Monday, December 27, 2010

Author Terry Spear Visits

It’s my pleasure to welcome award-winning author Terry Spear back to Thoughts in Progress today as the special guest blogger.

Terry’s latest book is WOLF FEVER. Here’s a brief synopsis of it: “She may be his destiny, but she's not his first choice…
Hospital nurse and newly turned red werewolf Carol Woods is being pressured by her pack leader to find a mate, but he's the only guy in the pack who remotely attracts her… Why is he playing so hard to get?

The fate of the pack rests on his shoulders…
Gray pack leader Ryan McKinley doesn't want anything to do with Carol unless she's willing to embrace her wolf nature—no matter how beautiful she is.

But when a virus infects the local lupus garou pack, Ryan realizes just how wrong he's been not to seize the moment with the woman he's come to love. And now, it may be too late…”

Thanks to Terry and Danielle at Sourcebooks I have 2 copies to giveaway to 2 lucky visitors who comment on today’s post between now and 8 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, Jan. 4. Be sure to leave your e-mail address in your comments if it’s not included in your profile.

Terry stopped by today to answer a few questions for me about her writing and WOLF FEVER.

Mason: What inspired you to combine your werewolves with a flu virus outbreak?

Terry: The World Health Organization was warning about a possible epidemic. And I kept thinking what could be the worse thing that could happen if the flu hit a werewolf pack? How would it affect them?

Mason: How did you go about doing research for WOLF FEVER?

Terry: I did research on how scientists come up with vaccines, and what some of the cures were for being a werewolf. :)

Mason: What do you hope readers come away with after reading WOLF FEVER?

Terry: I love these questions, Mason! Okay, deep down, I want readers to delve into their own psyche, to recognize that no matter how different we are from others, we’re important in the scheme of things. We all have talents to offer and we should use them to do the most good.

Mason: New Year's Eve is just a few days off. What New Year's resolutions would your main characters make?

Terry: lol, okay, I probably shouldn’t make them have New Year’s resolutions if I don’t make any myself, but here goes:

·    Carol’s New Year’s resolution is to embrace her wolf half with enthusiasm, and to believe in her psychic abilities, to use them to help others, and not to worry about naysayers.
·    Chester’s resolution is to not take life so seriously and to have a much more open mind. Who knows? He might have some latent psychic abilities himself!

·    Devlyn needs to make the resolution to heed Carol’s predictions or face the consequences.
·    Lelandi’s New Year’s resolution is to provide the pack with the alpha pair’s triplets! She’s sure that’s all she’ll have time for. Oh, and to have a few more all girl parties too!
·    Jake needs to find a mate next year, and believe in his family’s history of dream mating before it’s too late.

·    Tom’s New Year’s resolution is to stand up for himself, and not act like he’s the youngest triplet.
·    The barber vows to find a mate who likes him just the way he is.

Mason: If WOLF FEVER became a movie, who would you like to see play the main characters?

Terry: Any hunky man will do, and any spunky woman will too!

Mason: What can your readers expect next from you?

Terry: HEART OF THE HIGHLAND WOLF is coming June 2011, and DREAMING OF THE WOLF, Fall, 2011. Then THE WOLF AND THE SEAL, and THE HIGHLAND WOLF IN PARADISE in 2012. And more!

Thanks so much for having me, Mason! I hope you enjoyed WOLF FEVER!

Terry, it’s always fun having you stop by. And yes, I did enjoy WOLF FEVER very much. You may be listed as a paranormal romance writer, but you also weave a lot of mystery into your stories too.

Now for a bit of background on the multi-talented author. With almost 70,000 copies sold, Terry is a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves. She received her MBA from Monmouth University. An eclectic writer, she dabbles in the paranormal as well as writing historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Terry lives in Crawford, Texas. For more information on her and her writing, visit her website at

Ever thought about a werewolf catching a virus or even a cold?


  1. Terry, thanks for guest blogging here today. I always enjoy learning more about your writing. Wishing you much success with your wolves.

  2. Terry, your resolutions are spot for your characters! This was one of my favorites of the series.

    Um, do you really think Beta Barber will actually realize his resolutions? lolol!

    Looking forward to next story in the series, my dear. Happy New Year to you.

    Ps. I don't do resolutions either.

  3. Wolf Fever sounds awesome! I love the idea of a virus hitting the pack and the characters having to deal with this situaltion. Great interview too! I love the New Year's Resolutions for the wolves! :-)

    I would also love to win a copy! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!


  4. Thanks so much for having me, Mason. I had lots of fun with your questions and am thrilled you love the wolves and their mysteries! Okay, so fess up! Do you make New Year's Resolutions?

