) started writing first?

Theresa: Leigh started writing when she was around 8 years old, so I would say she started first. Her favorite book in the Bible was the book of Esther. She read this book several times and wrote a paper about it. She also read “Little Women” during this time period and wrote a 12-page paper on that book. She loved to read and I think she might have read every book in our small library at the Christian school she attended.

Leigh: It's true that I've been writing since I was little, but Mom's been teaching ladies Bible studies since *before* I was 8 years-old. In my opinion, it makes sense that she eventually started writing down her thoughts and turning out books.

Mason: Do you write together?

Theresa: No, we have not had this experience as of yet. I think this could be something in the future for us. We have always been very close and we share a lot of the same likes.

Leigh: It's an interesting idea, but for now we pretty much write different things. Mom's book is strictly Bible study, her insights on particular religious ideas and in this case, a specific book in the Bible. My writing is strictly young adult fiction. So for now, we're working in different genres. 

Mason: Do you edit each others writing?

Theresa: Leigh edited my book for me and was a great help in setting it up. I have read her books, but I have not edited any of
them; I have given her some feedback on what she has given me to read. I think she has a very good style and her books keep you interested.

Leigh: I used to work as an editor, so I provided the initial edit of Mom's book several years ago, right after she'd written it. She wanted to have something to give the ladies who came to her meetings and requested books. Mom's always had a following. (grin) But that's been the extent of our collaboration so far. 

Mason: Have you or do you plan to write a book together?

Theresa: This too is something we have not talked about. It could possibly be in our future. We both love children’s books, and that is a great place to market new material. I think children need books that have a moral tone to them today.

Leigh: Well, not yet. Mom has a real gift for examining the Bible and getting insight on religious issues and ideas, and that's where her writing interest flows. At the moment, I'm more into creative writing and exploring fiction writing--creating and telling new stories. So that's more where I see my path going. But paths have a way of twisting and turning, so you just never can tell.

Mason: What are each of you working on now?

Theresa: I am pondering a lot of new things the Lord has been showing me. One thought could possibly become a new book.

Leigh: I currently have a book I'm shopping that's a commercial YA romance. I'm also working on a historical YA novel set in a cabaret in New Orleans before the turn of the 20th century. It's a bit darker, and I actually see the possibility of writing a sequel to it. Another work in progress I have could be a companion to the first commercial YA romance I'm shopping. My ideas tend to run the YA gamut.

Theresa and Leigh, thanks so much for guest blogging here today. It’s interesting to learn how writing runs in your family.

Now a bit of background on Theresa and Leigh. Theresa is an anointed author, teacher and worship leader who has ministered now for nearly forty years. She has spoken at women’s retreats, workshops, women’s conferences and at many churches. Theresa has a marked prophetic gift and an anointing to teach the Word. She is also a serious intercessor for the Body of Christ and has written a Prayer and Intercession Manual as a tool to help establish churches and individuals in their prayer ministries. She considers prayer to be our greatest weapon. Theresa and her husband Glenn are licensed by the well known and respected Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, Louisiana. They now make their home in Liberty, Mississippi. For more on her book, visit

Leigh lives on the Gulf Coast with her husband, Richard, and two young daughters. An avid writer, she spends her days freelancing for various news publications, and is contributing editor for Baldwin County Living magazine. She also maintains her blog “That’s Write” at


  1. Theresa and Leigh, thanks so much for guest blogging here today and sharing your thoughts on writing with us. Wishing you both much success.

  2. Thank you ladies for such an interesting post. May you all have a Happy, Peaceful New Year.

  3. Mother and daughter both writers. Isn't that awesome!!!
    And someday, I do hope you two collaborate on a book (and not scratch each other in the process of writing it).

  4. Thanks to all three of you for a great post.
    Blessings in the ew Year!

  5. there's our dear cutie Leigh :) And I didn't know her mother is a writer too! How marvelous.

  6. Thank you, Mason!
    @Rayna--I wonder how that would go... Our writing interests are currently so different, but we do collaborate in a sense as we give each other feedback. Professionally, we do quite well! :D

    @Dez-nut! :D ((grin))

    Thanks, guys! Here's wishing you all a happy new year as well~ xoxo

  7. Mason - Thanks for hosting Theresa and Leigh.

    Theresa and Leigh - Thanks for sharing your insights about how how support each other's work even though you work in different genres. You're a real example of how writers can support one another and learn from one another.

  8. I'm a very new follower to LTM's blog and so this is a brilliant way to get to know her and her mum!! Wow. Now I see where Leigh gets her writerly drive and talent from! Wonderful. Thanks for the interview, Mason and thanks to Leigh and mum Theresa. Take care

  9. How nice that mother and daughter can share the writing life, even if they don't write together.

  10. Great post! I would have a much harder time taking feedback from my mom.

  11. I have a great relationship with my daughter. This would be fun, to write together.

    Great thing.

  12. Hi Mason, Theresa and Leigh - lovely that you can understand each other and help out in various ways. I'm sure I feel a book coming along - for the children .. good luck and enjoy - Happy New Year to you all .. Hilary

  13. How great that you both write. I wish I had a family member who wrote so we could really understand what it's like for one another. At least I have a couple of friends and plenty of blogging buddies who write.

    I wish you both success in your writing careers as you continue.

  14. Clearly, the writing gene runs in the family. Best of luck to both of you. Much success.

  15. It's interesting to see how each of you has taken the talent in a different direction, yet you still ground each other. Best wishes to you both! :)

  16. Very cool - it would be fun to have 2 writers in the family :)

  17. I didn't know your mom wrote too! That's so cool! Both my girls like to write, I hope they keep it up!

  18. Thanks, guys! It's so nice to read all of your comments, and I know it means a lot to Mom as well--she's not really "wired," but I know she stopped by today!

    My 8 yr-old daughter says she wants to be a writer when she grows up, and I think even if she pursues a different career path, it's a wonderful skill to develop. Here's wishing all the best to each of you in the new year~ :o) <3

  19. Thanks everyone for stopping by today. I like the idea of the love writing being passed from one generation to the next in a family. Theresa and Leigh, wishing you and your families much success.

  20. Excellent interview, Mason. What a novel idea to interview this mother-daughter duo in the same post.


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