Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Blogger: Kathi Macias

It’s my pleasure to welcome award-winning author Kathi Macias as the special guest blogger here today at Thoughts in Progress as she makes a stop on her virtual book tour.

Kathi’s latest release is RED INK, the third book in your Extreme Devotion series. Here’s a brief synopsis of the book: “A young Chinese woman, Zhen-Li—raised to observe the party line, including its one-child-per-family doctrine—falls in love with and marries a Christian, and adopts his faith. Though the couple downplays their Christianity in an effort to survive, Zhen-Li’s family is appalled, and she and her husband are ostracized. When she becomes pregnant for the second time and refuses to have an abortion, the persecution begins in earnest.

Based loosely on the life of Christian magazine editor Li Ying, currently serving a ten-year prison sentence in China, the story of Yang Zhen-Li tells the desperate tale of her incarceration and separation from her family, as she continues to minister to other prisoners, and even to her guards.

Kathi stops by to share your thoughts on “avid readers, prolific writers.”

Though not all children who are avid readers grow up to be prolific writers, there are few such writers who weren’t also lovers of words from an early age. And I am no exception.

I’ve authored/published more than thirty books of my own, plus ghostwritten/edited about 100 others. I’ve also published countless newspaper and magazine articles and stories, devotionals and poems, and I constantly get the question: How in the world do you produce so much on such a regular basis?

Though I give credit to my journalism training and experience, I always go back to my passion for words, which was evident even before I started school. My mom says I was reading the comics when I was three, and my favorite outing throughout my childhood was always a trip to the library. I read voraciously!
And if I found myself without something to read, I immediately set out to write my own stories. One such story, which I wrote in the third grade, was turned into a play for the entire PTA—parents, teachers, and students. I was hooked!

I went on to write for the school newspapers and won writing contests throughout junior and senior high school, and even told my boyfriend (now husband) when we were about thirteen or fourteen that I was going to be a writer some day. To be honest, I can’t imagine being anything else.

Of course, the one thing I NEVER wanted to do was public speaking. Surprise! Little did I know that as I ventured out into the publishing world, I would begin to receive speaking invitations. Though I quickly declined, explaining that I did not do public speaking, I soon discovered that my book sales suffered because of it. Hmm… Seemed I had no choice but to get over that common fear of public speaking and just get out there and do it.

Now, amazingly, I enjoy public speaking nearly as much as I do writing, and I do both on a regular basis. But all of it goes back to my love of words and that inborn call to be a communicator. If you have ever sensed that same call—whether to writing or speaking—and you find yourself hesitant to answer, ask yourself if you have an innate love for reading. If the answer is yes, perhaps it’s time to consider the next step. 

Kathi, thanks so much for guest blogging here today. I love the fact that you knew at age 13 or 14 what you wanted to be (as well as had already found your future husband).

For more information on Kathi and her writing, check out her website ( and her blog at Kathi‘s newest fiction release, RED INK, is from New Hope Publishers.

Here's the book trailer for RED INK, enjoy...


  1. Kathi, thanks again for guest blogging. Your book sounds quite intriguing. Wishing you the much success.

  2. Mason, thanks for having Kathi. Red Ink sounds like a must read.

  3. Thanks for coming by today, Kathi. :) I wasn't excited by public speaking either. But then I realized it was something I had to deal with, like you did! Congratulations on such a prolific writing career!

  4. Mason - Thanks for hosting Kathi.

    Kathi - Thanks for sharing your experiences. There is a real connection between lots of reading and writing, isn't there? I always advise people who want to write that one of the most important things to do is to read - a lot - especially in one's genre. That's the way to really observe the craft. I wish you much success with Red Ink.

  5. Wonderful post. Red Ink sounds intriguing. I will definitely put this on my list of books to read. I've often wondered about the trauma of the on-child rule.

  6. Thanks for setting up this guest post to run early. It's nice to visit a blog around this time and see it posted.

    I've read both of the previous books in this series, and they are outstanding. I just cracked open Red Ink last night. It won't surprise me if this was is equally as good, if not better.

    I hope your readers get a chance to check it out further.

    Wishing you and your readers a blessed Christmas.


  7. Kathi, I like the connection between writing and public speaking, all of it going back to communication. That's what it's all about, isn't it? Making that connection with words.

    Thanks for the interview, Mason.

  8. Thank you so much for the lovely post on Red Ink, and thanks to your followers for all the great comments. I have just learned that Red Ink is up for vote for the ACFW Book Club's April 2011 selection. If you're a member of the club (it's free to join), will you consider voting for Red Ink at

  9. Wow, I'm impressed how much she's accomplished! And isn't public speaking fun?

  10. Kathi,
    Your story is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your writer's roots with us. I am looking forward to reading Red Ink, too!

  11. I'm sure I'm a late bloomer. Or a slow learner. I've always loved to read, but only recently did I realize I was supposed to write all those stories lurking in my head. It's wonderful you knew early on you were supposed to write. Kudos.

  12. wow! This sounds like a powerful book. That's awesome. Thanks for the heads up, Mason and All the best to Kathi~

  13. So nice to hear of someone who managed to conquer that good old public speaking fear! :)

  14. Thanks for the book info and interview. Sounds an interesting but heartwrenching book.

  15. Interesting guest post. RED INK sounds intriguing. I haven't read any of the books in the series, but I will be sure to add them to my TBR book list.


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