    Sia, yeah, I gave up on making resolutions a long time ago. I do have goals I set to accomplish my writing deadlines, but that's just an ongoing necessity! :) I can't wait for you to read the Highland werewolf story! I've got to propose a couple of more. I'm in my mulling phase. Drives me crazy because I want to write. But sometimes, it's better just to keep going over scenarios until I can come up with one that might work! :)

    I'm delighted you loved Wolf Fever! Making New Year's Resolutions for the wolves was a lot of fun. Hmm, the barber...sure, eventually, maybe. Not sure. It would take a really special woman to take him seriously! :)

    Suzanne, thanks! I really had to think about what the characters might come up with for a New Year's Resolution! That was fun. And I really appreciated Mason for coming up with the question! :)

  5. Nice interview~I liked the resolutions for the characters and the interesting flu premise.

  6. Mason - Thanks for hosting Terry; it's always a pleasure to learn from her.

    Terry - Thanks for your comments about the research and the work you did to make Wolf Fever more authentic. To me, it adds a touch of urgency to a story - and draws the reader in - if we believe that what happens in the story (in this case, the 'flu outbreak) could really happen. Too many inaccuracies pull the reader out of the story, I think.

  7. ah, so even werewolf families put pressure on their members to get married :)))

  8. Margot, thanks! In Heart of the Highland Wolf, the MacNeill clan is about to lose their ancestral castle--due to investments in a well-reputed investment broker turned crook. With the world's economy the way it is, and when we were in a deep recession years ago and drastic layoffs affected my own father--so many were losing their homes. So realism does help to connect with readers, even if it's a fantastical story. There's some truth to it! :)

    Dezmond, absolutely, except marriage is a human concept. :) And in 50% of cases, they don't last, so wolves prefer to think of lifetime matings. It's instinctual, you know! :) Although I have to admit, the fad of honeymoons is catching on among some of the wolves. Even if it's a human thing! :)

  9. Congrats to another Texas writer! Great interview, Mason.

  10. Great interview! Congrats Terry on another book. It sounds really great.

  11. Thanks Mason for writing and conducting a great interview with Terry. Loved the questions. I've read the book twice. So I don't need to win.
    Looking forward to all the future books.

  12. New Year resolutions for characters—what fun! The book sounds like it has an interesting premise.

  13. I would've thought werewolves were impervious.

  14. Thank you Erica and Christy for hosting Terry.

    What a great premise Terry. I hope to win so I can read it sooner than later when I can buy.

    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  15. apologies Mason. I'm still half asleep.

    P.S. Terry, your website is beautiful.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  16. Fun interview - I love the idea of tying in the flu epidemic to the werewolf mythology! Awesome :)

  17. Interesting interview. Sounds like werewolves are still going strong in storylines.

  18. Hi all and thanks for stopping by today. Terry's werewolves books are quite intriguing. She draws readers in and makes you believe in the unbelievable.

  19. Sorry for abandoning everyone. I worked from 9 AM to 9 PM yesterday, and when I usually catch up at lunch time, I had lunch with my daughter and shipped off a winner's Wolf Fever! Which could be one of you soon! :)

    Hey, Carol, I saw a book yesterday that had to do with seducing a Texan and I'm thinking, oh, how I need to write a Texas werewolf story. LOL :) I asked my coworkers if they thought I was fickle because I could jump from Highland werewolves to Texas ones. Nope, they agreed!!

    Thanks, Teresa!

    Thanks so much, Donna! The editor from the International Wolf Magazine from your neck of the woods contacted my publicist about an interview--so I'm over the moon! I actually mentioned their wolf reserve in Seduced by the Wolf! So it'll make for a nice connection for the interview.

    Alex, like immortal? Only the creatures I'm fighting on Dragon Age seem to be that way. Not enough conflict if the good guys aren't susceptible to some of our frailties! I was reading a book where all the characters in charge were immortal. They could never die. What's the fun in that? No conflict really. :)

    Thanks, NR!! I recently revamped my website, but still would like to do something more to it. :)

    Thanks, Jemi! I had fun with it. And yes, Susanne. Actually, paranormal in any aspect is still doing well!

    Mason, off to the dentist~~argh! So will drop in later. Now if I were a werewolf, I wouldn't have such problems! Thanks again for having me!!!

  20. Great concept to give the wolves a flu outbreak. I wouldn't have thought they were able to catch such a common disease.
    I also enjoyed reading the character's resolutions.

  21. That's an interesting concept. How about a virus that turns them into normal people? Would they want to be 'cured' or not?

    headlessfowl at gmail dot net

  22. Oh, absolutely, Elaing. It's like dogs can have allergies or get colds. And since they're based on real wolves, all that applies. :)

    Judy, oh no!!! They are "normal". For them. Most were born that way, so being part wolf is not a curse. :) Being totally human would be, as far as losing abilities they now have. Hmm, now that is an idea though... LOL


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